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Untold Stories of the Olympic Games


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A lecture about what is not reported during an Olympic Games, focusing on aspects of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

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Untold Stories of the Olympic Games

  1. 1. Untold Stories of an Olympic Games British Library, April 20, 2010. Professor Andy Miah, PhD @andymiah @uwscreative university of the west of scotland Editor, Culture @ the Olympics
  2. 2. London 2012 Olympic Park, ArcelorMittal Orbit , designed by Anish Kapoor, Photo by ARUP
  3. 3.
  5. 14. THE OLYMPIC GAMES BEGINS HERE Ancient Olympia, catching rays from the sun to light the Olympic flame The traditional and recurrent media moments of the Olympic Games
  6. 16. PHOTO: ROY PANAGIOTOPOULOU Olympia 2008, Lighting ceremony for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
  7. 18. Beijing 2008 torch relay, citizens track the international leg, while broadcasters fail
  8. 19. AND THEIR VENUES Coca-Cola place, Beijing 2008 Photo by Andy Miah
  9. 20. "It is very discouraging to be in a team with white athletes. On the track you are Tommie Smith, the fastest man in the world, but once you are in the dressing rooms you are nothing more than a dirty Negro." - Tommie Smith
  10. 22. 21% of Vancouverites plan to boycott the Games
  11. 23. <ul><ul><li>Photograph by Kris Krug </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Olympic Resistance Network press conference (2010, Feb 7) </li></ul>
  12. 24. CONCLUSION
  13. 25. Tweetdeck (Twitter browser) screenshot during Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games
  14. 27. SPONSORS OR LEFT EMPTY Billboard exclusivity at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games
  15. 28. Torino 2006 Olympic Games, sponsor billboards
  16. 29. Athens 2004 Olympic Games, protest for 23 construction workers
  17. 30. Athens 2004 Olympic Games, protest for 23 construction workers
  18. 31. Athens 2004 Olympic Games, protest for 23 construction workers
  19. 32. Torino 2006, Athletes’ village