Human Enhancement in Sport (2009)


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  • Here are a range of ways in which sport is becoming more technologically enhanced, beyond standard doping practices. Taken together, I advance the following premises. 1.
  • Here are a range of ways in which sport is becoming more technologically enhanced, beyond standard doping practices. Taken together, I advance the following premises. 1.
  • Most of what I’m talking about seems to be about performance, but there are various claims one might make about the inadequacy of this presumption psychological advantage an athlete/person might have, by appearing stronger, fitter, and how this might translate into enhanced successes in life/sport AAP report draws attention to the broader problem faced by PED use - body image central to desire Functional effect of some substance use is disputed, so not obvious that improvement in performance, even if success rate improves We also don’t talk much about surgical interventions, which might improve an athlete’s physical appearance and the value this might confer on their ability to attract sponsorship. Eg. Kournikova often talked about as moderately successful as an athlete, but superior capacity to generate sponsorship due to her appearance
  • Human Enhancement in Sport (2009)

    1. 1. | 2009.11.09, Cambridge University Human Enhancement in Sport
    2. 2. How should we regard performance enhancement in sport? How should we regard the current rules on doping? How should sports respond to an emerging era of human enhancement?
    3. 3. The downward march of the 100-meter record is more a measure of technological advances than athletic greatness. The race has become a thoroughly unnatural, cyborg-ized event, one that belongs in a William Gibson novel rather than a Homeric epic. Lycra unitards replaced singlets. Weight rooms and nutritional supplements have built legs so muscular that every fiber shows through the skin. Thanks to electronic timing, the record can now be broken by one one-hundredth of a second, meaning today's World's Fastest Man is 0.1 percent faster than yesterday's. (Tim McLelland,, 2007)
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    9. 9. Hypoxic Chambers Stakeholder inquiry (2006) 2006
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    19. 19. Sports must be seen as technologically constituted practices The reasons to permit enhancement are more persuasive than the arguments to restrict us Sports risk becoming redundant by failing to embrace enhancement practices
    20. 20. Drug use in sport performance + image
    21. 21. AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS (2005) Policy Statement: Use of Performance- Enhancing Substances. Pediatrics, 115, 1103-1106. 2005
    22. 22. With the prohibitive cost of testing and deficiencies associated with a detection based banned list, widespread drug testing of children and adolescents is unlikely to be effective or practical. Drug testing and legal sanctions are intended to be deterrents but have little effect on most children and adolescents involved in sports. Young men and women who are not competitive athletes but who are obsessed with body image and who train intensely primarily to improve their physique are also more likely to use performance- enhancing substances. 2005
    23. 23. What are we sacrificing for this era? the illusion of nature distribution of goods via the genetic lottery a world of black market enhancements
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    25. 25.