Anti-Social Media


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A gentle cantor through the history of Internet, Gaming and Mobile that leads us to social media and its darker side

For Social Media: Uses and Abuses, University of Leicester, June 2009.

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  • Manic miner 1983
  • Miner strikes of 1984/5
  • So we built new worlds
  • We also went mobile
  • Anti-Social Media

    1. 1. #antisocialmedia “ we’re not all friends here” professor andy miah university of the west of scotland Here’s what happened...
    2. 2. Screen shot of early web browser, Mosaic or something
    3. 3. pong
    4. 4. Space invaders
    5. 8. Open mailbox
    6. 9. @audience just in case you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, you can Bing any of this #ungoogle m y first mid-talk tweet...
    7. 10. These games were social Computing was social
    8. 20. So, we started doing something else
    9. 21. Like using email, from around the mid 1990s (though it was first used at the same time when Pong emerged In the early 1970s) Here’s some clip art (remember?)
    10. 22. Cartoon by Peter Steiner has been reproduced from page 61 of July 5, 1993 issue of The New Yorker, (Vol.69 (LXIX) no. 20
    11. 24. The Sims
    12. 25. Second Life
    13. 26. World of Warcraft
    14. 27. Uncle Roy All Around You
    15. 28. (ps: more clipart)
    16. 29.
    17. 30. Cost of sms in uk Average of 12p per sms 1 character = 1 byte sent 160 charcaters = 160 bytes £750 = 1MB Or less than one of these...
    18. 31. Palm Life Drive
    19. 33. Flickr: Gregory Hull
    20. 35. “ Forget CNN or any of the major American "news" networks. If you want to get the latest on the opposition protests in Iran, you should be reading blogs, watching YouTube or following Twitter updates from Tehran, minute-by-minute.” Ari Berman, 2009.06.15
    21. 38. So, this is what happened. But there was also a dark side to this new form of social interaction We didn’t all play nice And that’s really what I want to talk about Let’s take a look at some egs
    22. 43. Second Life
    23. 46. Appropriation of social media by institutions
    24. 56. “ social media is a product of various trajectories across computing, gaming, online development but most importantly our socialization into these cultures” I f we fail to socialize, we struggle to get social media
    25. 58. Virtual Estate:
    26. 59. Your question... “ What anti-social practices do you engage in on social media?” Or “ In what ways have you found social media to be anti-social? Eg. On twitter, do you follow, to be followed and then unfollow?