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From Post to Podcast: PodCamp Toronto 2019

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From Post to Podcast: PodCamp Toronto 2019

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How to use your existing tech and free software to repurpose content. Covers written posts, visuals, presentations, video, streaming, webinars, and a recorded podcast. Presented at PodCamp Toronto 2019. Find the full notes, related links, and additional resources at

How to use your existing tech and free software to repurpose content. Covers written posts, visuals, presentations, video, streaming, webinars, and a recorded podcast. Presented at PodCamp Toronto 2019. Find the full notes, related links, and additional resources at


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From Post to Podcast: PodCamp Toronto 2019

  1. 1. From Post to Podcast PodCamp Toronto 2019 @andymci | #PCTO19
  2. 2. You don't need expensive hardware or software. Use what you have + free tools to get started. @andymci | #PCTO19
  4. 4. Hi! I'm Andy. Content Marketing at GoDaddy @andymci on Twitter / @hello.andymci on Instagram @andymci | #PCTO19
  5. 5. Start with a written post. It's your most versatile raw material. @andymci | #PCTO19
  6. 6. What's your topic? Businesses: Answer common customer questions. Personal blogs: Write whatever you want! @andymci | #PCTO19
  7. 7. Stuck for ideas? Use a generator. HubSpot's Blog Ideas Generator Portent's Content Idea Generator Content Row's Headline Generator BuzzSumo's Topic Explorer @andymci | #PCTO19
  8. 8. ...or use headline formulas. Buffer's Headline Formulas Sumo's Headline Formulas Pinterest search @andymci | #PCTO19
  9. 9. ...or do some keyword research. Install Keywords Everywhere for Chrome and Firefox. @andymci | #PCTO19
  10. 10. What's your take? Inject some of your personality and first-hand experiences. @andymci | #PCTO19
  11. 11. There are topics you know a lot about. Lean into that. Include it. Make it resonate across everything you create. @andymci | #PCTO19
  12. 12. What are your main points? What do you want your audience to remember? @andymci | #PCTO19
  13. 13. Do the writing. Sit down. Knock it out. @andymci | #PCTO19
  14. 14. I'm a sucker for templates. My go-to structure: • Intro • Main point 1 • Main point 2 • Main point 3 • Main point 4 • Main point 5 • Conclusion / next steps @andymci | #PCTO19
  15. 15. I'm a fan of Microsoft Word. #sorrynotsorry What won me over from being a Google Docs advocate? • More powerful • Offline editing • Free online version It's come a long way. @andymci | #PCTO19
  16. 16. Edit. Revise. Edit again. Your first draft is always terrible. @andymci | #PCTO19
  17. 17. Hemingway Editor is my secret weapon. My process: 1. Draft the post in Word 2. Self-edit for structure 3. Run through Hemingway 4. Copy/paste to WordPress 5. Final edit for voice @andymci | #PCTO19
  18. 18. Create supporting visuals. Break up the wall of text. Give people something to share. @andymci | #PCTO19
  19. 19. Use presentation software. (Yep.) Follow your post's structure: 1. Intro (title slide) 2. Main point 1 (slide) 3. Main point 2 (slide) 4. Main point 3 (slide) 5. Main point 4 (slide) 6. Main point 5 (slide) 7. Conclusion / next steps (slide) @andymci | #PCTO19
  20. 20. One post. Seven visuals. What can your slides include? • Diagrams for complex topics • Screenshots for app tutorials • Photos & illustrations for stories Written Post Visuals Presentation Video Podcast @andymci | #PCTO19
  21. 21. Juicy quotes! Pull excerpts from your writing, turn them into images. @andymci | #PCTO19
  22. 22. Juicy quotes are sentences or short paragraphs that capture the essence of a section. They act as pull quotes in written posts, and they’re great for sharing on social media. @andymci | #PCTO19
  23. 23. Add pictures. Use stock images as backgrounds to complement your words. Find beautiful photos at Photo by Jeff Finley on Unsplash @andymci | #PCTO19
  24. 24. Add iconography. Simple illustrations that pair well with quotes and titles. Find free icons at Iconfinder and Flaticon. (PowerPoint has them too!) @andymci | #PCTO19
  25. 25. Have a consistent look & feel. Consistency leads to familiarity. Try matching your website's fonts and colours. @andymci | #PCTO19
  26. 26. Download your slides as images. PowerPoint Online Google Slides @andymci | #PCTO19
  27. 27. Compress the files. Smaller image files make your page load faster. It's better for users and better for your SEO. Free tools: - CompressPNG / CompressJPEG - TinyPNG @andymci | #PCTO19
  28. 28. Embed the images in your post. Place the images next to the related points in your written post. @andymci | #PCTO19
  29. 29. Present to an audience. Do the thing I'm doing right now. @andymci | #PCTO19
  30. 30. Volunteer to speak. Find local speaking opportunities. Search "call for speakers", "call for presenters", "speaker application". Small meetups and community- run events are a great starting point. Example: Local WordCamps, conferences dedicated to WordPress, web development, and blogging. @andymci | #PCTO19
  31. 31. Your points are your guide. Speak to each of the major points from your written post. @andymci | #PCTO19
  32. 32. Reference your post. Give your audience a reason to visit your site. @andymci | #PCTO19
  33. 33. Embrace questions. Use them to improve the quality of your post and presentation. @andymci | #PCTO19
  34. 34. Put your deck on SlideShare SlideShare helps with discovery and reaching a business audience. Add a summary to each slide. Link to your written post. Embed it. @andymci | #PCTO19
  35. 35. Record a video. Have a phone, tablet, or laptop? You're good to go. @andymci | #PCTO19
  36. 36. Record your presentation. You can upload the raw footage or add the slides later. Do a demonstration instead for practical, hands-on tutorials. Prioritize audio. Get the camera close, cut out background noise. @andymci | #PCTO19
  37. 37. Record your screen with Zoom. Yes, the videoconferencing software. Start a Zoom meeting. Hit record. Share your screen. Present your content. It's good for software tutorials, reviews, etc... Zoom creates a video and audio recording of your call. (It's also a scrappy method for recording group podcasts.) @andymci | #PCTO19
  38. 38. Optional: Edit in Shotcut. Free, open source video editor for Mac and Windows. @andymci | #PCTO19
  39. 39. Upload your video. Add a description. Point people to your written post for more info. @andymci | #PCTO19
  40. 40. Streaming & webinars. Extended reach + real-time interaction with your audience. @andymci | #PCTO19
  41. 41. Streaming • Usually entertainment focused • Anyone can join the audience • Twitch for gamers & creatives • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter for broader audiences @andymci | #PCTO19
  42. 42. Webinars • Education and business content • Requires registration to attend • Browser-based webinar tools: Check out Crowdcast and Livestorm @andymci | #PCTO19
  43. 43. Get people to your site. Invite questions. Improve your content. Continue the cycle. @andymci | #PCTO19
  44. 44. Record a podcast. Treat your written post like a script. You're in their head. Adjust your delivery. Make it personal. @andymci | #PCTO19
  45. 45. Use the Anchor app. Free app for iPhone & Android. All-in-one solution for recording, editing, and publishing. Download the app. Create an account. Record and edit. @andymci | #PCTO19
  46. 46. Add show notes. Overview, not a transcript. Follow your post's major points. Reference the written post. Include the URL in the show notes. Point people to your site. @andymci | #PCTO19
  47. 47. Publish & embed. Publish your podcast. Embed the episode in your written post. @andymci | #PCTO19
  48. 48. Put it all together. Bring people back to your website. @andymci | #PCTO19
  49. 49. Find everything in the written post. The written post includes: • Embedded images • Embedded presentation • Embedded video • Embedded podcast • Comments & discussion @andymci | #PCTO19
  50. 50. End with a call to action (CTA). What are the next steps? • Subscribe to your newsletter • Check out a promotion • View your products & services • See related posts Give your audience something to do. Don't leave them hanging. @andymci | #PCTO19
  51. 51. The process, in a nutshell... 1. Write a post. 2. Add supporting visuals. 3. Present the content. 4. Make a video. 5. Record a podcast. @andymci | #PCTO19
  52. 52. Thank you! Find everything and leave your comments @ @andymci | #PCTO19