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PGi eMarketing Webinar


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"Creating the Perfect Email".
How to Optimize the Design & Production of 1to1 Email Communications.

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PGi eMarketing Webinar

  1. 1. Audio Dial-In Information For the audio portion of this presentation, you must use your telephone. For North America Welcome to: Toll-free: Toll: 1-866-288-9872 1-913-312-2900 Participant Code: 847155 The ‘Motivated Marketer’ Webinar Series For a list of international numbers please refer to the email invitation or go to: Technical Assistance Creating the Perfect Email For audio technical assistance, please call 888-334-0282 & reference participant code: 847155. How to Optimize the Design & For web technical assistance, please call 888-334-0282 and Production of 1to1 Email reference the following URL: Communications ales_ccc, Meeting ID: emarketing, and Passcode: imarket. All presentation content copyright ©2009 Premiere Global Services
  2. 2. Introduction to Our Webinar Series Part 4 of our “Motivated Marketer Webinar Series” Creating the Perfect Email GOAL: To provide you with an understanding and recommendations for creating and delivering exceptional email. Rest of Webinar Series: #5 in June The Myth of 100% Deliverability – Realistic Deliverability Expectations #6 in July Performance Measurement & Advanced 1-to-1 Practices Info at 2
  3. 3. Introduction to Our Presenters From PGiMarket’s Andy McCartney VP of Strategic Services Strategic Services PGiMarket Strategic Services Premiere Global Services Team: Lindsey Secord Manager, Production Services PGiMarket Strategic Services Premiere Global Services Sara Johnides Senior Creative Specialist PGiMarket Strategic Services Premiere Global Services 3
  4. 4. Today’s Webinar: Agenda Introductions Part 1 – What is a Perfect Email? Incorporating 1to1 Principles in Email Programs Part 2 – The Process Understanding/Optimizing Campaign Workflow Part 3 – Email Creative & Design Practices Goals, Creative Brief & Email Design Principles Part 4 – Production thru Delivery Coding, Optimization, Testing, Scheduling & Throttling Enabling Perfect Emailing via Outsourcing Q&A 4
  5. 5. Premiere Global’s Email Experience PGiMarket ESP Stats Premiere Global Services Stats • 6,000 email customers • $630 million in revenues • 1 billion emails sent per month • 95% of the Fortune 500 • Wide range and sophistication • 55,000+ customers of worldwide customers • 61 cities, 24 countries 5
  6. 6. Creating the Perfect Email Part 1 What is a Perfect Email? 6
  7. 7. A Perfect Email? Is there Such a Thing? What Constitutes “The One” • It caught my attention • Professional, neat design • It is currently of interest • I trust/respect the sender • I learned something new • Like the personalized content “The One” • Great timing for my needs So What’s the Formula? Perfect Email = Perfect Design + Perfect Blend of Content All we need is perfect information and perfectly repeatable creation process! 7
  8. 8. It Starts with Strategy & ‘1to1’ • 1to1 Marketing Origins: The “Old Way” • Difficult with Traditional Mass Media Marketing • 1to1 Marketing enables personalized interactions on a massive scale • Creates Dramatic Lift when applied to Email Conversion Rates of 1to1 Campaign Types as compared to ‘Broadcast’ Triggered 210% lift Life Cycle 254% lift 1to1 Attempts to Targeted 245% lift Create the Near Clickstream 355% lift Perfect Email Source: JupiterResearch Executive Survey (3/05), n = 236 (e-mail 8 marketers that currently use/plan to use at least one campaign, US only)
  9. 9. 1to1 Marketing Reference Slide Takeaways: • Email marketers must go beyond Broadcast campaigning • Aggregate increase in net profits from Triggered, LifeCycle, Targeted and Clickstream is 18 times more than from Broadcast • Production needs, skills and resources will likely increase with more sophisticated campaigning 9
  10. 10. About Campaign Types? Broadcast Campaigns Triggered/Lifecycle/Targeted/Clickstream 1to1 Campaigns Event Profile Online Behavior
  11. 11. Principles of 1-to-1 Marketing? 1. IDENTIFICATION How well do you know your customers/subscribers? 2. DIFFERENTIATION Can you differentiate customers based on their value to you and their needs from you? 3. INTERACTION How well do you interact with your customers? Can you scale & automate message creation & delivery? 4. MEASUREMENT How well does your company refine its email marketing programs based on feedback/analytics?
  12. 12. Strategy Conclusion Commit to 1to1 principles/practices, and apply them to the campaigns that are right for your organization Targeted Lifecycle Transactional Clickstream Now on to the Process 12
  13. 13. Creating the Perfect Email Part 2 The Workflow Process 13
  14. 14. Process Overview Idea for Campaign Data/Segments ‐ Purpose? Recipient  Lists Design Messages (creative) Refinement Post Delivery  Delivery, Scheduling  Reporting & Analysis Throttling Coding, Test & Optimization 14
  15. 15. Production Process - BEFORE Benchmark the speed and quality of your overall process 15
  16. 16. Production Process - AFTER After Process Analysis and Streamlining Efficiency Keys • Reduced # of steps • Reduced # of 3rd parties • Standardized templates • Standardized process & procedure • Superior consistent quality Speed Improvement • Previous speed benchmark = 2 weeks per mail Production Cost Saving • Current speed benchmark = Annual production savings: 24 hours [excluding creative] Estimated Hours: 4,760 2-3 days [including creative] Est. value: $446,000 16
  17. 17. Creating the Perfect Email Part 3 Email Creative & Design Practices 17
  18. 18. Before we Jump to Creative Gauge Where You Stand Are you a broadcaster? Master of 1to1 marketing? Somewhere in between? Get a baseline & move the needle toward the perfect email! 18
  19. 19. What is Email Creative? What is Creative? Creative refers to visual design of an email template. This can include, but is not limited to: - The Creative Brief - Design - Copywriting - Logo Design The Creative Process Step 1: Creative Brief Step 2: Concepting/ Comps Step 3: Client Review and Concept Selection Step 4: Chosen Concept Revised Step 5: Client Review of Revised Creative Step 6: Approved Comp(s) Sent to Production 19
  20. 20. The Creative Brief: Starting the Creative Process It All Begins with the Creative Brief: The brief is a multi-question document that: - Determines the objectives of the program - Helps establish expectations and timing - Establishes a brand look, feel and tone - Identifies mandatory elements and personalization/conditions to be included - Identifies the deliverables, timing and expectations 20
  21. 21. Elements of Email Creative: The Header Header Content: Make sure your logo is not too big and that there isn’t unnecessary white space surrounding it. It should be easy to see/read and link to the company’s website This is where your pre-header snippet would go, as well as some housekeeping links, such as a microsite link, view in handheld and whitelisting link 21
  22. 22. Elements of Email Creative: The Navigation Navigation Content: -Dedicated area for links that mirror your website 22
  23. 23. Elements of Email Creative: The Body Body Content: -The meat of your message - Insert CTA link towards the top - If it is a newsletter, consider adding a left or right rail and a table of contents Navigation: -Dedicated area for links that mirror your website 23
  24. 24. Elements of Email Creative: The Footer Footer Content: -Housekeeping links: Unsubscribe, F2F, Contact Us, Physical Mailing address -Keep small in size and a neutral color 24
  25. 25. Elements of Email Creative: The Finished Product The Perfect Email -Targeted, relevant messaging directed to the right target audience -When using a template, utilize dynamic content to further target your markets 25
  26. 26. Real Life Examples Ariba: • Ariba is a leader in Spend Management solutions • Message is targeted to small to medium businesses • Nice, thin header with visible, easy-to- read logo • Prevalent CTA towards the top of the message • Nice use of right rail to give more details on the event 26
  27. 27. Real Life Examples Hartmann: • Hartmann is a high-end travel goods retailer • A look that mirrors the website • Good use of white space • Coded for images being suppressed – both navigation and buttons • This campaign was the strongest performer of 2009 for Hartmann. 27
  28. 28. Real Life Examples GEICO: • GEICO is a leading auto insurer in the US • This is an email designed for a re-engagement campaign • Simple, clean design • Eye-catching Image that is brand specific • Prevalent CTA button and light text that is broken up and manageable to read 28
  29. 29. Creating the Perfect Email Part 4 Production thru Delivery • You Have your Strategy, Segments, and Campaign Types • You Have your Photoshop Files What’s next? 29
  30. 30. Transitioning Creative to Production Production = The Coding of Creative • HTML Coding and Optimization • Dynamic content • Email Rendering Testing 30
  31. 31. Production: HTML Tips… Coding Buttons • No image-only buttons! • Code using HTML text on a background image. • Always back-up background images with a similar background color. Email tips for web designers • Width: 600-700 pixels • Above the fold: top 300 pixels • Code for lowest common denominator: – Avoid Flash, JavaScript, CSS 31
  32. 32. Production: HTML Tips… Alt Tags • Include a relevant alt tag in all relevant and Call to Action images. 32
  33. 33. Production HTML Tips… Text to Image Ratio • Keep it as low as possible to improve rendering when images are suppressed. • Reduces potential to be caught in a Spam filter. 33
  34. 34. Production: HTML Tips… Style Sheets • No CSS! • Use tables to control layout and spacing. • Back-up inline styles where possible: <font face=” Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif” size=”2” style=”font-size: 12px”> Figure 1a: Big Rick’s Barbeque message created using CSS, Figure 1b: Big Rick’s Barbeque message prior to email send. as rendered in the inbox. The CSS has been stripped, causing loss of formatting. 34
  35. 35. Quality Assurance Checklist • Adjust your production timeline to allow for testing and review period. • READ your email copy, don’t just spell check. • Don’t let your images convey your message. • Create and maintain a Quality Assurance (QA) checklist. • Request a peer review. • Test for rendering and deliverability across multiple browsers and mail readers. • Keep a code library. • How compliant are you? 35
  36. 36. W3C Validation - • DOCTYPE: HTML 4.01 Transitional • Correct Character Set / Encoding • Include <HEAD> tag • Relevant <TITLE> tag 36
  37. 37. Message Testing Rendering Tests 37
  38. 38. Testing your Perfect Email Quick and Easy A/B Tests • Subject Line Test! • Delivery Day/Time Refine! • From Name Repeat! • Graphics • Layout – Left rail vs. right rail • Call to Action • Personalization – Does including a salutation get more Opens? 10% 10% Remainder 38
  39. 39. Delivering the Perfect Email Scheduling • Schedule your campaign at least 1 hour out from selected delivery time • Seed yourself on your lists Reasons to Throttle for Larger Mailings 1mm+ • Avoid ‘All-at-Once’ surge to ISP’s that may delay and discard your messages • Spreading email over time establishes higher reputation • Allows you to stop further messages if you encounter problems • Perfect for A/B testing • Distributes complaints and lowers your complaint ratio • Allows to manage hits to call center Check out next webinar for an in-depth analysis of Deliverability & Myths! 39
  40. 40. Creating the Perfect Email Enabling Perfect Emailing via Outsourcing 40
  41. 41. Do You Have the Resources? Market Changes • Tough economy, marketing headcount reduction • More orgs turning to email from other marketing channels • More competition in the Inbox, more reason for 1to1 Outsource? 1to1 requires more effort, and specialist skills • Advanced campaigning usually requires more production • Which aspect of your email lends itself to outsourcing? Event Promotions Marketing Activities Email Production Services Web Conferences Outsourced Email Campaigns: Partial/Complete Outsourced Email  Virtual Event Promotion Loyalty, Retention, Lifecycle, Function – Design, Create, Test,  Acquisition & Lead Generation On‐boarding, Re‐activation Deploy, Monitor 41
  42. 42. Your Strategy, Outsource just the Production Component? • Focus on the strategic, select an experienced 1to1 ESP services provider to focus on the tactical, & under SLA • What’s the operating model? SEGMENTED/CUSTOMIZED EMAILS: Invitations / Follow ups Promotions:  Up‐Sells / Cross‐Sells Acquisition / Retention        Newsletters / Branding  You Provide Input Reactivations  • Goals/Targets Drip / Lifecycle  • Requirements • Branding/Creative • Mailing List/Segments Optimal Rendering on all Email Readers: Maximize Deliverability Authentication, Monitoring, ISP Relations 42 Recovery from Blacklisting, Certification
  43. 43. Conclusions Is the Perfect Email Possible? 5% 25% 0% 1% 100% 10% Click Thru Rates Conversions Move Your Needle: Consider your strategy & 1to1 practices Consider your creative and design Consider your campaign types Consider your production and test Consider your workflow process Consider getting help with workload 43
  44. 44. Q&A 44
  45. 45. Next Webinar “The Myth of 100% Deliverability – Realistic Deliverability Expectations” June 25th, 1pm Eastern – I’ve been promised 100% Deliverability – Long-lasting myths of Deliverability – What should I expect from an ESP partner? – Shared Deliverability responsibilities of senders and your ESP – The future of Deliverability Info at‐center/webinars.asp 45
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