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Intelligent digital self_service_andy_mccartney


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This presentation shows how to convert more web traffic and demand investment into tangible business via:
"Intelligent Digital Self Service"

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Intelligent digital self_service_andy_mccartney

  1. 1. Convert More Web Traffic and Demand Investment into Tangible Business Intelligent Digital Self Service Analysis & Opportunity Andy McCartney
  2. 2. Andy McCartney Managing Partner Founder Personifeye Solutions Group DigitalConverts • 25 years experience in marketing, analytics and software • 15 years of ‘eMarketing’ - leadership and practitioner • 2 time VP of marketing • 2 time VP of strategy/services for eMarketing Agencies • Thought leader with CCO, Econsultancy, CMI, DigitalConverts • Focus on digital, demand generation and lead management • 20 years in US, dual nationality (British), Atlanta based Digital Strategy Technology Digital Sales and Marketing Solutions Conversion Implementation Training2
  3. 3. Return on DigitalTODAY InvestmentSo you use a variety of online and offline tactics togenerate demand for your online presence How Effective is Your Conversion and CRO? Oh Yes The Funnel Which Metric(s) Fail, & Why A Solution Approach
  4. 4. Digital Priorities for 2012? Source: Econsultancy Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing:600 client-side and agency respondents Digital Trends for 2012B2B and B2C, US and Europe
  5. 5. Conversion – What Is It?• Very Ambiguous Term. In web terms: o Is it ‘% of Visitors who fill in a Form’? o Is it ‘% of Visits to Close’?• It can be many things, but in essence it is the conversion from one status to another, via a single or combination of steps to fulfill an online/stated objective. Email recipients A to B Webinar Signup Web Visitors A to B to C to D Customers
  6. 6. Digital Marketing SEO/SEM Ads, Blogs, Social Print/Ads Traditional Marketing Situation Websites, Microsites Email / Mobile TV/Radio Events/Expos Telesales Analysis Content, Video… Other … Interest / Traffic Awareness & Demand To Web ‘Zones’ Generation Industry Score = B Engagement, Capture & Conversion into ‘Tangible Assets’ (Contacts, Prospects, Leads, Business and Ongoing Relationships) Outcome from Online Visits? Industry Score = D- Next Step: 2-3% Sales: 0.2 - 0.3% Need to do both well, or Source: Marketing Sherpa6 little end result!
  7. 7. A Significant Statistic to Care About • 97-98% of online visits do NOT result in a next step • WHY? next step 1000/month  20-30/monthPlus social site visits X 970-980
  8. 8. The World Has ChangedWHY? Decision Making Has Changed Conversational MarketingPromotional Marketing e.g. B2B Source: Marketo
  9. 9. WHY? Visitors are not Clicking / Converting• “Nowadays people don’t want to talk to sales until they are 60-70% along their decision cycle” (Sirius Decisions)• Therefore if the only next step or CTA is ‘talk to sales’ then very likely no contact, no prospect.• Common Problem = minimal next step options (or leaky websites with random next steps) “I’m not ready to talk, but I might engage earlier in the (AIDA) cycle if there was reason to ….”
  10. 10. A Good Example 14% of Clicks• Typical web site, sales phone and contact us/email 86% of Clicks
  11. 11. Minimal Options for Conversion The Only CTA and Next Step
  12. 12. Minimal Options for Conversion Incredible Missed Opportunity No engagement,interaction or next steps Phone Number and Email with 97-98% of visitors
  13. 13. Solution = “Intelligent Digital Self Service”Create an Engagement and Conversion Zone:• Offer More Engagement Options, Next Steps and Calls- To-Action along all stages of the AIDA decision cycle• Make Options available in all places (no leaks!)• For B2Bs and more complex sales cycles: Leverage, map & deliver content based on decision cycles.• Transform all web ‘zones’ into lead generation engines, and drive educational and promotional traffic there.
  14. 14. Take a ‘Brochure Site’ with Minimal Engagement
  15. 15. Solution? Add a Conversion ‘Zone’ Mockups and live examples below a ‘brochure’ style site ... into a prospect engagement and lead generation site
  16. 16. Think Conversion from Any Digital Location Social Conversion Add a ‘trapdoor’ link from any social or digital location straight Source: Creative Traction into your white paper conversion zone, e.g.16
  17. 17. Success Benchmarks OUTCOME • 3X as many prospects engaging and taking next steps • Twice as much business sourced from digital OUTCOME • 400% bigger funnel, 3x as many sales ready leads • Growth of prospecting database and ability to form ongoing business relationship (initially via digital) OUTCOME • Before: 2-3 promising leads from website per month (limited universe) • Now: 10-15 prospects engaging with content packs, assessments, requesting meetings
  18. 18. Digital Marketing Traditional Marketing Supercharge Your Digital SEO/SEM Ads, Blogs, Social Print/Ads Business Engine with a Websites, Microsites Email / Mobile TV/Radio Events/Expos Conversion Zone Telesales Content, Video… Other … Interest / Traffic Collate primary and To Master Website secondary Calls-To-Action, content requests, engagement tools and contact options. Connect at all stages of the Engage AIDA funnel and from any ConversionMagnet Tactics digital location via: Intelligent Digital Self Service. See ConversionMagnet at Sales and Marketing Engine www.digitalconverts.com18