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Research g11 unit 1


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Research g11 unit 1

  1. 1. Research This is one of the biggest sections of written work and a lot of detail here is essential to getting a high grade
  2. 2. Guiding Questions • You need to put together a list of guiding questions. • These are questions that you think you need to answer in order to find out enough information to make a good posted • E.g. One guiding question may be ‘What are the benefits of my chosen technology?’ You use various sources to find out information to answer that question. • Another may be ‘How can I make the video interesting to a specific age group?’ • Can you think of others? You should have a good range.
  3. 3. Sources of Information You need a RANGE of sources of information to achieve a top level. E.g. • Several websites • A few books • Videos (YouTube is acceptable) • Television programmes • A newspaper article (not from the internet) • A magazine article (not from the internet) • Interview an expert
  4. 4. Sources • These sources should be used to answer your guiding questions. EVALUATING SOURCES After you have selected your sources of information, you should evaluate them: • Are they unbiased? • Are they valid? • How reliable are they? • How do you know this? • Were they too detailed? • Did they not give enough detail? • Were they just right? • Why?
  5. 5. Sources • All sources should be referenced in a Bibliography. • The bibliography should give details of: – The name of the source, e.g. Book title, Video title, Internet article title, Magazine name – The author – The page number – The publisher name (for books) – The website address (websites only) – The interviewee and date interviewed (interviews only) – Video web address (YouTube)