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Form period thursday 3 oct


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Form period thursday 3 oct

  1. 1. FORM PERIOD Thursday 3/10 Your next deadline is Thursday 17th October - see Personal Project Student Guide timeline: Hand in your process journal to your supervisor for formative assessment of Objectives/ Criteria A, B, C/D You should have a minimum of 20 pages
  2. 2. Criterion D: Apply information The student demonstrates well-developed: • transfer and application of information to make decisions, •Create solutions and develop understandings in connection with the project’s goal
  3. 3. Objectives D: apply information How have your sources helped to form the knowledge, skills you will need for your goal? You should have at least 5 different types of sources • An expert in the field – your first port of call • Associations, clubs, communities • Survey data • Published media • Current journals • Carefully selected website sources • Video or audio recordings • Images – take your camera out • Books, booklets, leaflets, magazines •transfer and apply information to make decisions •create solutions and develop understandings in connection with the project’s goal. 1. Make a list of questions that need to be answered regarding your investigation – e.g: Who do I need to get in touch with regarding… 2.Have the sources you have found so far answered these questions?
  4. 4. Objective D: consider & record all the ideas listed below in your process journal Interpret the information from your sources – use it to help you make decisions with your inquiry Make a list of questions that need to be answered to help you towards your goal & try to apply information to answer them Find information that helps you to learn new skills needed to succeed in your goal Use information to solve problems Use information to elaborate an idea Use information to clarify an idea Use information from an expert to move forward in reaching your goal Put forward a discussion based on what you now know based on what you wanted to find out Consider that information found may have influenced the perspective of your inquiry Consider how your AOI may have directed you in applying information selected Consider how your understanding of your idea has changed/ developed/ been modified