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Classroom rules


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Classroom rules

  1. 1. Classroom Rules • Enter the classroom in an orderly way, and go straight to your seat. Put bags under the tables and coats on your chairs. • When logged in, stay in your seats. • Do not unplug computer leads or cables. • No speaking when the teacher is speaking. Listen carefully in silence. • Stay focused on the work that has been set. • At the end of the lesson make sure the room is tidy. • Log out of the computers before you leave the room. • Leave the room in a sensible and calm way. • NO liquids or food in the classroom.
  2. 2. Behaviour • Respect – For the teacher – For each other – For the school • Language – With the teacher – With each other – Appropriate language • Classwork – Deadlines – Standard • Homework – Deadlines – Standard
  3. 3. Today’s Activity 1. In pairs, spend 5 minutes discussing how you use technology in your everyday lives. Note down your ideas on paper and decide on your favourite piece of technology. Remember, technology comes in various forms – try to think of all the different forms of technology you use. 2. Class feedback: What ideas did you come up with? Make a note of any ideas you hear that you didn’t think of. 3. Now, login to the computers and create a Powerpoint presentation, showing all the technologies you use in your life and explaining how they benefit you. 4. Submit the Powerpoint file on Studywiz by the end of the lesson. I will mark these and the best two presentations will win a small prize.