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How Exhibitors can make the most of their Poken Tag

Askew Vision would like to
welcome you to the world
of Poken for Events and

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How Exhibitors can make the most of their Poken Tag

  1. 1. USING YOUR POKENTAG Askew Vision would like to welcome you to the world of Poken for Events and Conferences. This document has been independantly created by Askew Vision for Askew Vision clients with every effort to keep information accurate at the time of release. Should any further information on the attached product be required, please contact Askew Vision direct.
  2. 2. TAG DISPLAY Displaying your Tag properly will make all the difference in how many delegates touch it, then resulting in how many contact you obtain. • You can place a tag anywhere in your booth so participants can collect informa- tion digitally. • The Poken tag should be placed anywhere from above waist to eye height so you avoid making the visitor bend down to collect your info. • Tags cannot be placed directly on anything metal or electrical like a TV screen. • Booth staff should be trained to encourage delegates to use touch the Tag • A Poken representative will visit your tag throughout the event to “off load” the people you have collected. These will be automatically sent to the Tag owners Poken timeline. 4 cm 4 cm
  3. 3. BENEFITS RECAP If at any time you need further explaination or additional help with your poken, please don’t hesitate to ask for support. • By touching specific tags the delegate collect the exact information they are looking for. All information about what the delegate wants or who they met is captured, but only after they’ve “sync’d” their poken • Visitors receive an event branded email showing what they collected • All information is hosted on Poken servers and is updateable at any time • You can retreive full analytics on each Poken Tag at any time throughout and after the event, but the best information is only provided with as many delegates “sync’ing” their poken devices. We Actively Encourage POKEN SYNCING • Now that you can provide all your documentation, photos, links, videos and contact information through the Poken Tag and the Event Hub, you can dramatically save on printing and logistics. • Tag content can have any digital file up to 30MB each. You can have up to 5 files on one touchpoint. You can also add social networks like Twitter and Facebook to each touchpoint. • Only one Tag has been provided per Exhibitor, although additional Tags are available for purchase. Additional tags can be setup per service, product or project, thereby allowing you to monitor which item the delegates are interested in. Please contact your event organiser to arrange additional tags
  4. 4. THANK YOU Remember, encouraging people to sync their poken and use their devices makes for a successful and entertaining event.