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Introduction to social star by andrew ford


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Introduction to social star by andrew ford

  1. 1. Let me introduce…Let me introduce…
  2. 2. Social Star Provides clients with digital marketing strategy and ongoing social media monitoring to protect their digital brand and maximise their digital influence What does your digital presence say about you?
  3. 3. Background Social Star began like all good businesses with a client need. A friend who was in the public eye was lamenting that half of his online media was negative and half positive and could we do anything to promote the good and demote the bad. Being an expert in digital and social media I said of course! And Social Star was born. Since then Social Star has grown exponentially, adding staff and clients organically as the digital word of mouth has spread and people in the spotlight understand the need to control and govern their digital brand. The philosophy of the brand is to provide clients a brand driven digital strategy to enable them to fully encapsulate their digital brand and maximise reach and presence is social media. For more information on Social Star services, clients and staff opportunities please visit the website
  4. 4. Services If you are a public figure and want to control your social media and digital brand we can help! Social Star offers three products.
  5. 5. Staff Like all good consulting businesses, you are only as good as your staff and we have recruited the best. Andrew Ford - Brand Director Andrew Ford is an experienced Marketing Professional having worked in the industry for 15 years for companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Sensis and IBM on a huge range of brands and campaigns. Andrew has several qualifications such as a Bachelor of Business in Marketing from RMIT and a Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Swinburne University and is currently teaching e-marketing and Brand Dynamics in the Swinburne Masters of Marketing Degree. To find out more about Andrew: LinkedIn / / facebook / twitter David Tragardh - Digital Director David Tragardh is a self taught digital marketing expert with a passion for social and non-traditional media. Dave has been working in marketing for five years ago and has progressed from a marketing coordinator and digital marketing specialist at Sensis to be Online Marketing Manager of iSelect. David has worked on many successful social media and digital campaigns in areas such as SEM, SEO, display on large and small screens, launching iPhone apps, facebook ads, social marketing events, geo targeted mobile advertising, coupons, paid lists, eDM's...basically everything there is to do in digital marketing, Dave has done it! To find out more about Dave: LinkedIn / website / facebook / twitter
  6. 6. Strategy Social Star uses digital marketing theory to support recommendations to clients such as the social media brandsphere Digital Success Clients Revenue
  7. 7. Clients Sports People like Bianca Chapman, captain of the Melbourne Pheonix netball team Personalities like Nick Bracks, model, designer and TV personality Models like Natalina Ford Professionals like Simon Cookes from Duck Build Architects DJs like Samantha Bliss Cook Professional Bloggers like Oggie Bad from Haute Today
  8. 8. Next Steps Contact Social Star for an introductory conversation about your digital brand Andrew Ford 0438 390 613