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Jual Total Station Topcon es 50 series/ES 55 Tlp 082123568182


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DIRTAJAYASURVEY.NET adalah penjualan, alat survey. Kami disini sebagai supplier alat survey tanah atau bangunan, alat survey telekomunikasi, alat survey geologi atau mining, dan alat survey lainnya diantaranya Total Station, Digital Theodolite, Automatic Level, GPS, Kompas, Binoculars, Monocullars, Laser Rangefinder, Teropong Malam, Digital Altimeter, Clinometer, Tandem, Digital Planimeter, Distometer Speed Gun, Measuring Wheel, Measuring Tape, Grounding Tester, HT Handy Talky, Sound Level Meter, dan alat alat Geologi. Ditunjang dengan merk merk yang sudah terkenal dan telah diakui keberadaanya didunia survey diantaranya Topcon, Nikon, Sokkia, Garmin, Trimble, Magellan, Suunto, Horizon, Bushnell, Brunton , Leica, Bosch, South, Yamayo, Tajima, Icom, Kyoritsu, dll. Semoga keberadan kami dapat menjawab sekaligus memenuhi kebutuhan alat survey yang keberadaannya sangat dibutuhkan pada era perkembangan pembangunan dan tekhnologi pada saat ini.

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Total Station Topcon GTS 255N, Total Station Topcon ES 101 Total Station Topcon ES 102 Total Station Topcon ES 103 Total Station Topcon ES 105 Total Station Sokkia CX 101 , Total Station Sokkia CX 102, Total Station Sokkia CX 103, Total Station Sokkia CX 105, Total Station Sokkia CX 107, Total Station Nikon DTM 322, Total Station Nikon Nivo 2M, Total Station Nikon Nivo 3M, Total Station Nikon Nivo 5M, Total Station Nikon Nivo 2C, Total Station Nikon Nivo 3C, Total Station Nikon Nivo 5c, Alat Survey Digital Theodolite Topcon : Theodolite Digital Topcon DT 209, Theodolite Digital Topcon DT 207, Theodolite Digital Topcon DT 205, Theodolite Digital Topcon DT 209L, Theodolite Digital Topcon DT 207L, Theodolite Digital Topcon DT 205L, Theodolite Digital Sokkia DT 740, Theodolite Digital Nikon NE 100, 10 detik, Theodolite Digital Nikon NE 101, 7 detik, Theodolite Digital Nikon NE 102, 5 detik, Theodolite Digital Nikon NE 103, 5 detik, Theodolite Digital Minds CDT05, Theodolite Digital South ET02,, GPS GEODETIC GPS GEODETIC Statik South H66 GPS GEODETIC Promark 120 Gnss GPS GEODETIC Promark 220 RTK GPS GEODETIC South S 86 2013 RTK GPS GEODETIC RTK South S 86 T GPS GEODETIC HI-TARGET H32 RTK GPS GEODETIC HI-TARGET V 90 PLUS RTK GNSS GPS GEODETIC HI-TARGET V 60 RTK GNSS GPS GEODETIC HI-TARGET V30 RTK GNSS GPS GEODETIC HI-TARGET Statik V30 X GPS GEODETIC Topcon Hiver V

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Jual Total Station Topcon es 50 series/ES 55 Tlp 082123568182

  2. 2. ES-50 Specifications subject to change without notice. ©2016 Topcon Corporation All rights reserved. 7010-2201 A 2/16 For more information: Historical evolution meets modern technology A newly designed, rugged, and waterproof optical total station with the convenience of also measuring reflectorlessly to any surface, the ES-50 incorporates all time-honored expectations and more. Available in either a 2 or 5 arc second accuracy, the ES-50 is ideal for land surveying, topography, construction layout, foundation and exterior job sites, as well as as-built projects. Proceed as planned knowing that each compact and rechargeable battery delivers up to 15 hours or project site productivity. Proven dual axis compensators get it right the first time, while a tight waterproof design let’s you rest easy during unexpected weather changes. For interior or exterior construction layout projects, a bright laser pointer vividly shines to precisely denote where your next digital design will be – visualize and check for problems before they become problems. With an eye on safety, the unit has a smaller beam width then other non-prism instruments in this class, resulting in non-prism measurements out to 350 m. Telescope Resolving Power 2.5” Magnification 30x Angle Measurement ES-52 2” ES-55 5” Compensation Dual Axis Compensator Distance Measurement Prism EDM Range 4,000 m Prism EDM Accuracy 2 mm + 2 ppm Non-Prism Range 350 m Non-Prism Accuracy 3 mm + 2 ppm Measuring Time Fine: 0.9 sec Rapid: 0.7 sec Tracking: 0.3 sec Communications RS-232C Serial General Display / Keyboard ES-52: Dual LCD ES-55: Single LCD Battery Operation Up to 15 hours Dust/Water Rating IP66 Operating Temp -20ºC to 60ºC • Fast and powerful EDM • Angle accuracy 2 and 5 sec • 15 hour battery life • Rugged, waterproof design • Dual axis compensation • Laser pointer • RS232 connector Small Beginnings, Big Results