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Database as a service


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Overview of Interoute's Database as a Service solution

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Database as a service

  1. 1. DbaaSDatabase simplicity; meeting the needs of complex applicationsApplications are core to enhancing business efficiency, empowering users with thetools they need to succeed. However, enterprise applications are only as effective asthe database underpinning them. Achieving a responsive and reliable database tierinvolves significant expenditure, it requires a great deal of experience and continuouscommitment to the management of the database, especially as demand grows.Interoute’s Database as a Service (DbaaS) leverages the cloud to provide customers witha fully managed, optimised database solution without any long term commitments.Deploy enterprise databases on-demandDbaaS enables customers to provision Oracle and Microsoft SQL • Up to 75% TCO savingserver environments on-demand without the need to purchase • 24x7 Managed DBA Servicehardware or manage complex licensing models. Interoute willprovision the environment to fit your application, performance • Simple pay as you use modeltune it and then manage the solution on a 24x7 basis. DbaaS • 99.9% Service Availabilitywill provide everything you need to deploy a mission critical • Best of breed securityapplication through one simple model. Interoute’s expertsensure that all areas from storage and backups to tuning and • Performance tuned environmentsecurity have been taken into consideration to deliver a true • ISO 20000 & 27001 accredited“enterprise class” database environment. • Global delivery networkA platform for growthThe ability to roll out new applications quickly and efficiently,whilst only paying for the resources used provides ourcustomers with a competitive edge. Interoute’s DbaaS solutionallows clients to start with a small footprint and then scale withdemand. This allows organisations to gain greater flexibility tocapitalise on opportunities without having to commit to longterm investments, in turn minimising risk.
  2. 2. Lean on our experienceOur proven pedigree as an Oracle Platinum and MicrosoftGold partner has been earned over the past 15 years bymanaging complex database environments. The dedicatedDBA team boasts a wealth of knowledge to ensure that acustomer’s transition to the cloud is a seamless and “worry free”experience. Working with over 250 different customer databasedeployments on a daily basis, this provides our team with aunique knowledgebase that ensures we have the ability to onboard even the most challenging environments.Our greatest asset is now yoursThe Interoute network is “the internet” and as one of theworld’s leading communications providers our dense fibrenetwork spans the globe. Whether you are looking to hostan e-commerce platform or have a requirement to deliver asecurity sensitive application Interoute’s network providesdiverse connectivity options into the DbaaS solution.Find out how Interoute can support your business.For more information visit www.interoute.comor email