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Business Continuity Service overview


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Business Continuity Service overview

  1. 1. Telephone: 0115 9836 200 ● E-mail: ● Website: Service Overview RapidRecovery powered by Typical Rapid Recovery deployment Rapid Recovery is a unique and innovative Cloud based Managed Service which provides customers not only a hot standby site, but also day to day failover of servers to provide full server business continuity. Our experience over the past 15 years has been in building secure, high performance networks, ensuring data integrity / replication and delivering business critical managed services for a variety of leading Databases, Middleware and Applications. Using all this experience we have developed a service which is cost effective and has been designed from the ground up in conjunction with our customers to deliver a robust business continuity solution. Best of Breed The Rapid Recovery solution is only built on best of breed Quantix Managed Service Team technology which has a proven track record in both the Enterprise and Managed Service sectors. The key vendors collaborating to underpin this cloud service are: One of the biggest benefits of the RapidRecovery service is that it is fully managed by a team of more than 20 accredited engineers, on a 24x7x365 basis. Our support team includes engineers and consultants who are specialists across a range of products including Microsoft, Oracle, Citrix & Vmware. About Quantix Quantix is one of the UK’s leading IT Managed Services and Solutions providers, specialising in the fields of Application and Database Management, IT Security and Server Infrastructure. Our success is based on the quality of our people & processes, the quality of our portfolio and our dedication to High Performance Connectivity: customer service. Due to the nature and importance of Business Continuity, Quantix Recognised as Oracle’s largest and most offer WAN accelerated 10Mb or 100MB Ethernet circuits as part successful mid market partner in the of the agreement. EMEA region, Quantix also has strategic relationships in place with Microsoft, Juniper, Wide Application Support: VMware and Websense. Our Managed Service client base totals over 250 and our As the service replicates at the block level we are application portfolio ranges from fully outsourced fully independent as long as core operating environment meets hosted applications through to “On-Demand” basic requirements. Therefore whether you are running Oracle support and software consultancy. Apps, Exchange, IFS, SAP, Cedar or Sage we can offer you full business continuity.
  2. 2. Telephone: 0115 9836 200 ● E-mail: ● Website: The RapidRecovery Business Continuity service provides our customers with the following benefits: Recovery Time of Minutes from Invocation: Using state of the art monitoring technology, our 24x7 support team are monitoring your live infrastructure in real time and are analysing the performance. Therefore, not only can we actually pre-empt server failures happening (we can even monitor the CPU temperature of your servers!) but if a failure occurs we will know about it straight away and prepare for a possible invocation. Depending on the agreed invocation process, which may require client authorisation, the recovery image can be brought up at the click of a mouse. Data Recovery Point of Minutes: RapidRecovery will replicate data from the customer’s site as it changes, therefore when a server is invoked users will be accessing recently populated data. Bare Metal Recovery: Hardware failures inevitably happen, so when they do, RapidRecovery not only provides the continuity platform, but also can recover back to the customer’s site once they have replaced the server hardware. Due to the tools we use it doesn’t matter if the live server changes from a Dell to a HP server, it can still be recovered with minimal work. Platform Resiliency: The recovery platform is built on a secure virtual infrastructure across several physical devices. Therefore the service provides a high level of resilience and gives a large potential processing power after invocation. Snap Shots: RapidRecovery is a Business Continuity Service and not intended as a replacement for local tape backups. However, as part of the service, Quantix will retain several snapshots, allowing roll back to past images. No Licencing Considerations: As the platform retains Business Continuity information as a virtual image, this is treated as a backup file and there is normally no need to pay for addition licences for the DR environment Flexible Storage: The Storage infrastructure within the RapidRecovery network allows customers the flexibility of increasing their contract to provide more storage as and when it’s required. SecureConnect: SecureConnect is our cloud based Juniper SSL VPN platform. This provides Secure Remote Access to your replicated servers from any internet connected PC in the event of a full site disaster. RapidRecovery powered by