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This presentation covers thoughts on "new media and digital connectivity" within comprehensive marketing strategy. It's a historical presentation to members of the energy and utility sector..updated with a few minor edits on 8.25.09. The presentation was given as a bookend piece to Geoff Livingston's (of The Buzz Bin) presentation on social media.

Includes Nike + and BMW case studies.

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  • BMW drove 135% more volume to their site than the average auto manufacturer on the Yahoo! FP #1 performing takeover of this creative type ever on Y!
  • Landing Page: 352,189 unique visitors YTD (Teaser and Experience) HR: 36,192 YTD (Teaser and Experience) Leads: 29,690 Meet the 1: 151,608 unique visitors Press Release Overview: 117,234 unique visitors Press Release Download: 17,769 unique visitors Press Image Gallery: 29,187 unique visitors Press Video Gallery: 19,884 unique visitors Source: Terramark Monthly Extended Report
  • “ Graffiti” is one of Facebook’s most popular applications, with over 200K daily active users. Facebook users who have the application use it to draw on a friend’s “wall”, where it shows up on their profile for everyone in their network to see. For the launch of the 1 Series, BMW is teaming up with Federated Media along with the founder of the Graffiti application to create the ultimate “Build Your Own” functionality within the Graffiti application. Users will start with a template of a professionally drawn outline of a 1 Series. This will act as their blank canvas on which they can completely design the color and background of their car. Once completed, you will be able to post the custom designed car to a friend’s wall, where all of their friends will be able to see it.   In fewer words. This is a Viral Build Your Own application done in conjunction with Graffiti, allowing users to express themselves while experiencing the design and beauty of the new 1 Series.   Lastly, we are also doing a micro-site with Federated Media that, among other things, will have a page dedicated to the best Facebook graffiti drawings.
  • Since its inception back in May of 2006, runners have used the $29 Nike + iPod Sport Kit to log close to 50 million miles, according to Nike. The kit includes an in-shoe sensor and a receiver that attaches to iPod, allowing runners to track data on time, distance, calories burned and pace.
  • reeboot PPT new media session 7-8-08 *updated

    1. 1. contextual marketing & the digital landscape 7.8.2008 new media webcast
    2. 2. objective <ul><li>discuss the changing marketing landscape </li></ul><ul><li>give a big picture view of why these changes are happening </li></ul><ul><li>thoughts how we might work differently </li></ul><ul><li>best-case consumer brand examples </li></ul>
    3. 3. first. the big picture.
    4. 4. the “science” of marketing is in the midst of being deconstructed. so we need to unbundle the way we think about talking to customers, building marketing plans. <ul><li>rethinking the </li></ul><ul><li>usual marketing conventions </li></ul>
    5. 5. integrating siloed marketing activity
    6. 6. making the marketing parts work together as one.
    7. 7. interactivity as the power behind your communicative brand. <ul><li>with a new digital focus. </li></ul>
    8. 8. <ul><li>a new definition of interactive. </li></ul>click through website banner ad
    9. 9. digital as the connective platform, “the hub” that brings your marketing plans together. <ul><li>for hybrid marketing solutions </li></ul>“ organic” social media word-of-mouth grassroots advocacy “ constructed” ads - direct pr - events co-op - sponsorships customer service
    10. 10. first step: rewiring the way we think.
    11. 11. traditional marketing approach mass broadcast blast
    12. 12. historical media behaviors attentive engaged
    13. 13. historical media behaviors simple captive
    14. 14. media behaviors now media & ads as a single product. content and messaging as an experience.
    15. 15. renaissance ideas, best in class examples
    16. 16. Case 1: BMW
    17. 17. Branded Content
    18. 18. Product Engagement
    19. 19. Traditional Print
    20. 20. Target Media + Branded Media
    21. 21. Contextual Placement
    22. 22. Small Space Print
    23. 23. Online Ads Source: 2008 Alexa
    24. 24. Campaign Microsite
    25. 25. Social Network Interaction
    26. 26. Customer Recognition
    27. 27. Case 2: Nike+
    28. 28. Microsite Hub
    29. 29. Likeminded Brand Partners
    30. 30. Branded Product Extensions
    31. 31. Branded Product Extensions
    32. 32. Content Integration
    33. 33. Social Tools
    34. 34. Influencer Engagement
    35. 35. Blog
    36. 36. Email & Events
    37. 37. new solutions
    38. 38. &quot;Brands being genuinely useful to their customers, employees, suppliers and the people they touch.”
    39. 39. <ul><li>using interactive communication “hubs” </li></ul>“ organic” social media word-of-mouth grassroots advocacy “ constructed” ads - direct pr – events co-op - sponsorships customer service
    40. 40. conversational campaigns <ul><li>doing more than advertising, creating value both big and small to give people reason to care, and reason to commune with your brand. </li></ul>
    41. 41. across customer lifecycle buy me? convince me? worth thinking about worth engaging with worth my trust worth my money
    42. 42. letting people play
    43. 43. from siloed branding event brand purpose positioning creative strategy singular message interactive alternative vehicles brand design broadcast advertising crm promotion traditional media direct marketing email & search
    44. 44. to contextual storytelling brand relationship empathy media behaviors decision process playful engagements dialogue web content invitation unique aesthetic relevant environments distributed content contextual placement & storytelling social influencers interactive experiences useful offerings
    45. 45. thank you
    46. 46. email | twitter | andyhunter blog | sms | 50500 reeboot andy hunter