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  1. 1. Project ManagementThe Key Elements
  2. 2. The process of taking an idea, developing it into asolution and delivering it with quality, in a specific timeframe and within the constraints of available budget and resource
  3. 3. Key ElementsDefinitionPlanningPerformMonitoring and controlClosure
  4. 4. Definition Idea Why Research Is it right Objective Targets Use cases
  5. 5. PlanningStrategyScopeAssumptionsCostMilestonesTeamRisksDependenciesPrecedents and antecedentsTasks
  6. 6. PerformDo some stuffCompareFix problemsChangesTesting
  7. 7. Monitoring and control Announce Reporting On track Quality Communication Changes Escalation Problems
  8. 8. ClosureAcceptanceStopUnpackFinance