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You’re about to learn how simple it is to get out of the ‘RAT RACE’ and start living the life you dream of - on your terms.... not your boss’s...
The answer is TIMING and POSITIONING.
Right now we are perfectly positioned in front of 2 of the biggest business trends the world has ever seen.
Imagine if you had been in front of previous trends like: COMPUTERS, CD’s and Mobile Telephones where people made MILLIONS... and continue to do so. The challenge would have been, even if you did recognise the trend... MONEY. Unless you had MONEY to invest there would be nothing you could have done about it.
That’s how the RICH get RICHER!
Now thanks to the POWER of the INTERNET and DaVaSec the playing field has been levelled.
For the first time in history... average people – just like you are making fortunes in their spare time working from home for themselves and they are doing it without having to remortgage their homes to invest loads of money or give up their jobs.
DaVASec offers YOU the opportunity for the first time in history to be IN FRONT of A TREND, start and run your own business, with little to no investment. By following our automated system for success designed by some of the leading authorities in our field, you too can build a solid, secure, residual income for you and your loved ones. You will be on the way to shaping your life to where you want it to be.
To secure your digital world and your future “click on the join now” button for more information.
Everyone at DaVaSec is looking forward to you joining our winning team.

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DaVaSec Powerpoint (Opportunity)

  1. 1. DaVaSec Is Going Viral!<br />
  2. 2. The following presentation is Strictly Private & Confidential.<br /> The DaVaSec Global VM Partner Programme will publicly launch on the 1st February 2010. Participation in the Pre-Launch Phase is by invitation only.<br />
  3. 3. Secure Your Digital World!<br />Data Vault Security – <br />The DaVaSec Global VM Partner Programme is designed to offer the most technically advanced ‘Security Software Solutions’ that are available in the world. And when we say the most technically advanced, we mean the most technically advanced! <br />When you ‘Secure Your Digital World’ with <br />Data Vault Security you will SAVE up to <br />82%!<br />And when you tell all of your friends and <br />they buy, you get paid…. forever!<br />This is a NO-BRAINER! <br />If you use a computer, you have to secure it… <br />When you secure yours... Why wouldn&apos;t you share DaVaSec with your contacts... And get paid forever!<br />
  4. 4. ‘Computers have changed our lives for the better’<br />But at the same time are exposing us to threats we have never encountered before!<br />HACKERS<br />DATA LOSS<br />VIRUSES<br />IDENTITY THEFT<br />SPAM<br />HARDWARE FAILURE<br />
  5. 5. Now consider the risks with computers in the home:<br />FIRE<br />3.7 homes catch on fire every second – that’s 117 MILLION a year!<br />
  6. 6. Now consider the risks with computers in the home:<br />FLOOD<br />1 in 75 homes are flooded each year.<br />
  7. 7. Now consider the risks with computers in the home:<br />VIRUS<br />1.2 MillionViruses a year, that’s one every second.<br />
  8. 8. Now consider the risks with computers in the home:<br />THEFT<br />A laptop / computer is stolen every 30 seconds.<br />
  9. 9. Now consider the risks with computers in the home:<br />HARD DRIVE FAILURE<br />1 in 10 Hard drives fail each year.<br />
  10. 10. Now consider the risks with computers in the home:<br />SPAM EMAILS<br />1.4 MILLION Spam emails are sent every second, <br />that’s 46.7 Trillion a year.<br />
  11. 11. Now consider the risks with computers in the home:<br />IDENTITY THEFT<br />1 in 10 people will be a victim of Identity Theft this year.<br />
  12. 12. Now consider the risks with computers in the home:<br />CYBER CRIME<br />In 2009 Cyber Crime will cost consumers in excess of 3 TRILLION Dollars.<br />
  13. 13. Now consider the risks with computers in the home:<br />PORNOGRAPHY<br />90% of 8-16 year olds have viewed pornography whilst doing their homework.<br />The average age of online pornography exposure is just 11 years old.<br />
  14. 14. The reality is frightening!<br />The Solution is Amazing<br />and so is the opportunity for you!<br />
  15. 15. ‘The Opportunity’<br />There are nearly a billion people online now, many of them want an easy way to ‘Secure Their Digital World’, SAVE Money and build their own business. <br />
  16. 16. The Opportunity.<br />Data Vault Security was established in 2007 with the purpose of distributing a World Class Internet-based online, offsite, remote backup software solution and other related Security Software Solutions. <br />For millions of people around the world, DaVaSec’s Global VM Partner Programme offers an unparalleled opportunity to change their life…. forever.<br />Whether interested in an extra $1,000 per month to help make ends meet or $100,000 per month to ‘Live their Dreams.’ Our Global VM Partner Programme can be the answer.<br />
  17. 17. Why YOU should partner with DaVaSec<br />VM Partner Package Includes: (All Industry Leaders)<br /><ul><li> Personal Replicated Website
  18. 18. Replicated Shop and Merchant Account
  19. 19. Advanced Virtual Office Manager
  20. 20. Downloadable Marketing Materials
  21. 21. Live Training – Conference Calls
  22. 22. Live Training – Webinars
  23. 23. Professional Email footer banners
  24. 24. Lifetime Backup Software Licence
  25. 25. 10gb Backup account
  26. 26. Sentry Licence
  27. 27. Remote PC Access
  28. 28. Leading Anti Virus & Anti Hacker Software
  29. 29. Leading Anti Spam & Anti Phishing Software
  30. 30. Anti Porn and Parental Control Software</li></ul> Total Package Value = $2,000.00 plus per year.<br />Membership Price = 12 x $30 = $360.00 (USD)<br />SAVING a MASSIVE – 82% <br />Your Digital World Secured and a business of your own for less than 99 cents a day!<br />
  31. 31. ‘How Do You Make Money’<br />How to make from $1,000 - $100,000 per month.<br />
  32. 32. GVM Team Building.<br />When you invite someone to join your DaVaSec Team and they ‘Secure Their Digital World’, you get paid! <br />Imagine getting paid every month, for ever – for as long as your team member uses the service. <br />The more people you invite, the more money you make – so share the knowledge of ‘How To Secure Your Digital World for up to 82% Less’ and cash in!’<br />As an Active VM Partner, you will be paid every month for every person in your Team, up to 6 levels deep with unlimited width! <br />This is Viral Marketing!<br />
  33. 33. Who else uses Viral Marketing?<br />Some of the biggest names in the World use Viral Marketing as their preferred route to market… WHY? Because it works.<br />Imagine if you were paid for every person you have introduced to use any of these companies…. You’d have a lot more in the bank…. Right! <br />Data Vault Security employs ‘Viral Marketing’ but with a difference we PAY you for your help.<br />
  34. 34. Growing Your Team!<br />The sky’s no longer the limit!<br />The larger you grow your Team the more money you can make.<br />Your Data Vault Security Team can extend out to 6 levels deep with unlimited width. The more people you personally refer, the exponentially larger your Team can become!<br />For example: <br />If you personally introduce 6 people and your Team grows at that same 6x multiple for 6 levels, you will have over 55,986 in your Team.<br />All this with...<br />No Stock, No Parties, No Meetings, <br />No Employees, No Boss, No Selling & No Hassle.<br />
  35. 35. Management & Getting Paid.<br />Track My Team<br />DaVaSec does all of the hard work for you. Our automated systems keep a meticulous account of the people within your Team. Just click the ‘Track My Team’ button in your VM Partner Control Panel to get real time reports.<br />How Do I Get Paid?<br />Every month DaVaSec will pay you via its virtual bank – you choose how much, when and how you get paid. See how much you are owed at any time, in real time by ‘clicking’ on the ‘What I’m Owed’ button.<br />
  36. 36. How Much Do I Get Paid?<br />Commissions.<br />You will be paid $1 (USD) for every Team member you have, every month, for as long as they are active.<br />Personally Introduced = Infinity Width<br />Team Introduced = 6 Levels Deep<br />That means, if you personally introduce 6 who in turn do the same and the Viral Process continues 6 x 6 you will have <br />55,986 active Team members.<br />You will be paid $1 x 55,986 per month for ever. That’s $671,832 per year!<br />‘Just for helping people, Secure Their Digital World for up to 82% less!’<br />
  37. 37. Bonuses & Incentives.<br />Bonuses.<br />Once you hit the Bronze VM Level you are earning at least $259.00 per month…. <br />That’s $3,108.00 per year. <br />Plus you get:<br />Bronze VM = 6 x VM (Personal) plus 253 Team VM * <br />The first level of ‘Bonus Qualification’ which entitles you to:<br /><ul><li> Bronze Logo on your Data Vault Security Website.
  38. 38. Corporate Certificate.
  39. 39. Public Recognition.
  40. 40. Exclusive Corporate Trophy.</li></li></ul><li>Bonuses & Incentives.<br />Bonuses.<br />Once you hit the Silver VM Level you are earning at least $1,555.16 per month…. <br />That’s $18,661.99 per year. <br />Plus you get:<br />Silver VM = 6 x Bronze VM (Personal) *<br />The second level of ‘Bonus Qualification’ which entitles you to:<br /><ul><li> Silver Logo on your Data Vault Security Website.
  41. 41. Corporate Certificate.
  42. 42. Public Recognition.
  43. 43. Exclusive Corporate Trophy.
  44. 44. Invitation to Leadership meetings.
  45. 45. Leadership ‘Vacation Club’</li></ul>Leadership Vacation Club<br />
  46. 46. Bonuses & Incentives.<br />Bonuses.<br />Now you have hit the Gold VM Level you are earning at least $9,331.00 per month…. <br />That’s $111,972.00 per year. <br />Plus you get:<br />Gold VM = 6 x Silver VM (Personal) * <br />The third level of ‘Bonus Qualification’ which entitles you to:<br /><ul><li> Gold Logo on your Data Vault Security Website.
  47. 47. Corporate Certificate.
  48. 48. Public Recognition.
  49. 49. Exclusive Corporate Trophy.
  50. 50. Invitation to Leadership meetings.
  51. 51. Leadership ‘Vacation Club’
  52. 52. President’s Club membership.
  53. 53. FREE Executive Car.</li></ul>Leadership Vacation Club<br />
  54. 54. Bonuses & Incentives.<br />Bonuses.<br />Once you hit the Platinum VM Level you are earning at least $55,986.00 per month…. <br />That’s $671,832.00 per year. <br />Plus you get:<br />Platinum VM = 6 x Gold VM (Personal) *<br />The fourth level of ‘Bonus Qualification’ which entitles you to:<br /><ul><li> Platinum Logo on your Data Vault Security Website.
  55. 55. Corporate Certificate.
  56. 56. Public Recognition.
  57. 57. Exclusive Corporate Trophy.
  58. 58. Invitation to Leadership meetings.
  59. 59. Leadership ‘Vacation Club’
  60. 60. President’s Club membership.
  61. 61. FREE Executive Car.
  62. 62. VM Executive Advisory Board Membership.
  63. 63. Platinum ‘Home 4 Free’ Programme. </li></ul>Leadership Vacation Club<br />
  64. 64. ‘Why DaVaSec?’<br />
  65. 65. Why Data Vault Security?<br />Data Vault Security was established in 2007. <br />With the goal of offering unique ‘Enterprise Level’ Security Software and Support to all computer users ‘Domestic or Corporate’ and has revolutionised the Online Backup / Data Security Industry. <br />The company was founded by Philip Watts.<br />Phil has over the past 40 years worked at the forefront <br />of Security Software Development & Marketing. <br />He is a regular expert guest on BBC Television and has <br />unmatched knowledge of IT Security, Software and Hosted Services.<br />Philip has worked for, managed or launched the following companies.<br />
  66. 66. Mission<br />To capture the increasing demand for a convenient and reliable backup service to replace traditional backup methods, Data Vault Security was established with the purpose of distributing a World Class Internet-based online offsite remote backup software solution. <br />The objective is to provide low-cost, automated and reliable backup and data security solutions to the business and domestic communities around the World. The remit of Data Vault Security is to supply proven solutions that would have a constant introduction of relevant features, benefits, upgrades and associated services.<br /><ul><li> Data Vault Security – Online Data Backup.
  67. 67. Data Vault Sentry – Remote data deletion service.
  68. 68. Data Vault Lockdown – USB, CDRW & Mapping Blocking.
  69. 69. Data Vault AVS – Anti Virus & Spam Service.
  70. 70. Data Vault Blocker – Porn and Content filter.</li></li></ul><li>Research & Development<br />Data Loss and Security is the number one problem facing domestic and business users throughout the world.<br />Facts:<br /><ul><li> 99% of all computer users do not carry out daily backups.
  71. 71. 60% of all file backups are incomplete.
  72. 72. 1 in 10 hard drives fail in the first 12 months.
  73. 73. Only 3 out of every 100 lost or stolen computers are ever recovered.
  74. 74. 50% of all conventional restores fail.
  75. 75. Onsite backup offers ZERO protection against fire, flood, virus or theft.</li></ul>Our ‘backup software’ is supported by a full time team of 64 developers ensuring our solution is relevant and future proof. <br />Lets look at our Unique Total Digital World Security Package.<br />
  76. 76. Backup Service Comparison<br />Backup Software / Service Data Vault Security Competition<br />Network / Local Files & Folders Yes No<br />Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express Yes Yes<br />Un-restricted backup speed Yes No<br />Unrestricted restores Yes No<br />Configurable Encryption Yes No<br />Advanced Backup Scheduling Yes Yes<br />Advanced Archiving (up to 7 years) Yes No<br />In file delta / Open files / volume shadow copy Yes Yes<br />Live Vault / Real time backup Yes No<br />Backup external devices Yes No<br />Remote secure file access Yes Yes<br />AFIMS – Automatic file integrity management Yes No <br />ACE – Automatic Compression Engine Yes No <br />$2 Million Restore Guarantee Yes No<br />Free 24/7 Technical Support Yes No<br />
  77. 77. Sentry Protection Comparison<br />Sentry Protection Data Vault Security Competition <br />GSM Enabled Yes No<br />RFID/WiFi Integration Yes No<br />Volume Encryption Yes Yes<br />Multi Device Deployment Yes No<br />Data Deletion to Secret Service Standards Yes No<br />Culprit Identification Yes Yes<br />Device Location Yes Yes<br />24/7 Free Decommission Hotline Yes No <br />Free Decommission Report Yes No<br />Integrated with Online Backup Yes No<br />24/7 Free Technical Support Yes No<br />
  78. 78. Internet Security Comparison<br />Total Internet Security BitDefender Competition <br />Anti Virus Yes Yes<br />Anti Hacker Yes Yes<br />Anti Phishing Yes No<br />Anti Spam Yes Yes<br />Anti Porn / Parental Controls Yes No <br />Password Protect Settings Yes No <br />P2P/File Sharing Protection Yes No <br />Registry Startup Protection Yes No <br />Website Filters Yes No<br />Windows compatible Yes Yes<br />Mac compatible (Jan 2010) Yes Yes<br />Free 24/7 Technical support Yes No<br />
  79. 79. Remote PC Access Comparison<br />Remote PC Access / Service Data Vault Security Competition <br />Secure Remote PC Access Yes No<br />View Open Files Yes Yes<br />Remote Desktop Support Yes No<br />Secure File Transfer Yes No<br />256 bit Secured Yes No<br />Windows 7 Compatible Yes No <br />Remote PC Reboot Facility Yes No <br />Free 24/7 Technical support Yes Yes<br />
  80. 80. Data Vault Security Worldwide<br />Worldwide Presence with Local Support & Service.<br />Securing the World’s Data One Computer at a time.<br />
  81. 81. The strength of Data Vault Security is in <br />its innovative ideas, its software’s superior technical attributes and its direct route to market through its Accredited VM Partners.<br />
  82. 82. ‘Secure Your Digital World’, Save 82% and Start Making Money Today.<br />DaVaSec is going Viral.... Are You?<br />