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You Don't Need Bandwidth To Be Awesome


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Africa has a certain flair for innovation - this keynote explores how Africa has managed to continue to innovate despite disadvantages. It covers Alternative Energy, Mobile Payments, Crowdsourcing, Scratch Card distribution channels and Alternative Power.

Stories of a continent solving real problems, not #FirstWorldProblems!

Published in: Technology

You Don't Need Bandwidth To Be Awesome

  1. 1. You  Don’t  Need   Bandwidth    To  Be  Awesome    Celebra1ng  African  Tech  Innova1on     @andyhadfield    Theme  co-­‐developed  by  BreB  Haggard  (@breBski)  
  2. 2. In  Africa,  it  is  oIen  said…  
  3. 3. Insert  pic  of  cloud  (tech  cloud  or  normal?)  
  4. 4. A  couple  of  things  irritate  me  about  the  Internet’s  view  of  Africa.    
  5. 5. HANDS  FREE!  
  6. 6. The  dysfunc5on  of  Africa  has  become  part  of   business  folk  memory  that  keeps  Western   mul5na5onals  from  doing  anything.   -­‐  Paul  Collier  
  7. 7. Never  fear.  We  got  our  own  back!  
  8. 8. #FirstWorldProblems  
  9. 9. It’s  really  easy  to  come  up  with  ways  that  the  Third  World  can  learn  from  the  First  World  in  the  technology  sector…  
  10. 10. Square  pic  
  11. 11. The  App  ecosystem  pic  
  12. 12. IBM  
  13. 13. Facebook  
  14. 14. It’s  much  harder  to  turn  that  argument  on  it’s  head  and  say…  
  15. 15. What  can  the  First  World  learn  from  the  Third  World?  
  16. 16. And  why  should  they?  
  17. 17. Here  are  more  reasons  why  the  boDom  of  the  pyramid  is  so  important…  
  18. 18. Funny  Picture  of  mortage  crisis  
  19. 19. Funny  Picture  of  mortage  crisis  
  20. 20. Funny  Picture  of  healthcare  crisis  
  21. 21. Funny  Picture  of  Eurozone  crisis  
  22. 22. Looks  like  the  First  World  may  need  some  Third  World  thinking?  
  23. 23. Because  while  the  top  of  the  pyramid  is  going  through  some  tough  1mes,  Africa  has  been  1cking  away.  Focused  on:      Accessibility,    Flexibility  and  UIlity.  
  24. 24. It’s  not  an  easy  journey…  
  25. 25. Herman  Chinery-­‐Hesse  quan5fies  this  problem  extremely  well…  
  26. 26. And  now  you  can  see  why  Accessibility  is  such  an  important  part  of      Strategy:  Africa  
  27. 27. That’s  what  I’d  like  to  explore  today.    >  Alterna5ve  Energy  >  Mobile  Money  >  Crowdsourcing  >  Scratch  Cards  >  Alterna5ve  Power  
  28. 28. We’ll  start  with  a  nod  to  the  First  World.      In  pockets,  they’re  showing  some  African  flair…  
  29. 29. AlternaIve  Energy  
  30. 30. Soccer.  PreBy  widespread?  
  31. 31. Now  what  if…  
  32. 32. It’s  about  power.  
  33. 33. Mobile  Money  
  34. 34. Gartner  predicts  that  Mobile  Money  is  to  become  a  $617-­‐billion  industry    by  2016.  
  35. 35. Launched  in  2007  by  Safaricom  in  Kenya…  
  36. 36. Deposit  and  withdraw  money  Transfer  money  to  other  users  &  non-­‐users  Pay  bills  Purchase  air5me  Transfer  money  into  a  bank  account  (some  markets)  
  37. 37. It  is  not  a  banking  system.  It  is  a  money  facilita5on  framework.  
  38. 38. B2B  B2C  …  and  now  C2C  
  39. 39. More  than  half  of  Kenya’s  GDP  moves  through  MPESA.      That’s  $20  million  +  per  day.  
  40. 40. MPESA  has  achieved  two  important  things  that  First  World  payment  services  probably  never  will…  
  41. 41. MPESA  disintermediates  the  banking  system.  
  42. 42. Breaks  down  the  rich-­‐to-­‐poor  input  requirement  through  a  system  of  distributed  agents.  
  43. 43. Somewhere  between  Hoover  and  Amway,  the  First  World  lost  the  passion  for  distributed  entrepreneurial  networks  
  44. 44. Crowd  Sourcing  
  45. 45. In  Swahili  there  is  a  word  for  “tes1mony”  or  “witness”.  
  46. 46. Born  in  the  post  elecIon  violence  in  Kenya,  2008…  
  47. 47. What  was  the  need?    Kenyans  couldn’t  get  up-­‐to-­‐date  and  reliable  updates  about  poli1cal  condi1ons  through  tradi1onal  media  channels.    
  48. 48. How  does  it  work?    Input  via  >  SMS.  MMS.  Online.    Input  on  >  Any  device.  
  49. 49. Here’s  the  trick.  It’s  open  source.  
  50. 50. “AcIvist  mapping”  The  combina1on  of  social  ac5vism,  ci5zen  journalism  and  geospa5al  informa5on.  
  51. 51. Accuracy  through  AggregaIon.  
  52. 52. The  real  innova5on?  It’s  open  source.  
  53. 53. Which  means  it  has  been  picked  up  and  exported  to  the  world.    2011  Middle  East  Pro-­‐Democracy  Demonstrators  2011  Christchurch  earthquake  disaster  2010  Hai1  2010  Russian  Wildfires    …  even  being  used  in  India  to  map  3G  connec1vity    
  54. 54. The  2010  HaiI  Disaster  is  a  par1cularly  effec5ve  way  of  showcasing  the  power  of   Open  Source.  
  55. 55. What  can  we  learn?    The  power  is  in  the  data,  not  always  the  interface.    No  barrier  to  input  means  more  input.  
  56. 56. Scratch  Cards  
  57. 57. Quickie.  
  58. 58. Made  in  Ghana.  In  partnership  with  the  Catholic  Church.  Yes.    
  59. 59. That  same  church  owns  an    insurance  company.      Flock  size:  4  million  
  60. 60.  Scratch  Card    +    The  Cloud  (not  the  Rain  one!)  +    Insurance  Company  =  ?  
  61. 61. Use  cases:      Cashflow  flexibility  Frequent  travel  Insuring  friends  &  rela5ves  remotely...    
  62. 62. Powerful  example  of    PAY  AS  YOU  GO      …  and  introduces  us  to  some  more  golden  rules  of  African  InnovaIon:  
  63. 63. Secret  to  Third  World  product  adop2on     Low  upfront  payment   Flexible  remaining  payment  rate   High  immediate  uIlity    
  64. 64. Star5ng  to  see  businesses  like  this  in  the  First  World?  
  65. 65. And  now,  to  end  off…  
  66. 66. AlternaIve  Power  
  67. 67. 80%  of  Tanzanians  live  within  5  km  of  the  power  grid.  90%  of  them  lack  access  to  electricity.  
  68. 68. BaYeries.  
  69. 69. NetFlix  for  BaYeries?  
  70. 70. Let’s  hear  from  the  Founder…  
  71. 71. “…  to  move  electricity  around”.    What  a  novel  concept.    
  72. 72. The  important  lesson?    Third  World  environments  don’t  mean  Third  World  margins.  These  are  big  volume  businesses  we’re  talking  about.  
  73. 73. So.    When  you  look  back  at  all  these  examples…  
  74. 74. We’re  innovaIng  despite  our  situa1on.      When  there  is  no  capital  available  -­‐  there  is  a  focus  on  brain  power.  
  75. 75. You  may  think  these  are  simple    solu1ons  for  a  simple  world?  
  76. 76. A  unique  business  situa5on  exists  in  Africa.  
  77. 77. Africa’s  Future   Concept  Erik  Hersman  (@whiteafrikan)  
  78. 78. We  don’t  take  ourselves    too  seriously.  
  79. 79. Every  feature  of  underdevelopment   represents  a  business  opportunity   -­‐  Herman  Chinery-­‐Hesse  
  80. 80. If  we  think  accessibility  first,  devices  second…    If  we  think  flexibility  first,  margin  second…      If  we  think  uIlity  first,  experience  second….    
  81. 81. Thank  you.   @andyhadfield  
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  83. 83. NOTES  &  Further  InnovaIons  •  MXIT   –  Drug  Counselling  •  Nokia  Life  Tools  •  Health:  counterfeit  medicine  checking,  adherence   measurement,  electronic  pa1ent  records  to  rural  clinics  via   Q&A  USSD  •  JV  between  Safaricom  and  Syngenta  for  mobile  based  crop   insurance  for  subsistence  forms,  no  claims,   payout  using  Mpesa  to  mobile  phone   –  hBp://­‐founda1on-­‐ safaricom-­‐announce-­‐crop-­‐micro-­‐insurance-­‐program  •  Tracker  and  other  SA  GEOLOCATION,  tracking  businesses   are  interes1ng