Supply Chain Academy Overview


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Overview of Accenture's Supply Chain Academy Online Capability Building Solution

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Supply Chain Academy Overview

  1. 1. Accenture SupplyChain AcademyThe supply chain learning choicethat drives high performance
  2. 2. Addressing a keybusiness challengeSupply chain performance is critical to businesssuccess. With increasing complexity and the riseof a hyper competitive world, an underperform-ing or unfit supply chain can prove unforgiving.Across industries, high performance businessesdemonstrate a unique ability to consistentlymanage their supply chain to achieve superiorbusiness performance.In recent years, many organizations have but has become a global commodity Second, the workforce profile of the adaptinvested in process and technology im- that is fought over by multiple competi- to these new sources of labor. Finally,provements to enhance supply chain per- tors. While many Western economies are young talent demands training that makesformance. While high-performance busi- grappling with the effects of older and—in use of the latest technologies to providenesses have also made these investments some cases—shrinking workforces, the convenience and keeps up with the latestin supply chain, they have also recognized balance of global labor supply is shifting trends and best practices.the importance that people play in driving to developing economies owing to theirexecution discipline, innovation and the rapid population growth. Not surprisingly, The Accenture Supply Chain Academyability to produce results from technology Western multinationals are increasingly addresses these challenges by providingand process improvements. seeking to tap into these new sources of a comprehensive virtual training cur- talent. However, these supply side shifts riculum across all supply chain disciplinesAccording to Accenture research on supply are occurring in tandem with fierce com- that is available to its users on demandchain that drive high performance, one of petition for skilled employees: not only and from any location in the world. Itsthe seven key imperatives for achieving are indigenous companies in emerging blended learning environment combineshigh performance is appropriately ad- economies competing head to head with hundreds of supply chain courses withdressing the talent needs within the supply overseas multinationals for new recruits interactive distance-learning events,chain. Organizations are in need of well- and experienced managers, they are also simulations and online resources. No othertrained, knowledgeable professionals— seeking to lure diaspora workforces back supply chain training program encom-those who can integrate across all entities home. Additionally, companies need to be passes this breadth of content with suchand processes within the supply chain able to be able to attract and retain the extensive depth, global reach and varietyarena. Rather than providing educational next-generation workforce by understand- of curriculum-delivery options. It providesopportunities to only a few leaders or high ing and addressing their career develop- companies with a training program thatpotential employees in the organization, ment needs. is flexible, addressing the need for agility,high-performance businesses invest in consistency and continuous improvement.educating the broader supply chain organi- Such a high level of competition presents azation through a continuous cycle in order number of challenges for employers. First, In forward-looking companies, competen-to maximize impact and results. it is important for an effective supply chain cies have become the primary driver for to invest in the development of its talent in employee assessment and development,At the same time, talent is no longer the order to increase its ability to recruit and the development of training solutions andexclusive preserve of the Western world, retain the best people. all aspects of talent management.
  3. 3. Competencies are defined as a set of entire personal development program formal training in fundamental and ad-observable behaviors that encompass can then be tracked through advanced vanced supply chain skills—at a time whenthe knowledge, skills, attitudes, motives, reporting functionalities. Finally, it is even demand for experienced supply chainand temperaments that distinguish top possible to integrate the Academy’s course professionals has never been higher.performers. framework into your company’s exist- ing learning- management system. TheAs companies may develop or adopt highly Academy, therefore, offers a completelydifferent competency structures, the tailored learning approach that providesSupply Chain Academy offers a flexible a single platform for the training needs ofarchitecture that makes it possible to align the entire supply chain organization.the Academy’s curriculum offerings withyour organization’s specific competencies. The Supply Chain Academy’s coursesAlternatively, the architecture also allows integrate the “best-of-the-best” supplythe adaptation of the Academy’s flexible chain ideas and content from functional,competency structure to your organiza- industry and academic experts, and lever-tion’s specific training needs. It there- age Accenture’s unmatched experiencefore doesn’t matter what competency in identifying successful supply chainstructure your company has, the Academy practices and helping clients becomeallows you to align courses with your high-performance businesses. Clients ben-company’s competencies and build the efit from the insights and experience of arequired learning series to close the skill team of supply chain professionals fromgaps that exist in your organization. dozens of organizations around the globe. These consultants, educators and practi-Additionally, it is possible for organizations tioners provide learners with leading-edgeto add their own professional develop- thinking and best practices in every aspectment content to the Academy’s course of supply chain operations and strategy.framework, to ensure that all supplychain training within your organization With its one-of-a-kind combination ofis integrated onto a single platform. The quality content and comprehensive depth,progress of individual students within their the Supply Chain Academy provides
  4. 4. “The Supply Chain Academy hashelped us to uniformly defineprocesses and terminology acrossthe business functions.”Thomas Foerster, Supply Chain Academy ManagerBASF-YPC Company LimitedFigure 1: Supply Chain Academy provides a comprehensive learning resource Global Supply Classroom Learning Case Chain Simulation and Workshops Based Learning Program • Hundreds of online courses/web-casts Distance developed over the past 5 years • 70 new courses and 24 new web-casts Learning scheduled for development in FY09 Events400 Online • Available 24/7 to users around the world (2x a monthe-Books • Accessible via any computer (home, for all clients)White office, hotel)Papers • Extremely portable (users can print out courses or download audio-casts to iPods)and Web • Highly customizable to each user through CustomerArticles use of the SCA’s Curriculum Builder Courses and Webcasts Core Online Content
  5. 5. “The most significant impact of theSupply Chain Academy has been theimproved business results and stra-tegic transformation of the Caterpil-lar workforce in support of the longterm corporate vision.”Pam Craig, Global Purchasing ProfessionalDevelopment Manager, CaterpillarFigure 2: Among the distinguishing aspects of the Supply Chain Academy are:Available online A portal available 24/7/365 through Internet access, with more than 27,500 users in 140 countries.Comprehensive Hundreds of courses—by far, the largest and most comprehensive supply chain course library available from any learning provider, anywhereComplete coverage Designed specifically for supply chain professionals, with full coverage of all supply chain functions, including procurement, planning, inventory management, logistics, manufacturing and customer service.Flexible A highly flexible architecture that allows organizations to adapt a competency model to fit their own needs, add their own professional development content, or integrate with a learning management system.Leading eperts Course content developed by leading supply chain experts from around the world in consulting, business and academia.Blended architecture Education delivered using a blended e-learning architecture—including simulations, virtual instructor-led training, webcasts, case-based learning and online self-study courses.Translations Courses available in English, Chinese, Japanese, German and SpanishCertifications Supports certifications provided by leading academic and professional societies, including APICS, RILA, ISM, CIPS and ECRA.
  6. 6. The Supply Chain Academy: If part of your learning strategy is to The Supply Chain Academy helps orga-• Provides consistency across the organi- support your top performers in attain- nizations create a better performing, zation through a common operating ing industry certification, the Supply more proficient and more consistently language Chain Academy can help. We recognize trained global supply chain workforce,• Raises the bar on workforce perform- the importance of certification—for while promoting job satisfaction and ance through a focus on critical supply both the organization and the individ- improving staff retention. chain competencies ual—and work with leading industry• Overcomes geographic barriers to organizations to provide a mechanism workforce skill development: that makes it more convenient to obtain – Global reach across the organization these industry qualifications, by ensur- produces greater impact and more ing that most of the preparation work consistent results can be done online rather than through – Classroom training can stay focused classroom or workshop sessions. The on advanced and higher value-add Supply Chain Academy currently pro- topics vides learning programs supporting five• Reduces travel costs associated with key industry certifications, by wokring training delivery with the Association for Operations• Rapidly begins the process of skill de- Management (APICS), the Retail Indus- velopment for new employees through try Leaders Association (RILA), Efficient online access Consumer Response Australasia (ECRA),• Provides convenience and continuous the Institute for Supply Management improvement opportunities to address (ISM) and the Chartered Institute of the changing demographics of today’s Purchasing & Supply (CIPS). workforce.
  7. 7. “…with thousands of highlyexperienced retail and supply chainmanagement professionals, Accenturewas the optimal partner to help makeit happen.”Gary Maxwell, Senior Vice President,International Supply Chain, Wal-Mart
  8. 8. The Supply Chain Academy serves morethan 36,000 users in 140 countries. Clientscomprise numerous Fortune 1000 compa-nies, including Air Products and Chemicals,BASF, Best Buy, BHP Billiton, BombardierTransportation, BP, Caterpillar, Honda Trad-ing America, Mars, MeadWestvaco, Shell,Syngenta, Tenaris, Unilever, Wal-Mart andWyeth Pharmaceuticals. When it comesto supply chain learning, the Supply ChainAcademy is the choice of high-performancebusinesses.Visit formore information about how this uniquelearning solution can best support you onyour journey to high performance. Or con-tact us at info@supplychainacademy.comfor online demos, or to arrange a “virtualtour.”Copyright © 2009 Accenture About Accenture About Accenture Supply Chain ManagementAll rights reserved. Accenture is a global management consult- The Accenture Supply Chain ing, technology services and outsourcing Management service line works withAccenture, its logo, and High Performance company. Combining unparalleled experi- clients across a broad range of industries toDelivered are trademarks of Accenture. ence, comprehensive capabilities across all develop and execute operational strategies industries and business functions, and ex- that enable profitable growth in new and tensive research on the world’s most suc- existing markets. Committed to helping cessful companies, Accenture collaborates clients achieve high performance through with clients to help them become high- supply chain mastery, we combine global performance businesses and governments. industry expertise and skills in supply chain With more than 186,000 people serving strategy, sourcing and procurement, supply clients in over 120 countries, the company chain planning, manufacturing and design, generated net revenues of US$23.39 billion fulfillment, and service management to for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2008. Its help organizations transform their supply home page is chain capabilities. We collaborate with clients to implement innovative consulting and outsourcing solutions that align operating models to support business strategies, optimize global operations, enable profitable product launches, and enhance the skills and capa- bilities of the supply chain workforce. For more information, visit