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The Myth Factory


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An introduction to myth writing used with year 7 students

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The Myth Factory

  1. 1. •Who are they? •What do they look like? •What qualities make them heroic? •Are they rich or poor? •What are their hopes and fears? •Do they have any magical items? •What skills do they have?
  2. 2. •The hero / heroine’s family •Royalty •Oracles & soothsayers •Villagers in need of help •The Gods
  3. 3. What challenge must your hero / heroine face and why? •A rescue? •A search for a magical item? •To slay a beast? •A test from the Gods?
  4. 4. •A traditional creature or your own invention? •Does it guard a treasure? •Is it tormenting the village? •Has it taken someone captive? •Is it evil or just misunderstood?
  5. 5. Will the Gods step in to help or hinder the hero / heroine? •Curses or blessings? •A magical gift? •A fiendish trap?
  6. 6. •Does your hero / heroine succeed in their quest? •Will they return safely or barely escape with their life? •Are they rewarded for their courage?
  7. 7. • Describe the setting • Introduce your hero / heroine • The call to adventure • The journey quest • Meetings with allies and enemies • The test & the climax of your tale • Bring your myth to a close