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The Marlin


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A lesson frame for teaching 'The Old Man and the Sea' by Hemingway

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The Marlin

  1. 1. The Marlin Pages 44-45
  2. 2. More than just a fish! The marlin is a symbol in this allegory – a worthy adversary, a brother of the sea, a deadly opponent and an opportunity to test oneself in the ultimate test of wits and endurance
  3. 3. Bulged Verb Suggests that the marlin is so big that it displaces lots of water
  4. 4. He came out unendingly... Adverb Emphasises the sheer length of the marlin
  5. 5. ...bright in the sun and his head and back were dark purple and a light lavender. Adjectives Implies the great beauty of the marlin
  6. 6. His sword was as long as a baseball bat Simile Reinforces that the marlin’s sword is strong and durable
  7. 7. ...and tapered like a rapier Simile Emphasises how sharp it is
  8. 8. re-entered it smoothly like a diver Simile Reinforces the graceful way in which the marlin swims
  9. 9. The great scythe blade Metaphor Reinforces how dangerous the sword of the marlin is
  10. 10. Verb Metaphor Adverb Simile Adjective
  11. 11. Vocabulary for close analysis of text Reinforces Emphasizes Suggests Implies Infers Draws attention to
  12. 12. Hemingway’s description of the marlin as it first jumps is an important moment in the narrative because..... His use of verbs such as...... and ..... Emphasize ..... The author uses the adjective ....... To imply that.... Furthermore, Hemingway suggests that the fish.... These terms are combined with a series of powerful similes which reinforce the ..... The majesty and danger of the great fish is also reflected in the author’s use of metaphor...