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Tips about how to choose cell phone case


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Tips about how to choose cell phone case

  1. 1. Tips about How to Choose Cell Phone CaseAs mentioned earlier about the importance of cell phone in our everyday life. So now we aregoing to talk about the most important accessory that use for protect them from accident, cellphone case. When you bought a cell phone there will be additional accessory items that you arerequired to buy them. These additional accessories are ear-buds, hands-free auto units orcarrying cases. You may find that this kind of accessories is really expensive but you have topurchase them no matter how expensive they are because these accessories enable your cellphone works in fully functioning for your highly mobile lifestyle.Therefore, when you complete buying new cell phone and all other necessary accessories, youshould look for a good quality cell phone case. As previously described that cell phone andaccessories are very sensitive expensive. You are able to look for cell phone carrying case in anyprice from incredibly cheap to unaffordable expensive. The good place to start find good ones ison the internet, discount stores. The most popular material for cell phone carrying case is leather.Leather provides great protection to your cell phone and accessories and I suggest you to go forit. However, there are plenty of cell phone carrying cases available in the market. They areavailable in many sizes, shapes and colors as well as from many manufacturers.There are imported carrying cases made by manufacturer in other country such as China, whichthe quality quite good but in reasonable price. However, You may buy cases that a bit moreexpensive if you have more budget available to make sure that you get better quality, but youhave to bear in mind that price does not always the indicator of quality.A few things to consider when selecting a mobile case are:Carry Method - Belt Clip, Belt Loop, Flat Back with no belt clip for purses and pocketsForm Fit Case - Made for your device and stays on device when in use.Pouch - Fits your device and protects it more than a form fit case but you have to remove yourdevice from the pouch to use.Screen Protection - Some cases have screen protection (such as clear plastic) and some leave thescreen open for ease of usePort openings - Do you need openings for charger, headset or other ports. Most form fit casescome with port openings.Control Openings - Do you need openings for any controls that may be on your device.
  2. 2. Accessories like Skins and Shells typically protect the outside frame of your device. Screens andcontrols are left open. They can be soft (usually referred to as skins) or hard (referred to asshells). Phone skins and shells typically allow you the most access to your devices LCD screens,headset, data and charging ports and controls. They add less bulk so they can be easily slid intoyour pocket or purse and sometimes larger pouches. They dont offer as much protection as apouch or form fit case. We recommend using a clear screen protector film with a skin or shell.Sometimes they come with belt clips but adding a belt clip can make your slim skin or shell bulky.And the following one will be a nice choice:Front and Back Mobile Phone Housing Case Cover for Blackberry Curve 8350 - Light BlueThis front and back mobile phone housing case cover set is a set of high quality replacementhousing that is especially made for Blackberry Curve 8350. It is made of high quality and durablematerial, and it is great replacement housing for the damaged, scratched or broken original onesand provides your mobile phone a completely new look. Description: • Front and back housing cover set for Blackberry Curve 8350 • Made of high quality and durable material • A set of front and back housing with premium craftsmanship • Provides your Blackberry mobile phone with a completely new look • Great replacement housing for the damaged, cracked, scratched or broken original one
  3. 3. • Compatible with: Blackberry Curve 8350• Material: Plastic• Color: Light blue