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Impacts from indound tourism in malaysia


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this TTP try to study the impacts from Inbound tourism in Malaysia by collecting and analysis the secondary data.

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Impacts from indound tourism in malaysia

  2. 2. Tourism in Malaysia
  3. 3. With about 27 million inbound tourists in 2015, slightly less than Malaysia total population. Such an large amount of international tourists certainly will affect Malaysia both negatively and negatively. Then , what are they?
  4. 4. POSITIVE IMPACTS 1. Interaction between foreigners and Malaysians International tourism activities is folk diplomatic. Such kind of direct communication will help promote mutual international understandings among people with different beliefs, face, and lifestyle. This effect is important for Malaysia as an Islam nation. Nowadays , Islam extremists groups bring a serious of disasters in Europe.As a result, some Europeans consider islam as terrorism. If Europeans traveling in south east Asia, they will surprised to find that there is country where different ethnic groups having been living together harmoniously for a long period, and it’s Malaysia. Malaysia inbound tourism will help improve Europeans’ impression of islam. paris terrorist attacks in 2015
  5. 5. HOMESTAYThe best form to promote international visitors’ understandings towards Malaysia. By living with local families, foreigners eating real traditional food and experience their lifestyle, sometimes, celebrating festivals if happens.
  6. 6. Most important reason to develop tourism industry. Arranging employment of citizens is always been a major issues and great concern for any governments. Tourism belong to labor-intensive industry , thus , require a lot of labors. Every additional hotel room will increase 2-3jobs in other types of direct tourism company such as air Asia, classic travel agency or local restaurants. 2. Create job opportunities Also consider indirect opportunities,as every tourism staff is a consumer as well, they get income and will spend in food, clothes, houses and so on.
  7. 7. OPPORTUNITIES According to world experience , the percentage between local hotel room and the entire tourism employment amount is 1:4.5! About 1.2million Malaysians working in tourism directly! And there will be more tourism job chances because Malaysia hotel in growing rapidly now.
  8. 8. 3. Increase foreign exchange earnings Foreign exchange reflecta country's economy strength, usually high foreign exchange shows a countryare more advantageous when doing international trade. Obtaining foreign exchange through inbound tourism is very important for developing nations. Due to Backward of technology compared with developed nations, international trade in always unfair for developing countries. Changes between balance of payments and inbound tourists amount are almost the same, one is proportional to another.
  9. 9. NEGATIVE IMPACTS  The destination risk standardization built to satisfy foreign visitors' needs for familiar facilities and making them feel at home.Make a country more competitive and will attrac more tourists.  Too much standardized tourism facilities is not good.Bad for promoting and protecting own nation' culture.  Nowadays tourism standardization is actural designed by westerners, spreading their attitudes by multinational companies such as KFC and Intercontinental hotels.  A kind of modern cultural aggression to developing worlds. 1. Standardization
  10. 10. Different values are the sources of cultural clashes. Tourists sometimes go against conservative values of locals.
  11. 11. Majority of the inbound tourists have different religions and lifestyle compare with Malaysians, cause it's easy to arise conflicts. The top 10 tourist generating markets to Malaysia in 2014: Singapore (11,583,654), Indonesia (2,321,027), China (1,383,053), Thailand (1,102,146), Brunei (985,111), India (643,335), Philippines (513,313), Australia (479,829), Japan (460,774), South Korea (325,493).
  12. 12. RECONSTRUCT ETHNCITY Highly commercialized local cultural Folk custom and traditional festivals were organized as long as foreign visitors come. Largely lost its original meaning and cultural value. Chang locals thought  External thought from foreign tourists such as sexual freedom will affect traditional morality.  Family breakdown amount will increase, as well as divorce rate.  Crime rate will also increase, due to impacts from foreign visitors' s bad behaviour.
  13. 13. Divorce amount in Malaysia during the period 2004-2014 The trend of divorce amount in Malaysia from 2004-2012 is very proportional to the changes happened in inbound tourists arrivals at during the same period, showing the amount of inbound tourists have a impact to divorce amount.
  14. 14. Crime rate also has the same trend with the increasing of inbound tourists amount in the last few years. The situation happens in KL areas can prove crime are more likely to happen in a popular tourism city.