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The Cult of Innovation


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Businesses constantly strive to gain competitive advantage through "innovation". However, is innovation a legitimate business strategy or a misguided and often misunderstood buzz-word?

Is it really possible to innovate within a large organisation to a budget and deadline, or is corporate innovation a myth. Can innovation be planned or is it something that grows organically from a particular mind set and way of working?

The myth of innovation is seductive. However, it can often take effort and resources away from the less sexy but more productive task of finessing existing ideas. As industries strive to create new products, are we forgetting that some of the best selling and most iconic designs are actually incremental improvements to existing products?

In this session Andy will argue that innovations isn't just a bad strategy; it's no strategy at all. Instead of crossing our fingers and betting the farm on a sudden and uncontrollable burst of luck, we need to be sensitive to the world around us and focus on solving immediate problems in a more intelligent way.

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The Cult of Innovation

  1. 1. The  Cult  of... h,p://
  2. 2. In  love  with  the  idea  of  innovaGon h,p://
  3. 3. The  bedroom  inventor  toiling  away   h,p://
  4. 4. We  look  up  to  innovators h,p://­‐72157602694497490/
  5. 5. InnovaGon  saves  businesses h,p://
  6. 6. InnovaGon  makes  people  rich h,p://
  7. 7. InnovaGon  will  save us  from  environmental  catastrophe h,p://
  8. 8. Humans  are  lazy h,p://
  9. 9. Companies  pursue  a  strategy   of  innovaGon h,p://
  10. 10. And  result  in “The  Office  of  the  Future”
  11. 11. InnovaGon  isn’t  a  strategy h,p://
  12. 12. Underpants  gnomes innovate ? Make  money h,p://
  13. 13. Companies  are  terrible  at  innovaGng h,p://
  14. 14. Even  Google  struggles  to  innovate h,p:// h,p://
  15. 15. RouGne  gets  in  the  way h,p:// h,p://
  16. 16. Difficult  to  innovate  to  a  deadline h,p:// h,p://
  17. 17. Companies  sGll  persist  with  this  myth
  18. 18. The  true  face  of  innovaGon
  19. 19. True  innovaGon  happens  here h,p:// h,p://
  20. 20. What  about  companies  like  Apple? h,p://­‐72157600340697465/
  21. 21. The  iPod  wasn’t  the  first   MP3  player h,p://
  22. 22. The  iPhone  wasn't  the  first   touch  screen  phone h,p://
  23. 23. Dyson  didn’t  create  the  first   bag-­‐less  vacuum h,p://
  24. 24. Windows  wasn’t  the  first  GUI h,p://
  25. 25. Successful  products  are  rarely   the  result  of  innovaGon h,p://
  26. 26. People  don’t  want  innovaGon h,p://
  27. 27. they  come  through  constant  reinvenGon h,p://­‐72157600340697465/
  28. 28. WaiGng  for  the  technology  to  mature, then  doing  something  useful  with  it h,p://
  29. 29. InnovaGon  is  a  facilitator It’s  the  power  of  design  which  adds  value h,p://
  30. 30. @clearleg @andybudd        @dconstruct