Taylor Middle School Professional Development Action Plan


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Taylor Middle School Professional Development Action Plan

  1. 1. Taylor Middle School Professional Development Action PlanGoal 1: Increase the ability of all staff to gather, analyze, and use data from avariety of sources.Goal 2: Increase the integration of technology in the classroom by bothaddressing instructional and organizational leadership needs and providingactivity-based technology training for all faculty. Activity/Strategy Person(s) Timeline Resources/Estimated Formative Responsible Cost EvaluationSTaR Chart Review Technology End of Access to computer Needs(addressing both Application summer/ lab or laptops assessmentGoals 1 and 2): Specialist/Director beginning STaR Chart report and is completedFaculty will review the (who is of school summary and actionresults of the STaR responsible for training for plan isChart survey with the coordinating the 2012-2013 formed andintent of identifying district STaR school year implementedcampus needs Chart completionregarding the and submission)integration andimplementation oftechnology through Principalthe needsassessment process.Faculty will then Campusdevelop a campus Teachersaction plan formeeting those needs.Eduphoria Training Technology End of Access to computer Teachers are(addressing Goal 1): Application summer/ lab or laptops documentingTraining will be Specialist/Director beginning use ofprovided in both the of school Eduphoriause of the Eduphoria training for data bysoftware and the Instructional 2012-2013 tracking useapplications for the Facilitator school year and sharingdata that can be – ongoing experiencesfound on the site. The through 1st duringappropriate use of Principal 6wks weeklythis data will enhance department/learning and Campus datainstruction – a goal Teachers meetingsidentified and detailedin the previouslyreferencedTechnology Report.
  2. 2. Educational software/ Technology On-going Various technology Technology-application and Application throughout resources required for drivenwebsite training Specialist/Director school year individual trainings will instructional(addressing Goal 2): be determined by strategiesTeachers will teacher/trainer, are in placeparticipate in activity Instructional librarian, and in theand project-based Facilitator Instructional classroomtechnology training Facilitator. anddesigned to provide documentedteachers with the Principal by lessontools to use Resources required for plans,technology in the Instructional Rounds Instructional Librarian Program: substitutesclassroom to deliver Roundsand enrich instruction for observing teachers visits, and(see previous Academic principalTechnology Report). Department walkthroughsTraining will include Chairsboth hardwaretechnologiesavailable to teachers Campuson campus and Teachersspecific website andsoftware applicationsthat can be utilized byeach academicdepartment. TheProfessional LearningCommunity andInstructional Roundsstructure will beutilized in developingthe trainings forspecific projects andapplications that canbe utilized by specificdepartments.Department headswill work withteachers and theInstructionalFacilitator tocoordinate theactivities.
  3. 3. Evaluation Planning for Action Plan Activity/Strategy Evaluation Plan STaR Chart Review Because the STaR Chart provides valuable and accurate information as to the extent of campus technology implementation and the instructional integration of technology, it serves as a starting point for teachers to begin outlining and addressing campus technology needs. Technology should be used, as detailed in the above Technology Report, to deliver and enrich instruction as outlined in both the report and the Campus Improvement Plan. Allowing the teachers to take place in the needs assessment and action planning process serves to provide first- hand information and ownership for the teachers involved. Evaluation of this process looks like the completion of a thorough needs assessment and action plan designed to augment current district and campus technology plans. Implementation of the plan will be measured thorough on-going tracking conducted at weekly departmental data meetings and facilitated by the campus Instructional Facilitator. Additionally, the following year’s STaR Chart will serve as a measure of goals addressed. Eduphoria Training Use of the data provided by the Eduphoria system meets the need established in the Technology Plan to use technology and information systems to identify curriculum, instructional and professional development needs. Evaluation of the use of this data can be evidence of instructional and curriculum decisions made in response to needs identified through information provided by the Eduphoria software. This evidence can be shared and tracked in weekly departmental and data meetings and facilitate by the campus Instructional Facilitator and campus principal. Teacher implementation will be measured by individual teacher forms filled out at data meetings that show the teacher’s data breakdown and plans for future use. Activity-based educational Activity or lesson-based technology training will give software/ application and teachers the tools and training to effectively website training implement technology in a meaningful, impactful way in the classroom. Teachers discover practical ways to utilize technology to deliver and enhance
  4. 4. instruction in a way that enriches student learningand increases student achievement. Monitoring theintegration of technology goals that were identifiedand described in the previously referencedTechnology Report is going to be most effectivelyimplemented and evaluated by utilizing theInstructional Rounds process that is part of theProfessional Learning Community plan at TaylorMiddle School. Documentation of the use oftechnology will be accomplished through evidenceprovided in teachers’ lesson plans, InstructionalRound planning forms, and principal walkthroughs.The goal is to have 100% of teachers at TMSintegrating technology at a level that effectivelyaddresses the technology TEKS and increasesstudent engagement and achievement throughenriched instruction.