Technical stage operations, lights


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Technical stage operations, lights

  2. 2. PEBBLE CONVEX         G clamp Safety Chain Barn Doors Gel frame Adjustable arm 15 amp plug Pebble lenses Adjustable knob The Pebble Convex is mainly used for general cover. The peddle lense creates a defined edge unlike other fresnals which maybe why you would chose the pebble convex instead of CCT for example.
  3. 3. PARCAN      G clamp Safety Chain Gel frame Adjustable arm 15 amp plug Parcans can be used effectively music gigs due it’s ability to do chases and use of gels. Also can be used to add depth in general washes and for astetics. I would use fresnals over a parcan as you cant control where the light falls. You also cant focus on specific things easily as you cant up shutters or barn doors on a parcan so the general area will be lighted.
  4. 4. CCT         G clamp Safety Chain Barn Doors Gel frame Adjustable arm 15 amp plug Adjustable Arm Adjustable knob The rigged lense of the CCT creates a defused spread of light. If you wanted a less defined light you would chose the CCT over the PC ias the pebble lense gives a very shape edge. You would use a CCT over a Parcan because you could use barn doors.
  5. 5. SELECON        G clamp Safety Chain Barn Doors Gel frame 2 adjustable nobs 15 amp plug Adjustable knob Used for a general cover and a general wash. Light can also be manipulated with barn doors . The selecon is the best alternative to a profile because of the rigged circular lenses. In this situation the selecon would be chosen over another fresnal like PC as it has a soft edge so couldn’t be used as a spotlight alternative.
  6. 6. SCENA 1K      G clamp Safety Chain Barn Doors Gel frame Rigged glass Although the 1k can b can be used for general cover it is prodemintly used for backlight with light gels to create a 3D effect during pieces of theatre. The 1 k could be picked over any over light when deciding on what use for backlight purely because it is brighter than any other light. Although the 1k is brighter it doesn’t go further. The rigged glass creates a defused light unlike a selecon.
  7. 7. FLOOD LIGHT     G clamp Safety Chain Gel frame 15 amp plug The flood light is similar to the pracan because you can’t control where the light falls and can only control the intensity of light. Flood lights are prominently used as audience lights but can also be used in a general wash mainly to add depth. I would chose a parcan over the flood light in a general wash as you can, manipulate the light with barn doors unlke a flood.
  8. 8. BIRDIE     Safety chain G Clamp 13 amp Gel fame Part of the parcan family but can be used in any plug as it only needs 13 amps. I would use a birdie in a lighting exibit over a part can as the birdie is a lot smaller and a lot more astatically pleasing, it can also be plugged into the wall.
  9. 9. PIN SPOT    Safety chain G Clamp 13 or 15 amps Pin spots are mainly used in discos ; two either side of a glitter ball to defect the light. Like a parcan you cant direct the light. Are also used in expos like birdies but aren't as effective because they aren't as light, aren't as astatically pleasing and aren't as energy efficient
  10. 10. SOURCE FOUR       Safety chain G Clamp 15 amp Gel fame Shutters Gobo holder Source fours are good for defining a space because of the hard or soft edge. Can easily manipulate light because of the shutters, gobo holder and gel frame. Creates a whiter light than the mininuette profile because of the energy efficient bulb but light can be manipulated the same way on both lights.
  11. 11. MINIUETTE PROFILE       Safety chain G Clamp 15 amp Gel fame Shutters Gobo holder Like the Source Four the miniunette profile is used for defining a space with its hard or soft edge of light I would pick a mininuette profile over a parcan when creating a stained glass window in a set because you can use gobos and gels.