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BNI 10 min Presentation September 2012


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John James - Green Solar Installation presentation from Doncaster Diamonds BNI 10 Minutes 11th September 2012

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BNI 10 min Presentation September 2012

  1. 1. John James of Green Solar Installation 10 Minute Presentation  Doncaster Diamonds BNI Chapter A team in which you can be proud to be a player
  2. 2. The home ofIntegrated Energy Solutions
  3. 3.  Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation of PV systems to Our Services convert sunlight into electricity This electricity can be used on site or exported back to the grid system Solar Thermal Installation of Solar collectors to convert the radiant heat from the sun to hot water for Space and Water heating Heat Pumps Heat pumps are used to convert latent heat stored in the ground, water or air to high temperature water for space and water heating
  4. 4.  Energy Efficient Lighting Our Services Installation Lighting schemes which are designed to reduce running costs, reduce maintenance costs and reduce heat gain in buildings Improved energy control Installation of control systems to provide more effective use of the energy provision Heat Recovery Ventilation Changing the air in buildings is a major heat loss factor By installing systems which preheat the replacement air using the exhaust is a great way of making savings.
  5. 5. The Green DealWhat is it?The Green Deal is the governments project forimproving the energy efficiency of existingbuildings and reducing our carbon emissionsWhen is it starting ?The launch date is October 2012 with the firstprojects being funded in early 2013How is it funded?Green Deal is not dependant on subsidies orgovernment grant but is financed throughprivate capital and driven by consumer demand
  6. 6. Five steps of the Green Deal Property Green Deal Advisor will make an assessment of the property to identify possible energy improvements Assessment Measure Advisors report recommends which improvements would be suitable and identifies if funding is available Recommendations The client receives a low interest loan for the Low Interest Loan installation of the measures This is linked to the property not the individual Installation A Green Deal Installer will install the recommended measures which the client has chosen. Energy Savings The energy savings will start to accrue as soon as the measures are installed and must equate to the Golden Rule
  7. 7. The Golden RuleSavings on Energy Bill – Cost of Repayments = Total Savings This must be positive for the Golden Rule to be satisfied
  8. 8. What measures ?Condensing Gas Boilers BiomassHeating Controls Micro CHPFlue Gas Recovery Systems Wind TurbinesWarm Air Units Wall and Roof InsulationStorage Heaters Pipe and Cylinder InsulationLight Fittings Draught ProofingLighting ControlsGround Source Heat Pumps Possible future inclusionsAir Source Heat Pumps Fenestration (Doors & Windows)Solar Thermal BlindsSolar PV
  9. 9. TimelineAugust 2012Green Deal Oversight Body acceptsregistrations on to registerOctober 2012Green Deal Legislation is approved andscheme is launchedJan 2013Energy Company Obligation (funding) goes live
  10. 10. What’s on the horizon?Thermodynamic HotWater SystemsFuel Cell Micro CHPSystems(Trigeneration)
  11. 11. and finallyElectric Vehicles &Extended Range EV,s
  12. 12. Referrals Property Owners or Managers who are looking to reduce fuel costs Architects and developers looking for energy efficient building solutions Facilities managers who are tasked with infrastructure development and energy savings Individuals or companies who are interested in the benefits of renewable technologies
  13. 13. Any Questions ?