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2013 02-07 - sait - search engine optimization


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Slides for a course that I'm teaching on search engine optimization at

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2013 02-07 - sait - search engine optimization

  1. 1. Social Media at SAIT Polytechnic Search Engine Optimization
  2. 2. Agenda• SEO Process• Website Performance• Keyword Research• On-Page Optimization• Linking Campaigns• Social Media
  3. 3. SEO Process• Website Performance• Competitor Research• Keyword Research• Website Page Optimization• Content Development• Linking Campaigns• Social Media• Ranking Reports• Website Analytics
  4. 4. Website Performance• Number of Pages – Search• Number of Links –• Number of Visitors –• Traffic Rank –• Google PageRank –• Market Grader –
  5. 5. Keyword Research• Website analytics• Google Webmaster Tools•••••••••• Competitors
  6. 6. On-Page Optimization• Title• Description tag• Keyword tag (useless)• Alt tags• H formatting• Content
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Internal Linking• Site map• Text menu• Navigation• Content links• Be sure to have the right keyword phrase in the anchor text
  9. 9. Criteria for Inbound Links• The more the better• Anchor text• PR• In context• Social media
  10. 10. Linking Campaigns• Business directories: Yahoo, DMOZ,• Match Competitors’ Links –• Bloggers • featuring-oasis-spa.html• Event Sites • Search for “events calgary”• Article sites • Search for “free online articles”• Press releases • • •• Social Media - anything
  11. 11. Ranking Reports•••
  12. 12. The Marketing Tactic that Social Media Marketers Often Forget Written by Huyen WordPress SEO: The Only Guide You Need Written by Glen at
  13. 13. SEO Blogs• - Jill Whalen• - Rand Fishkin• - Matt Cutts•••
  14. 14. Build an Optimized Website• Create an account on• Create content for at least 2 pages• Pick your keywords• Optimize the pages• Do internal linking from one page to the other• Get other students to link to at least one of your pages• Make presentation to class for critique