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Madeleine on Rails


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Published in: Technology
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Madeleine on Rails

  1. 1. Off the Rails (Madeleine on Rails)
  2. 2. Not even a plugin yet.
  3. 3. Work in progress....
  4. 4. Started on Saturday at 2pm Finished at 3.30am
  5. 5. Demo the sample app. Uses Madeleine.
  6. 6. What is Madeleine?
  7. 7. Imagine a world without relational databases
  8. 8. No ORM!
  9. 9. You operate on objects that live in memory.
  10. 10. Extremely fast!
  11. 11. Yes, you have to have enough RAM.
  12. 12. Sometimes your objects are serialized to a file.
  13. 13. Changes between snapshots are serialized as ‘command’ objects.