NFC based services for Android platform


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"Android and NFC" presentation delivered by Vili Törmänen at Android Oulu event 2011-05-04 . More information:

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NFC based services for Android platform

  1. 1. NFC-based Services for AndroidPlatformAndroid Keynote #3Vili TörmänenVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  2. 2. 05/05/2011 2 BiographyVili Törmänen,, +358 400 941 865Service Technology teamMobile Contactless Services research domainWorked with NFC from 2005Publications related to NFC: 8Track B (Research) winner on Touching the Future– The First European NFC Competition 2007 withconcept SeeingEyePhoneResearch Track winner on NFC Forum GlobalCompetition 2009 with concept Hot in the Cityhttp://hotinthecity.vtt.fiMore information at
  3. 3. 05/05/2011 3 TopicsWhat is Near Field Communication (NFC)Applications & ServicesNFC programming on AndroidAndroid as a platform
  4. 4. 05/05/2011 4 Near Field CommunicationOrigins from physical selection paradigms point me touch me scan meBased on existing short range wireless (RFID) standardsInteroperable with existing (smart card) infrastructureDistance 0 – 10 centimeter. In practice less than 5 cmKiller app?
  5. 5. 05/05/2011 5 NFC ModesNFC has three modes where one can be active at a time Tag Reading information from tag Writing information to tag Card Emulation For payment, ticketing, secure applications Peer-to-peer Sharing information between devices
  6. 6. 05/05/2011 6 Smart Poster Event ticketing Connection to devices NFC use casesConnecting to services Exchange business cards Payment Transportation Service discovery and use
  7. 7. 05/05/2011 7 NFC handset penetrationSource: Frost&Sullivan: Real start for NFC, December 2010
  8. 8. 05/05/2011 8 NFC devices and tagsPhones History: Nokia 3220 & 5140i with detachable back cover, 6131 NFC, 6212 NFC Current: Samsung S5230 Star NFC, Google Nexus S, very soon Nokia C7 Future: Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation successor, 2 x BlackBerry, Samsung Bada platform, …USB readersWireless readersPassive tags
  9. 9. 05/05/2011 9Google Nexus S Currently supported NFC features Read tags Write tags Peer-to-peer (limited)
  10. 10. 05/05/2011 10 NFC “Research Applications”Delivering product information to visuallyimpaired(SeeingEyePhone) HearMeFeelMe project is based on the success of SeeingEyePhone ( Explores the possibilities of compensating declined eyesight with mobile technology Pilot: Providing medicine information for elderly visually impaired Pilot: Blind users get spoken information from tagged items. They record the message by themselves and tag whatever item they want Ibumax 400 mg 1-2 tablets 3 times a day…
  11. 11. 05/05/2011 11Other experimented domains Driver’s log Food delivery Grocery shopping Car parking Social networking Medicine information for visually impaired Delivering work instructions Reporting work time / finished tasks / condition of items Platform to enable secure use of web services NFC Blood Glucose Meter
  12. 12. 05/05/2011 12 Under the hoodNFC first in Android 2.3. Upgraded to 2.3.3 with more features Read & Write tag P2P (limited) Device receiving the data must support NDEF push protocol, which is optional for Android devices. Secure Element (embedded / Single Wire Protocol UICC) Keys for embedded element (no info released) SWP in hardware, not yet in software
  13. 13. 05/05/2011 13 Under the hood IIPackages:android.nfc High level classes to interact with local device’s NFC adapter, to represent discovered tags and to use NDEF data Classes to query properties and perform I/O operations on a tag
  14. 14. 05/05/2011 14 TipsAntenna location affects user experience and software designThe communication speed has effect on user experience. Maximumdata rate is 424 kbits/sDo people know how to use NFC? Do they know it works by touch? If they do, how they know when to touch tag/phone? Teach the user at least in the first time?Application can start by touching a tag. Try to use that if it suits yourapplication Proved that users like thatWe have been using mostly Mifare 1k tags in our experimentsThe Catch: Easy User Interface!
  15. 15. 05/05/2011 15 Android as a platformGoogle has Android Market, Checkout, Places, Maps, Ads… Secure: Checkout (payment), Places (coupons) Open: Android Market, Maps, …First NFC phone available backed up with ecosystem = Lucrative for developers61 hits for NFC at Android Market (remember reduce the ~6National Football Club applications…)
  16. 16. 05/05/2011 16Thank you!For more information Vili Törmänen Mobile Contactless Services web page
  17. 17. 05/05/2011 17VTT creates business fromtechnology