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Varrow Madness Sneak Peek


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Make sure to attend Varrow Madness - a one of a kind technology conference on March 20 at the Westin in Charlotte - for more details and to register.

Let me know on Twitter or via email (amiller @ varrow . com) if would like the file to send to people inside your organization.

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Varrow Madness Sneak Peek

  1. 1. March 20, 2014  Charlotte, NC
  2. 2. The Westin - Charlotte
  3. 3. • 30 Sponsors - Most Ever! • Over 700 registrants – Up 57% over last year this time! • Leading Industry Speakers • BYOD/Hang Space with labs from VMware and EMC • Genius Bar – One Industry and One Varrow • Birds of a Feather Session – Lowe, Nash, Chad, Rick • 2 Keynotes • Shawn Achor – Work life balance speaker • Jeremiah Cook – 3rd Platform Shawn Achor Highlights
  4. 4. Sponsors
  5. 5. • VMware HoL’s – Project NEE • vCAC, VDI, NSX, vCOPS • EMC HoL’s - vLabs • ViPR, XtremIO, VMAX, ScaleIO • BYOD – Bring your own device! • Chill space with beanbags, charging stations, and TV’s Hands on Labs
  6. 6. Bring your toughest technical question to Varrow Madness! We will have leading industry experts at our Genius Bar! • VMware VCDX’s • Varrow Industry Experts • Cisco CCIE’s Highlights Genius Bar
  7. 7. Sean Achor Life Coach – GoodThinkInc Blog: http:// Twitter: @shawnachor Shawn Achor is the winner of over a dozen distinguished teaching awards at Harvard University, where he delivered lectures on positive psychology in the most popular class at Harvard. Shawn has become one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness and success. His research on happiness made the cover of Harvard Business Review, his TED talk is one of the most popular all time with over 4 million views, and his lecture airing on PBS has been seen by millions. Shawn teaches for the Advanced Management Program at Wharton Business School, and collaborates on research with Yale and Columbia University. In 2007, Shawn founded GoodThinkInc to share his research with the world. Subsequently, Shawn has lectured or researched in more than 50 countries, speaking to CEOs in China, school children in South Africa, doctors in Dubai, and farmers in Zimbabwe. He has spoken to the Royal Family in Abu Dhabi, doctors at St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and worked with the U.S. Department of Health to promote happiness. Varrow Madness Session: Work Life Balance
  8. 8. Cloud Sessions The Future of Cloud Networking is VMware NSX The adoption of cloud computing technologies and operational models is changing enterprise IT. In this presentation, we'll take a technical look at why a new networking model is needed, and how VMware NSX is the right choice for that new model. And while this description sounds heavy on marketing, rest assured the presentation will have plenty of technical content. Scott Lowe, VMware Disaster Recovery: Business & Technology Both Needed Join us for an end-to-end survey of what’s involved in true Disaster Recovery — starting with determining what’s involved from a business level and continuing to technology. Andrew Miller, Varrow Powerful, Agile, and Reliable Hadoop Solutions from EMC- Technical Review Learn how a combined Greenplum HD and Isilon solution can help your organization harness your data assets to gain new insights and identify new opportunities to accelerate your business. Rob Peglar, Isilon
  9. 9. Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server In this session we will cover the “do’s” and “don’ts” of virtualizing MS SQL workloads in particular, but database and other tier 1 workloads in general. From performance optimization to backup and recovery, we will cover the entire virtual stack for MS SQL. Kyle Quinby & Tony Pitman, Varrow Should I Stay or Should I Go? Assessing Apps and Workloads for the Cloud With VMware private cloud technologies, vCHS for hybrid cloud, Amazon AWS and other public cloud offerings, there are more opportunities, and more pressure, than ever to move workloads “to the cloud”. How do you make good decisions about what to put where, when, to meet business requirements and position you for success? This session will review best practices for cloud transition planning. Paul Penny, Varrow vCHS Deep Dive What do you get when you take two VCDX’s, a small group of customers, and enough time to really kick the tires on VMware’s new cloud service offering? You get smarter! Join VMware’s Chris Colotti and he will discuss common use cases for vCHS, run through live demos, share configuration examples, and answer questions. He will also provide an update on new features that have been added to vCHS since the initial announcement and provide a preview on the forthcoming DRaaS and DaaS offerings. Chris Colotti, VMware vLab as a Service Chris Hendrick, EMC
  10. 10. IT Transformation/IT as a Service Chad Sakac, EMC SCBT’s Datacenter Relocation: A Success Story In late 2013 South Carolina Bank and Trust relocated both of their primary datacenters. The SCBT environment is predominantly virtualized on VMware vSphere and Cisco UCS, with EMC storage and critical SAN-attached mainframe systems. This session will discuss the technologies and methods SCBT used to be successful and minimize impact to their customers, and lessons learned during the process. Tony Pittman, Varrow & Chris Voravudhi, SCBT Birds of a Feather Panel One of the highest rated sessions at VMworld is coming to Charlotte! Ask The Experts LIVE! will be at Varrow Madness, hosted by VMwareTips (VCDX #21) Rick Scherer. Come ask your questions to a live panel of industry experts, which include VMware Certified Design Experts, World Famous vBloggers and people that have lived and breathed the Software-Defined Data Center. Come prepared with your questions and we hope to see you in Charlotte! Rick Scherer, EMC; Chad Sakac, EMC; Scott Lowe, Vmware; Jason Nash, Varrow & Chris Horn, Varrow
  11. 11. Mobility Sessions XenDesktop 7 – Cool New Features and Product Update If you manage XenDesktop and/or XenApp then this session is for you. We will cover all the new features of XenDesktop 7 and how it will help you in your day to day management of these environment. If you are new to XenDesktop this is also for you. Come join us to get some great information on the power of XenDesktop 7. Derek Cassese, Citrix Achieving High Availability with vSphere Metro Storage Clusters and EMC VPLEX This session will focus on the fundamentals behind what makes up a VMware configuration known as vMSC, or vSphere Metro Storage Clusters. Under pinning this configuration is EMC VPLEX, an Active/Active storage virtualization technology. The requirements and components of each will be established to build the story behind stretched clusters; the industry term for this configuration. We'll also cover some recommended practices around implementation and design, rounding out the session with deployment models and failure scenarios. Joe Kelly, Varrow Horizon Enterprise Computing In this session you'll learn deep technical insights of the VMware Horizon View™ 5.3 Reference Architecture - a validated virtual desktop solution for hosted virtual desktops. Horizon View introduced many new features such as Content-Based Read Cache (CBRC), SE Sparse disks, 10,000 desktops per vCenter Server, 3D Software and Hardware rendering and more. Hyper-Convergence is a radical paradigm shift that empowers enterprises of any size to employ the same datacenter transformations that allowed companies like Google, Facebook and Ebay to achieve high performance and massive scales utilizing an efficient solution that can easily adapt to today’s dynamic business environment. Andre Leibovici, VMware
  12. 12. Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Deep Dive This technical seminar will provide a detailed discussion of Cisco’s new Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). The rapid evolution of data center architecture, driven by increasing application demands, has exposed a gap between the way applications are designed and the way they are deployed. Jim French, Cisco Managing Your Enterprise with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Use SCCM 2012 R2 to collect hardware and software inventories, push Windows Updates, automatic installation of applications, applications as a service, Operating System Upgrades from XP, Operating System Deployment (PXE boot) and imaging, control of user profile data, remote management, Endpoint Protection, Mobile Device Management and using Branch Cache. Tracy Wetherington, Varrow Image Management Solutions In A Citrix Environment MCS/PVS This session will discuss and compare the single image management technologies of MCS & PVS for deploying Citrix XenDesktop or XenApp. Attend this session to learn more about both of these technologies, how they can make you manage your Citrix environment easier and more cost-effectively and how to choose the right one for your needs. Phillip Jones, Varrow
  13. 13. XtremIO Flash is profoundly changing the enterprise data center. Much more than a way to drive more storage IOPS, flash is an enabler for entirely new storage architectures that simply were not possible in the past. In this session we’ll explore the technology inside the XtremIO all-flash array and how it uniquely leverages flash to deliver superior performance, economics, endurance and easy of use. We’ll show why XtremIO arrays are changing the landscape of VDI, virtual data centers and database applications through customer case studies. Josh Goldstein, EMC Consolidate Data and Servers without Compromising Application Performance Performance demands and WAN issues often complicate the consolidation of server and storage infrastructure. Countering the gamut of common problems, Riverbed Granite™ appliances enable you to consolidate and centrally manage remote servers and storage, streamline data protection, continue operations even during network outages, improve security, and still give end users the LAN performance they crave. Kevin Mahoney, Riverbed VMware Horizon Mirage Are you struggling to manage the physical PC endpoints in your environment? Discover how to streamline your physical desktop deployment, backup, and recovery with VMware Mirage. This session will discuss the many use cases of VMware’s newest addition to their Horizon Suite, including live demos of several key features. Thomas Brown & Luke McCleary, Varrow
  14. 14. Monitor and Support the NetScaler How to use the free tools that Citrix offers to support and monitor your NetScaler environment. Many customers aren’t aware they can use these tools to be notified when something reaches an alarm threshold is triggered. Rob Hoover & Art Harris, Varrow VMware VSAN: Deep Dive and Best Practices VSAN is a new scalable node-based software defined storage offering from VMware. Throughout the session attendees will learn the proper use cases, design recommendations, requirements, deployment and management processes and other necessary information for a successful implementation. Jason Nash, Varrow Accelerating Virtual Application Performance with PernixData FVP In this session, you will get an in-depth look (and demo) of how PernixData’s Flash Virtualization Platform can accelerate the read and write performance of your application workloads in vSphere. Charlie Gautreaux, Pernix Data & Tom Queen, Varrow
  15. 15. Infrastructure Migration Strategies – Structured Cabling Strategies for Today, Tomorrow and Beyond This session will look at emerging standards, technologies and next generation cabling infrastructure solutions to include IP sensing and lighting, in-building wireless, intelligence, and DCIM support. Steve Schmerber, CommScope Citrix XenMobile: Get Mobile Devices, Applications, and Data Under Control Join Citrix as we look closely at mobile device, application, and data management and examine XenMobile Enterprise in a technically focused, demo led webinar. Geremy Meyers, Citrix Automating vSphere Host Deployment with Image Builder and Auto Deploy Learn how to deploy stateless vSphere hosts by leveraging ESXi Image Builder, Auto Deploy and Host Profiles to customize, deploy, and configure new vSphere hosts. Covers objectives 5.1, 9.1, and 9.2 on the VCAP-DCA 5 blueprint. This two part session consists of a brief presentation giving attendees an overview of the Auto Deploy process from end to end followed by a live lab demonstration. Bill Gurling, Varrow
  16. 16. Security Sessions Vision Roadmap for EMC Data Protection and DR Mike Zolla, EMC Providing Proactive Protection Against Threats in your Network Cisco ISE (Identity Service Engine) combined with Cisco TrustSec are the winning combination in providing role based segmentation and access control from edge to the data center. The solution is unique in reducing the scope of regulatory and compliance requirements for all verticals including retail, health care and enterprises. This session explains how to tag traffic and perform security policy for BYOD, line of business segmentation and change of authorization. All achieved with the centralized and push button solution - Cisco ISE. Aaron Woland, Cisco Understand the Impact of Advanced Threats Discuss what advanced threats are, why it’s becoming main method of data exfiltration, recent trends, impact of advanced threats to corporate networks and what security controls to consider to reduce risk. Provide a lab demonstration showing a spear phishing attack and how proper security controls could prevent it. Jose Ferreira, Varrow
  17. 17. Securing Modern Data Centers with Next Generation Firewalls While organizations have gained operational flexibility and lowered DC costs by deploying virtualization solutions, the promise of a secure, agile, and flexible private cloud remains elusive. One of the key barriers is the ability to deploy security services at the same pace as compute resources without compromising the required protection. Palo Alto Networks and its partners have developed solutions to address these challenges. Jason Wessel, Palo Alto Disaster Recovery to the Cloud Compare and contrast different services for recovering Virtual Workloads in the Cloud. Products including Zerto and vCloud Hybrid Service. Best Practices. Greg Camp & Josh Williams, Varrow Hacking 2014: With No Brain, Cause A Lot Of Pain Join Laura Maio from Trend Micro, who will reveal the underground economy fuelling targeted attacks and the only defense effective at protecting against the hacking class of 2014. Laura Maio, Trend Micro
  18. 18. Application Acceleration with the Next Generation of Cisco UCS With the acquisition of WHIPTAIL, Cisco is evolving the UCS architecture by integrating data acceleration capability into the compute layer. Integrating WHIPTAIL's solid state memory systems into the computing fabric of UCS will simplify customers' data center environments by delivering the required performance in a fraction of the data center floor space with unified management for provisioning and administration. Chris Twigg, Cisco The Next Generation Security Operations Center In the face of sophisticated advanced threats, prevention is no longer the best defense. Today’s goal has to be to improve detection and remediation, in order to reduce an attacker’s ‘free time’ in your infrastructure and limit the damage they can do. In this session, you’ll receive an exclusive introduction to a new way of thinking about security monitoring and analytics; and hear directly from our specialist who’ll share his knowledge and on-the-ground experience. Carlos Bonet, Jr., RSA Preventing the Next Wave of Cyber-Attacks and Advanced Threats Understanding the current trends in the evolution of cyber-attacks is a must when protecting your users. Join Kaspersky Lab in a discussion of some of these threats along with mitigation techniques that will help you simplify protection of your environment using Kaspersky's unique protection platform. This unified platform makes it easy for you to see your risk across all your systems and endpoints, apply your policies consistently, and bring your security posture in line with your business objectives on both physical, and virtual endpoints. Jamil Mneimneh, Kaspersky DR Strategies in a Cloudy World This session will consider the costs of misalignment of DR and the business. It will explore some of the technologies available today. We will discuss how the changing technology landscape affects DR planning. Tom Cornwell, Varrow
  19. 19. Are You Ready For For more information and to register, go to: March 20, 2014  Charlotte, NC