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Zimblyeat deck : Foodtech

zimbly eat

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Zimblyeat deck : Foodtech

  1. 1. 1 © zimblyeat technologies ltd all rights reserved PAGE
  2. 2. zimblyeat is a virtual kitchen delivery platform that connects food business to an additional revenue stream. dark kitchens | food delivery | changing menus Dublin, Ireland | investors@zimblyeat.com2 © zimblyeat technologies ltd all rights reserved PAGE
  3. 3. oppor tunity. In today’s world, hospitality business need strong digital assets to succeed. the take away and food delivery industry is evolving rapidly, with restaurant owners entering a new era, involving more digital customer experience. and food business owners need to have multiple streams of revenue to sustain. 3 © zimblyeat technologies ltd all rights reserved PAGE
  4. 4. our approach is to list all facilities under the ZE platform using our branding. we curate our menus presented to the consumer weekly, therefore creating an exciting takeaway experience. 4 © zimblyeat technologies ltd all rights reserved PAGE
  5. 5. market. the online food delivery market in the UK & Ireland is a substantial market. even with the challenges ahead, our model can steer a path to capture a sizeable part of this market. 5 © zimblyeat technologies ltd all rights reserved PAGE
  6. 6. peer. we are in good company of online aggregators who hold a sizeable push in the market. 40% 20% 15% 15% 15% others 6 © zimblyeat technologies ltd all rights reserved PAGE
  7. 7. 3 online aggregator + delivery 10-20% sales commission 10-30% sales commission online aggregator food/menu of existing restaurants our own food brands, food sourced from existing kitchens + dark kitchens brand owners +online aggregator + delivery 15-50% Margins since we decide the menu pricing. 3 our model. virtual restaurant brands owned by us & partners with curated menu & pricing controlled by us -> food supply comes from the unused capacity of existing kitchen’s( restaurants/ pubs/cloud kitchen/ catering ) + our own delivery network 7 © zimblyeat technologies ltd all rights reserved PAGE
  8. 8. mark howard | CEO co-founder | Dublin, Ireland has over 20 years’ experience in Retail, eCommerce, Telecommunications, Property Services and the parking industry across the UK & Ireland. With an extensive record as a successful and action-orientated leader in fast-paced customer- centric environments, he has successfully delivered cooperate turnarounds, overseeing organisational restructuring, change management, colleague engagement improvement and acquisitions. andrine mendez | CCO founder | Dundalk, Ireland is a serial entrepreneur and marketer who has been working closely with food businesses in Ireland, launching and growing brands. he had a successful exit from his advertising agency when a French group acquired its assets in India and went on to launch a snacking brand. the team. harish pillai | COO co-founder | Texas, USA with over 20 years of international experience in the energy industry and consultancy for large corporates, Harish Pillai helps companies in raising capital, setting up, developing and transforming operations in challenging business environments in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 8 © zimblyeat technologies ltd all rights reserved PAGE
  9. 9. digital and social channels digital & social media channels are going to be the lead marketing channel we will be adopting. influence route we will be engaging with a lot of social celebrities with online pull. We would even name the restaurant’s after their name to get them part of our marketing mix. PR driven we would effectively leverage the PR/Media pull to work for us. route to market. marketing is the strong suit of the founding team. The collective experience in creating & selling other food businesses gives us a good understanding of the landscape. 9 © zimblyeat technologies ltd all rights reserved PAGE
  10. 10. curated menu we only show a curated list of limited items making customer choices simpler. changing menu’s customers will find a new menu every week making it an exciting experience every time. rewards program customers can pay for their orders with the rewards they earn from the platform. why zimbly. new revenue stream we offer business owners a new stream of revenue apart from their existing takeaway or dine-in business no additional infra/ effort our model requires no additional effort from business owners. healthy bottom line we work with limited partners meaning consistent income for our partners. b2c b2b 10 © zimblyeat technologies ltd all rights reserved PAGE
  11. 11. traction. 15 restaurant partners signed up in Bray,Swords & Malahide area 4 kitchens signed up for cold meals technology stack ready for pilot phase signed up Doorhub to manage driver network pilot phase live in Bray, Ireland 13 oct Dublin rollout with cold meals 27 oct launch mobile apps 01 dec 11 © zimblyeat technologies ltd all rights reserved PAGE
  12. 12. the plan. next 12 months as a platform, we want to offer customers two options: hot meals (live order) delivered from local kitchens within 30-40 minutes to the customer. we sign up 1-3 partner per category per 8 km radius. 1 cold meals (pre order) delivered from commercial kitchens once a week. packed & calorie counter meals are delivered via couriers or refrigerated vans to customers. 12 © zimblyeat technologies ltd all rights reserved PAGE
  13. 13. going places Ireland & the United Kingdom are our immediate markets in terms of team proximity but with Harish(co-founder#3) based in Texas, we see we could easily replicate the model in the US market as soon as we have a decent headway in the Irish/UK landscape scaling up our current model is very asset light & involves only tech scale up but we also see investing or creating a subsidiary that creates kitchen or amass expertise in creating menus or preparing food to complement our current model 2 3 2 3 1 13 © zimblyeat technologies ltd all rights reserved PAGE
  14. 14. more info. Dublin office in press business/ irish/new-virtual-kitchen- startup-aims-to- put-idle-kitchens- to-use-for- delivery-39543313.html videos © zimblyeat technologies ltd all rights reserved PAGE
  15. 15. 15 © zimblyeat technologies ltd all rights reserved PAGE