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  2. 2. WHAT ARE PRINTS?Prints are a series ofidentical images madeby transferring anoriginal image to ablock, screen, stoneor plate to producemultiples of thatimage.PRINTS AREPRODUCED INLIMITED EDITIONS . A limited edition ofprints is a signed,numbered, hand-printed series ofprints. Only anexclusive numberexist which makes
  3. 3. TYPES OF PRINTS .There are many ways toproduce multiples of animage:INTAGLIO: etching, drypoint,aquatint, etc.LITHOGRAPHY: stone blockresist.SCREEN PRINT: silkscreenor serigraph “stencil”RELIEF PRINTS : woodcut,linocut and softoleum.
  4. 4. INTAGLIOThese prints are madeby scratching andetching images intocopper or zinc plates.The metal is coatedwith bitumen (like tar).The image is scrapedinto this surface.
  5. 5. The plate is immersedin nitric acid which“bites” the lines intothe plate. Ink is rubbedinto the grooves andlines. The paper andinked plate is putthrough a press, whichpushes the paper intothe inked lines.
  6. 6. Rembrandt Stettler
  7. 7. Blackwood
  8. 8. LITHOGRAPHYThis is a complexmethod ofprintmakinginvolving a largestone block. Theimage is drawndirectly on the stonewith wax crayon.The drawn partsattract the oil-basedink and the wetstone resists theink.
  9. 9. Kollwitz
  10. 10. SCREEN PRINTFomerly known assilkscreen and serigraph,screen prints are doneusing a frame stretchedwith a fine meshpolyester. Parts of thescreen are blocked out,others are left open, likea stencil. Ink is pulledthrough the open parts ofthe screen using asqueegee. This method isoften used forcommercial applicationssuch as t-shirt printing.
  11. 11. Warhol
  12. 12. RELIEF PRINTSThese aremade bycarving into ablock androlling ink onthe surface ofthe block.What is carvedout is blank –the ink coversthe uncarvedsurface. Reliefprints can becarved intowood, linoleumor softoleum.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Hokusai Schmidt-Rotluff
  15. 15. Durer
  16. 16. White spaceis carvedout of theblock.Leavingsome linesvisible addstexture.On blacksurfaces,white linesare used todifferentiatefrom thebackground.Good printsbalancelight and Textures can be created by varying lines, patternsdark areas. and surfaces with the carving tool.