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Apps bulgaria

  1. 1. Usage of mobile Internet and mobile apps in Bulgaria Nokia Alps & South East Europe Sofia, May 11 th 2010
  2. 2. Method & Sample Study description Method Online Survey Field period 19.04. - 24.04.2010 Sample N=744, representatives for the Bulgarian online population (41%). Sample criteria: sex, age, region, education; Sample provided by Age Education Under 20 years 5% Compulsory schooling 2% 20 – 29 years 23% Apprenticeship / professional training 35% 30 – 39 years 30% A-Levels 7% 40 – 49 years 21% University 56% 50 – 59 years 15% Occupation 60 years or older 5% employed (working man / clerk) 39% Sex employed (in a leading position) 18% Male 48% self employed 9% in education (pupils) 3% Female 52% in university (students) 14% currently unemployed (Parental leave, …) / 11% looking for employment in military service / compulsory social service 1% Base: n=744 (All) Pensioner 4%
  3. 3. Sample Region Northwestern (Vidin, Vratsa, Montana, Lovech, Pleven) 11% Northern Central (Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Razgrad, 12% Russe, Silistra) Northeastern (Varna, Dobrich, Targovishte, Shumen) 14% Southeastern (Burgas, Sliven, Yambol, Stara Zagora) 10% Southwestern (Blagoevgrad, Kustendil, Pernik, Sofia 39% City, Sofia District) Southern Central (Kardjali, Pazardjik, Plovdiv, Smolyan, 12% Haskovo) Characterisation of the own (most used) mobile device Who pays for the (most used) cell phone? A fairly simple and reliable device (e.g.: Nokia 3120, 39% I pay these bills completely by myself. 82% Sony Ericsson K700) I carry more than half of those costs on my 18% 2% A classical but stylish device (e.g.: LG Chocolate) own. A device optimized for music or photo (e.g.: Sony 22% Mainly, somebody else is carrying those costs. 15% Ericsson Walkmanhandy W910i, Nokia 5700) A smartphone or device optimized for business related issues with a broad feature set (e.g.: BlackBerry 8300, 11% Nokia E71) Touchscreen Device (e.g.: Samsung Omnia, iPhone, 11% HTC G2 Magic) Base: n=744 (All)
  4. 4. Mobile Internet Usage & Billing Do you surf the web with your Mobile / smartphone? Base: n=744 (all) If yes: Is there a data package attached to your Size of the data package mobile phone contract, or have you supplemented your contract with such a package? Base: n=156 (Mobile internet user) Base: n=47 (data package sub.)
  5. 5. Optimization of the Internet user experience on mobile phones How helpful do you experience the following possibilities to improve the internet usage on the mobile phone? Base: n=156 (Imobile Internet user)
  6. 6. Barriers for using the Internet on mobile/smartphones Why don't you use the Internet access on your mobile phone? Major barriers: • Uncertainty about costs • Screen size • Perceived not useful (unnecessary) Base: n=588 (Non-mobile Internet user)
  7. 7. Usage of mobile apps • 28% of the respondents have already used mobile apps • App user have installed 8,5 Apps in average on their device. • 13% of the app users have already bought charged apps. Favourite Categories Base: n=179 (Mobile app installer)
  8. 8. Apps Sources From what sources have you downloaded your Apps in the past? (aided, multiple responses possible) Base: n=179 (Mobile app installer)
  9. 9. Reasons for using specific app stores Why have you decided for a specific AppStore? (aided, multiple responses possible, Top 5) Basis: n=179 (Mobile app installer)
  10. 10. Information sources for apps What sources inform you about mobile applications? (aided, multiple responses possible) Base: n=179 (Mobile app installer)
  11. 11. App wishes Please choose those companies / brands that you would like to see an app by / for. We presented a list of brands and companies. Here is shown, how many respondents asked for companies and brands of the following branches: • Current health insurance status (active coverage) • Local news, international news, weather forecast, TV program • new movies, current movie program, ticket reservation • Bus/train schedule, tickets/reservation, rerouting / delays • E-mail check up, e-mail notification, news/weather, icq access • Bill payment via mobile • Flight schedule, flight reservations, price info, delays • Real time scores, betting on the mobile, sports news • Parcel tracking, prices, delivery ordering • Delivery ordering, menu • Finance news, stocks info Base: n=744 (All)
  12. 12. Ovi Store Ecosystem Bulgaria Developer Marketing-Agency CONSUMER Company Content Partner own media
  13. 13. Nokia App Forum Nokia App Forum in Sofia 13th April Nokia Call4Mobile Applications -> 30th June
  14. 14. Thank you!