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Titans & greek gods


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Titans & greek gods

  1. 1. The Titans Kronos RheaHestia Hades Demeter Poseidon Hera ZeusKronos and Rhea were brother and sister, and they had six children together.Because he had killed his own father, Kronos became paranoid that his childrenwould try to overthrow him, so he decided to eat them. His wife, Rhea, saved theiryoungest child, Zeus, by feeding Kronos a stone wrapped in a blanket instead. Thechildren kept growing inside of Kronos because they were gods. When Zeus wasgrown, he forced his father to free his siblings (by making him throw-up), and thenthey did in fact overthrow Kronos and the Titans to become the ruling gods!
  2. 2. In Chapter 2, entitled “Three Old Ladies Knit the Socks of Death,” Percy Jackson has his first encounter with the Fates. The Fates decide a person’s destiny. There are three Fates. The first is Clotho, the spinner, who spins the thread of life. The second is Lachesis, the measurer, who chooses someone’s lot in life, and measures off how long it will be. The third is Atropos, the snipper, who cuts the thread of life.Image Source: Source:
  3. 3. MountOlympus is an actual The major godsmountain in and goddesses, Greece. also known as the twelve Olympians, lived In Mount Zeus palaceOlympus is also on its peak. the mythical home of the Greek gods. Mt olympus Source:
  4. 4. Zeus After leading his brother and sister gods in a revolt against their parents, the Titans, Zeus became the unquestioned ruler of the Heavens. His feared weapon is the Thunderbolt, and his palace on Mount Olympus is a place of peace, where all gods are welcome. Zeus is the husband of the goddess HERA, but its not in his nature to be faithful. Time and time again, he enters into disastrous affairs with other goddesses, nymphs, and mortal women. Zeus is the all-father. Almost all the second generation of gods claim Zeus as their father. Many of the mortal heroes are children of the god as well. Zeus bird is the eagle.Source:
  5. 5. Poseidon Next to his brother ZEUS, Poseidon is the god the Greeks most feared. As a sea- faring people, they knew the hazards of a stormy sea. The god was known for his mood swings, violent rage one minute, calm the next--just like the waters he controlled. When there was an earthquake, the Greeks recognized it as the work of Poseidon the Earth-shaker. Poseidon was married to the Daughter of Ocean and commanded the waves with his mighty trident.Source:
  6. 6. hadesHades is not a villain. He is cold andcalculating. He keeps to himself, only showingup in myth when he is sought out. Hades ismore a recluse than anything else.After the gods defeated the Titans, Hadeswas presented with a helmet of invisibilityand given the Underworld to rule.He has little to do with mortals lives. Theirdeaths are a different story. Hades is notDeath himself; in other words he is notresponsible for deciding when mortals die,but he does preside over funeral rights and hedefends the rights of proper burials.Hades Roman name Pluto came from theGreek word for wealth. The god wasconsidered rich because of all the preciousmetals that are found beneath the earth.Source:
  7. 7. Athena According to one tale, Athena was not actually born, but sprang fully-grown from ZEUS head. This is symbolic of her distinction as Goddess of Wisdom. Athenas animal was the wisest of birds, the owl. As the leader of the Virgin Goddesses, those who will never marry, Athena refuses to let any man to be her master. When a new city-state was founded, there was a contest between Athena and her uncle POSEIDON over who should be its patron god. The competition was fierce. To win the people over to his side, Poseidon formed the first horse from the crest of a wave. In order to one-up his gift, Athena created the bridle, a tool man could use to subdue Poseidons creation. Since her gift was the wiser, the city chose Athena as their patron goddess. From this point on the city-state was called Athens.Source:
  8. 8. dionysusDionysus was the only god to have amortal parent.Dionysus was a two-sided god. On oneside, he is the gentle planter of the vine.On the other, he is a wild drinker,inspiring his followers to misbehave.Satyrs, half-men half-goat creatures,were said to be friends of Dionysus.Athens dedicated its springtime dramafestival to the god, therefore he is thegod of the theatre.Source:
  9. 9. Hermes Hermes, the most mischievous and clever of the gods, also served a guide of dead souls to the Underworld. Hermes was one of the youngest gods and showed his ability to cause both trouble and delight at an early age. His brother Apollo presented Hermes with a magical sleep-inducing staff called the Caduceus. Once ZEUS realized his young son would cause nothing but trouble if his mind werent constantly occupied, he gave him with the job of Olympian Messenger. He was given a winged cap and sandals to assist him in his duties.Source:
  10. 10. aresAres is the cruelest member of theOlympians, hated by all (even hismother, HERA).This god is known for his ruthlessnesswhen he has the upper-hand and hiscowardice when the tides turn againsthim.Even the Greeks disliked this terriblegod.There were no temples to Ares inancient Greece.Source:
  11. 11. aphrodite Aphrodite was so lovely that the Greeks couldnt imagine her being born in the usual way. Instead she sprang from the white beauty of the sea foam. In an odd arrangement, this most beautiful goddess was married to the only ugly Olympian, HEPHAESTUS, the deformed forge god. Gods and mortal men found her charms simply irresistible. Whenever on business abroad, Aphrodite was pulled through the sky by a swan-drawn cart. The swan and the dove were both symbols of her grace.Source:
  12. 12. apolloGreeks loved Apollo and called him the"most Greek of all the gods".He, above all others, represented the idealman: handsome, athletic, intelligent,talented, and good Apollo became the God of the Sun and histwin sister, ARTEMIS, is Goddess of theMoonThe lyre is Apollos instrument, as he is themaster musician.Apollos tree is the laurel.A wreath of laurels was awarded in Greeceto those who won a contest of poetry.Source:
  13. 13. artemis Artemis is often called upon by maidens who want nothing to do with men. Artemis was also the twin sister of APOLLO and revered as the Goddess of the Moon. At times her different duties contradict one other. Even though she is a hunter of animals herself, she often demands that mortals pay for killing defenseless beasts. In the most famous case, she demands that a Greek army offer her a human sacrifice in apology for trampling a family of rabbits. She asks for the life of the generals young daughter, a maiden. This is strange behavior for the protector of maidens.Source:
  14. 14. demeter Demeter,was the Goddess of Agriculture (or the Harvest). The Greeks felt a strong connection to her because she was responsible for providing them with their food and work in the fields. Demeter was one of the few gods who did not reside on Olympus. She lived on earth, where she could be close to those who needed her most. Demeters existence was bittersweet. In the fall and winter, she mourned her daughter, PERSEPHONE. Only during the spring and summer was she truly happy.Source:
  15. 15. persephonePersephone was the daughter of ZEUSand his sister DEMETER, the Goddess ofthe Harvest.She is the Goddess of the Springtime.One day while Persephone wasgathering flowers, HADES spied her inthe meadow.Not wasting a second, he drove histeam of coal-black steeds up throughthe earth and pulled her into his chariot.Back in the Underworld, Hades forcedher to be his queen.Source: