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The Rise of Maker Movement in Indonesia


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I was invited to deliver a speaking in ASEAN Makerthon sharing session. Here's my keynote about The Rise of Maker Movement in Indonesia.

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The Rise of Maker Movement in Indonesia

  1. 1. The Rise of Maker
 Movement in Indonesia MCMC, Malaysia, Sept 8. 2017
  2. 2. Disclaimer English is not my mother tongue. bear with me…
  3. 3. | a at dycode dot com | Andri Yadi
  4. 4. initiator CEO ambassador
  5. 5. Proudly coder for 
 19 years ASM, QBasic, Pascal, c, C++, Java, PHP, Bash, C#, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Objective-C, Swift .NET, Qt/QML, Java ME/EE/SE, Android SDK, iOS SDK, Node.js ARM MBED, ESP-IDF, Arduino/Wiring
  6. 6. When I was little… I have a problem
  7. 7. I wanted one of this…so I made it
  8. 8. The principle - electromagnetic
  9. 9. The Basic My 3rd grade science textbook taught me this
  10. 10. What if? What happen if I connect the (short) wire to the mains (AC) electricity? Spectacularly short-circuit! 
 …and I did that, when I was a little. Causing blackout for the whole village :)
  11. 11. Moral story I tried to make something albeit my limited knowledge, and eventually broke thing
  12. 12. That’s me.. 28 years ago
  13. 13. Now, you canjust
 Google it…
  15. 15. We are creatures who need to make - Frank Bidart
  16. 16. Man is a tool maker, has the ability to make a tool to amplify the amount of inherent ability that he has… - Steve Jobs
  17. 17. “There is something calming or reassuring or relaxing that happens when you build something with your hands. You’ve just made something bigger than yourself You’re not just being a consumer anymore.” - Andrew Sliwinski, as quoted in the New York Times (2011)
  18. 18. Baking Brewing Sewing Welding Wood-working Sculpturing Programming Computer-aided Designing Electronics Robotics 3D Printing IoT Data Making A nalog D igital
  19. 19. I won’t talk about how to be entrepreneurDisclaimer Focus my talk on “electronics” making
  20. 20. REMEMBER THIS?
  21. 21. OR THIS?
  22. 22. Early computers are BUILT BY MAKERS, for makers or hobbyist
  23. 23. Where did it begin?
  24. 24. circa 2005
  25. 25. Initial Arduino Team
  26. 26. Arduino = Open source prototyping platform
  27. 27. Boards
  28. 28. IDE & Programming “Language”
  29. 29. ORG 0H MOV A, #55H BACK: MOV P1, A ACALL DELAY CPL A SJMP BACK DELAY: MOV R1,#0FFH AGAIN: DJNZ R1, AGAIN RET END void setup() { pinMode(LED_BUILTIN, OUTPUT); } void loop() { digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, HIGH); delay(1000); digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, LOW); delay(1000); } VS BEFORE ARDUINO AFTER ARDUINO LED BLINKING
  30. 30. Raspberry Pi
  31. 31. Self service Using only
 Raspberry Pi 3 Prototype by DycodeX
  32. 32. Initial Arduino Team 1st open source 
 3D Printer
 RepRap 2005
  33. 33. 2014
  34. 34. 2005
  35. 35. 2013
  36. 36. Welle Maker’s products made into Production BuzzBox Sonnet Tertill
  37. 37. WHY MATTERS?
  38. 38. EDUCATION especially S.T.E.A.M
  39. 39. HOW DO YOU Explain Sine Wave/Oscillation to 
 Elementary School Student? a simple case…
  40. 40. “Visualize” sine waves with LEDs
  42. 42. And a Bit of Code & HELP of Software TOOL
  43. 43. By ±30 minutes active learning activity, you’ll get: Learn Math & Physics Learn Electronics Learn Programming Physical activity USING THIS SETUP + Bonus: FUN!
  45. 45. *I know it’s ugly, but functional. from this…
  46. 46. …to this by DycodeX
  47. 47. Now, to this… ESPectro32 by DycodeX
  48. 48. Magic Printer
 From this… by DycodeX
  49. 49. …to this by DycodeX
  50. 50. TECHNOPRENEURSHIP lead to…
  51. 51. Things Connectivity People & Processes Data Data Internet of Things (Sensors, actuators, MCU/MPU, network, energy, firmware) (PAN, LPWAN, Cellular) (IoT Cloud, Machine Learning, AI) the driver into…
  52. 52. Indonesia Source: movement-dan-product-development-di-indonesia
  53. 53. INDONESIA STARTED LATE but it’s OK
  54. 54. Students
 (college, vocational school - mostly for assignments & final projects) Hobbyists Professionals Startups Industrials Indonesian Makers
  55. 55. By Procode S.T.E.A.M Education Procode archives Informal
  56. 56. Procode archives
  57. 57. with Makers Family They’re Sparky & Bear Homeschool
  58. 58. *Disclaimer: I personally have no affiliation with it One of the pioneers in Indonesia Maker Movement since 2013
  59. 59. *Disclaimer: I have no data of all players in Indonesia yet. Sorry if you’re not listed. And I’m talking about electronics maker-related players Indonesia Indonesia some Communities… Makers.ID
  60. 60. Some Hardware Kit Suppliers and many more….
 on Tokopedia & Bukalapak *obviously, I don’t know all suppliers yet. Sorry if you not listed. Depoinovasi Bluino Toko Maharaja Pi Electronics
  61. 61. Some Indonesia IoT Players Bluino and more…. *obviously, I don’t know all Indonesia players yet. Sorry if you not listed. X-Igent by DyCode
  62. 62. NO YET hopefully soon?
  63. 63. Few Making/IoT-theme challenges and hackathons
  64. 64. circa Sept 2016 I’ll focus on…
  65. 65. ENABLING MAKER MOVEMENTin Indonesia
  66. 66. An Indonesia Platform for Maker: 
 to “democratize” knowledge, hardware kit, and software to help makers to start making in hardware. To drive into Internet of Things Disclosure: it’s initiated by DycodeX
  67. 67. Learning Shop Community Software Projects, tutorials, videos, news,
 professional trainings Hardware marketplace from Maker for Maker: kits, devboards, maker tools IoT Cloud infrastructure, software 
 libraries, sample code Offline meetups, seminars, training/hands-on, competitions
  68. 68. Hardware is hard!
  69. 69. Makestro Learn
  70. 70. Harware Kits on Makestro Shop
  71. 71. Latest addition: ESPectro32 by DycodeX
  72. 72. Provided Libraries/Examples
  73. 73. by DycodeX by BLUINO by ProcodeCG Makestro Shop = Marketplace for Makers
  74. 74. More DycodeX’s creations LoRa HAT LoRa Shield ESPectro DevBoard LoRa backpack Motor backpack A/C control backpack ESP32 breakout Alora Sensor Kit ESPectro Base Rainbowrd
 DevBoard Magic Button LoRa gateway HAT LoRa gateway Tracker (Cellular) Tracker (LoRa)
  75. 75. Makestro Cloud Maker-friendly IoT Cloud
  76. 76. Makestro Cloud - Dashboard
  77. 77. Community Events
  78. 78. 5Workshops & Classes 20+Seminars/Conferences for just 1 year since Makestro initiated
  79. 79. Latest event
  80. 80. Organized by Supported by Collaboration result of Indonesia & Malaysia
  81. 81. 400Seminar participants 80Hackathon Proposals 30Hackthlete teams 5Cities Road to RIoT 20Speakers & Topics 8months in the making
  82. 82. As collaboration result: Designed by DycodeX, in Bandung, Indonesia
 Manufactured by Cytron in Penang, Malaysia Custom Hardware Kit for RIoT Hackathon *
  83. 83. …is here today, to compete in this ASEAN Makerthon RIoT Hackathon Winner: AIM
  84. 84. Indonesia Maker Scene is on the rise & exciting
  85. 85. Indonesian Makers is looking forward to collaborate with you
  86. 86. What will you make TODAY? So…
  87. 87. makestroid makestroid makestroid
  88. 88. | IoT & maker movement enabler