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Intro to Windows Azure Media Services


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Using this slides to introduce Windows Azure Media Services to 100s students of SMK Padjajaran, an IT vocational school.

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Intro to Windows Azure Media Services

  1. 1. intro to Windows Azure Media Services for mere mortals
  2. 2. andri yadiCEO of DyCodeMicrosoft Most ValuableProfessional (MVP)Nokia DeveloperChampion
  3. 3. how to serve this huge views?
  4. 4. 2012 London Olympics17 days of broadcastingfirst big event broadcasted live from the cloud2200 hours of broadcast videoviewed on web and mobile devices
  5. 5. using this?
  6. 6. use this!
  7. 7. Azure Media ServicesThe cloud platform for managingand distributing media to anyscreen, anywhere.
  8. 8. Media Services
  9. 9. demo of setting upMedia Services
  10. 10. workflow
  11. 11. before you start...if you don’t see the menu, you shouldopt-in for Preview. it’s free for now :)
  12. 12. creating...
  13. 13. uploading...
  14. 14. choose file, either from computer or storage account
  15. 15. publishing...
  16. 16. publishedpublishing URL
  17. 17. Q&A
  18. 18. DyCode @dycode @andri_yadi