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Ancient Roman Mythology PPT


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Option 1 for the Roman Menu Projects.

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Ancient Roman Mythology PPT

  1. 1. ANCIENT ROMAN MYTHOLOGY By Andrey Marsavin
  2. 2. Juno (Hera) Being the wife and at the same time the sister of Jupiter, Juno was the goddess of women and childbirth. The Greek name for Juno is Hera.
  3. 3. Jupiter (Zeus) Being the main king of all gods, Jupiter was also the god of thunder and lightning. The Greek name for Jupiter is Zeus.
  4. 4. Minerva (Athena) Minerva was the goddess of war and crafts. In Greece, Minerva was called Athena, also being the mother goddess of the city of Athens.
  5. 5. Neptune (Poseidon) Neptune was the god of the seas. His original Greek name is Poseidon.
  6. 6. Vulcan (Hephaestus) Vulcan was the god of forges and craftsmen. His Greek name was Hephaestus, but the Roman’s renamed him to Vulcan, which is where the word “Volcano” comes from.
  7. 7. Ceres (Demeter) Ceres was the Roman goddess of agriculture. Her name in Greece was Demeter.
  8. 8. Mars (Ares) Mars was the main god of war in Ancient Rome. In Ancient Greece, he was called Ares.
  9. 9. Apollo Apollo was the god of three things: the sun, healing and prophecy. The Romans did not change his name from the original mythology of Ancient Greece.
  10. 10. Mercury (Hermes) Mercury was the god of trade and thieves. He was also Jupiter’s messenger. His name comes from the Greek, Hermes.
  11. 11. Venus (Aphrodite) Venus was the daughter of the two oldest Roman Gods, Uranus and Gaea. She was known to be the goddess of love and beauty. In Ancient Greece, Venus was called Aphrodite.
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