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Password Recovery Tools


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Published in: Technology
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Password Recovery Tools

  1. 1. Password Recovery Solutions Andrey Belenko Security Researcher, CISSP  
  2. 2. More  than  15  years  in  Password  Recovery   Agenda  About us  Types of passwords  Hardware acceleration  Distributed password recovery  QQ passwords  iPhone/iPod/iPad backup passwords
  3. 3. More  than  15  years  in  Password  Recovery   About us   Established in 1990, privately held   Based in Moscow, Russia   Resellers worldwide   Customers from Fortune 500, military and governmental institutions   Patent-pending technologies (GPU acceleration, Thunder Tables)   100+ file formats supported h0p://  
  4. 4. Industry Certified and Acknowledged   Microsoft Gold Certified Partner   Intel Software Partner   NVIDIA Registered Developer   Member of the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP)   Member of the Russian Cryptology Association (RCA)
  5. 5. Password Protection Types "   Reversible passwords transformation Instant recovery
  6. 6. Instant Recovery
  7. 7. Password Protection Types "   Reversible passwords transformation Instant recovery "   One-way password transformation Can reset password
  8. 8. Password Reset
  9. 9. Password Protection Types "   Reversible passwords transformation Instant recovery "   One-way password transformation Can reset password "   Encrypted documents Break encryption Guess password
  10. 10. Breaking Encryption
  11. 11. Password Guessing
  12. 12. Password Guessing
  13. 13. Problems •  «Salt» – Rainbow tables don’t work •  Strong crypto – Key search attacks not possible •  Iterated transformations – Trying password takes longer Key is to test smart and fast!
  14. 14. How to Increase Speed? So-ware   •  No  special  hardware   OpFmizaFon   •  Limited  speedup  (10-­‐20%)   Special   •  Convenient  to  use   Hardware   •  Not  very  cost-­‐effecFve   Common   •  Cost-­‐effecFve   Hardware   •  Might  require  user  experFse   Distributed   •  Scalable   compuFng   •  Difficult  to  manage  
  15. 15. Supported Hardware GPU: • NVIDIA GeForce • NVIDIA Tesla • ATI Radeon • ATI FireStream
  16. 16. Supported Hardware Tableau TACC1441 (FPGA)
  17. 17. Performance (WPA) 2x  TACC1441   29000   TACC1441   14500   HD5970   103000   GTX  480   30000   GTX  295   22000   Core  i7  920   4000   0   20000   40000   60000   80000   100000   120000   Passwords  per  Second  
  18. 18. Distributed Password Recovery Server LAN Controller Internet/WAN Workers
  19. 19. Distributed Password Recovery •  Needs little traffic and bandwidth •  Can work over LANs and WANs •  Scales (almost) linearly with number of nodes •  Workers can join and leave •  Nodes can use hardware acceleration
  20. 20. QQ Passwords •  Password is not stored in clear •  QQ 2005 stores MD5 hash •  QQ 2009 stores encrypted MD5 hash –  Encryption key depends on hardware •  Can extract hash and run password recovery •  Use any tool for cracking MD5 •  Demo
  21. 21. iPhone Backup Passwords •  100 millions iPhone/iPod touch/iPad sold •  iTunes backs up device regularly •  Backup contains lots of valuable info –  Contacts, call logs, SMS, e-mail accounts –  Photos –  Location history –  Application files (cleartext password)
  22. 22. iPhone Backup Passwords •  Device can encrypt backups •  Need original password to decrypt •  Not same as passcode! Elcomsoft & Oxygen provide solution for handling encrypted backups!
  23. 23. iPhone Password Breaker •  Supports iPhone/iPod touch/iPad backups •  Supports iOS 4 and iTunes 9.2 •  Wordlist and bruteforce attacks •  Hardware acceleration with NVIDIA and ATI GPUs and Tableau TACC1441 •  Use Oxygen Forensic Suite to decrypt and analyze
  24. 24. Thank You!