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Cyprus 2007

  1. 1. Auntie Cynthia is going to go mad about me!<br />Cyprus 2007<br />KATO PAFOS<br />05th - 26th August<br />
  2. 2. DAY 1 SUNDAY – ‘DEPART TO THE AIRPORT!’<br />We set off early! Dad had to get a special lead for the video camera. So, we stopped off at PC World in ‘Shirley’ (9 miles from Birmingham International Airport). We also popped into Sainsbury’s (STARVING!) for some sandwiches & orange juice whilst we waited for the computer shop to open. Then we set off for the airport!<br />Parked the car with surprising ease! Whilst we walked to bus stop 8 we were all singing ‘Where is de bus?’...everybody was so excited! 3 weeks of holiday coming up!!<br />Arrived at Departures and made our way to desk 68 (Air Malta) and checked in with no queues to speak of...we were allocated row 19, seats C, D, E & F.<br />The flight was on time and off we went!<br />OK Emmy, so you have a new camera...<br />Snow?!<br />D’u mind?<br />Cheeeeese<br />
  3. 3. DAY 2 MONDAY – ‘WE ARE SETTLING IN’<br />We arrived at ‘Dianna 33’ apartment at 21:30 hrs...the night before & Mummy unpacked everything. The kids were so excited they didn’t go to bed like they should have...<br />Now back to day 2...he kids were up at stupid o’clock so we all got dressed. First job was to find a supermarket to get the essentials. We headed off on uncle Ray’s magical mystery tour: “At the first set of lights turn left 300 metres on your right...” Who invented the term “Ambiguous” ? It is a very valid word!Anyway in pursuit of the supermarket we ended up at Coral Bay for a lovely full English!<br />Ooh! Forgot to mention we tried nicking a car! We knew the car was a red Honda but were somewhat bamboozled by the fact that there were two identical cars! Pot luck could have had us done for car theft! We told Dave about this the next day (the owner of the other Honda) and he laughed!<br />Back at the ranch Emmy and Freddie were desperate to don the swimming gear and make a splash in the apartment pool. We had the pool to ourselves all day which was probably for the best!<br />A quick lunch out at not one of our better choices of restaurant proved too much for tired-out Freddie and we hastily headed for home. Emmy, Freddie and Dad slept for 4 hours whilst Mum did the washing up, sorting out, washing, blah blah blah (nothing new there then!)<br />We all refreshed with a shower before going out for a walk along Tomb of the Kings Road with the intention to grab a few more essentials. But this is the Whybrow’s holiday & we predictably succumbed to the allure of the good food vibes at ‘Oliveto’. Even the kids appreciate good nosh & Emmy thanked the waiter for “The best pasta and ice cream she has ever had”! <br />
  4. 4. DAY 2 MONDAY – ‘PICTURES HIGHLIGHTS’ <br />Wreck is still there Gramps. “Aaaagh! Crocodile’s in the pool” says Emmy. “That’s not a Croc Emmy!” says Fred “It’s a Tyrannosaurus!”<br />Nice pose Emmy! A washing basket has fallen out of the sky and landed right on Mum’s head! Sleep kiddies! Dad, you have caught the sun? and you need to stop going to the Military stores for your menswear,- it’s embarrassing... <br />
  5. 5. DAY 3 TUESDAY – OPERATION – ‘FIND SUPERMARKET’<br />We got up at 08:45 after a lovely sleep. Time for Mummy to keep her hand in with the washing machine!<br />Last night we made plans as to what to do today but Emmy had other ideas - she wanted to go swimming before we executed day 3’s plans...<br />Dad started the car to get some ‘petrolina’ (18 pounds worth at the AGIP garage opposite) whilst ¾ of the family were swimming.<br />We headed off on the Whybrow’s tour to find a supermarket! Within 25 minutes we stumbled across ‘Carrefour’ and we stocked up on the vitals and drove back to the apartment to offload our goods and luncheon on the balcony. <br />Not wanting to deviate too much from our usual standard of holiday we decided to suss out the 5 star Venus Beach Hotel The pool was quite good but tasted like sun cream! And it was typically “fight for a sun bed” which made us grateful for our little private pool. <br />Venus beach was lovely with some real breakers going on. Emmy and Freddie loved it. Mummy sat on the shore with waves lapping over her legs but the idyllic moment was lost when it turned out to be no more that an vicious exfoliation of her nooks and crannies!<br />We then dried off and went to Joanna’s opposite for a bite to eat. Emmy loved it in there. The Cypriot lady loved her. Emmy learned “Thank you” in Greek – “Ef Haristo!”<br />We then went back to the apartment for a few games and a night in (we know how to live!)<br />
  6. 6. DAY 3 TUESDAY – ‘PICTURES HIGHLIGHTS’<br />She 'ad A Lovely Pair o' Coconuts,Bountiful, and standin' pert n' highBig ones, Oh yeah...Just as big as yer 'ead‘ Couldn't be missed, top o' the list. A real show piece, I said<br />What a lovely pair of coconuts! Mother is doing the housework and Emmy needs to improve on her diving skills... ..good catch Fredz!<br />
  7. 7. DAY 3 TUESDAY – ‘PICTURES HIGHLIGHTS’ <br />1920’s look!<br />Modern look!<br />I knew those Star Wars films were good training...Fred's is using ‘THE FORCE’ to hold back the sea! Emmy is just being Emmy and posing for some great shots!<br />The crime scene! 5 star Venus Beach Hotel (and Joanna's opposite, this becomes legendary... ...with Emmy)<br />
  8. 8. DAY 4 WEDNESDAY – ‘NOT SURE WHAT TO DO’... <br />Egg on toast x 3 for brekkie plus bran flakes and yoghurt for Mummy (trying to be good!) followed by a morning chilling in the apartment and contemplating the remainder of the day. <br />Freddie wanted a swim in the pool so off we went before lunch on the balcony and heading off for Coral Bay in the afternoon.<br />Coral Bay was glorious. It was busy with people having a good time but we found a quiet spot. Emmy and Freddie made sandcastles with their bare hands whilst Mummy baked her baps! <br />After a swim in the waves, we grabbed a quick drink before heading back to meet the neighbours and have another quiet family night in with daddy’s spaghetti (Freddie can’t wait to go out for dinner tomorrow to show off his shirt and tie!)<br />
  9. 9. DAY 4 WEDNESDAY – ‘PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS’<br />Nice Pose...<br />Coral Bay, FW being scary, AW and the nippers. Emmy <br />thinking too much about the size of... <br />Mummy with babies.<br />Babs!<br />
  10. 10. DAY 4 WEDNESDAY – ‘PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS’<br />A perfect 10 scores the judges!<br />‘Synchronised sleeping should be in the Olympics’<br />
  11. 11. DAY 5 THURSDAY ‘BRING INTO THE LIGHT, PAFOS’<br />After another lengthy swim in the pool (kids favourite morning pastime) and the obligatory chat with the downstairs neighbours we decided to head off for The Harbour.<br />After parking the car and heading for the Marina we took a leisurely stroll. We were quite annoyed by the offers from the restaurateurs to dine...typical intimidation we are all accustomed to nowadays...<br />We stopped off for a quick at the drink at the Marina bar/restaurant and the kids loved watching the antics on the harbour driving boards...<br />Not to be deterred by the intimidation, we proceeded to the end of the Marina and back again. Then we decided (always part of the plan) to pay 10 Cypriot pounds to visit the AQUARIUM. OK we could criticize this amount but ay least the fish are alive and Freddie got to shove his head in a shark’s mouth!<br />After a lengthy walk about town, we took a quiet visit to ‘RAYS’ supermarket (hurrah we found it!) to stock up on a few more essentials including some mock ‘croc’ shoes for mum and dad.<br />Now the evening...We felt the need to dine in style so made a reservation at ‘Chloe’s’ – a well regarded Chinese restaurant. It was slightly pricey but it was certainly worth it. The female staff adored Emmy and Freddie and went out of their way to help. They showed Freddie to the toilet and one had Emmy is hysterics with the comment “Water for you?” (it was the lips!) <br />
  12. 12. DAY 5 THURSDAY – ‘PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS’<br />Dad somersaulting off the Marina short pier (yeah right!). We bumped into a green Ogre down by the Marina. Emmy & Freddie are being eaten by a Shark. <br />The secret world of Pafos rooftops...<br />
  13. 13. DAY 6 FRIDAY – ‘CARRY ON CAMPING!’<br />After the usual breakfast and washing routines, we loaded the car for our journey to ‘Polis’ (North, just next to the Akamas Peninsular) to explore the beach. <br />The road took us an a rollercoaster of altitudes and scenes. We stopped for a photo shoot at one spectacular location although we didn’t have the camera handy when the road effectively ‘ran out’! No we didn’t go over the edge – the tarmac just finished (on a major road!) Nice journey though.<br />When we arrived at the beach we could not help but think we found the perfect holiday for Gary and Anne. Guaranteed weather, perfect for the avid camper. Maybe it’s not Anne’s scene though as toilets were provided. There were even jammin’ hippies at no extra cost (dreadlocks n all!)<br />Back to OUR holiday...the kids had a great time in the sea. Once brave enough to go out beyond their comfort zone, there was no stopping them. We also bumped into our apartment neighbours which was weird.<br />We drove back along a different route (B7) which was much faster as it cut through the high ground. We returned for our usual dip in the pool and chat with ‘Mr Downstairs’ before showering for dinner. Andrew caught up with the cricket at ‘Joannas’ (getting to be a common occurrence) when along came the trusty neighbours again!<br />We progressed to ‘Stavros and Georgia’s’ for some grub (literally!) It sparked the “You get what you pay for” conversation. First chips of the holiday though so that’s not bad. <br />Home to bed...hang on!...what’s Emmy got? Oh it’s Tim! Tim is a rock or should I say a boulder that she swiped from the beach. hmmm!<br />Freddie found one of my ticklish spots! And I was tickled to bilio.<br />
  14. 14. DAY 6 FRIDAY – ‘PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS’<br />Mum, Freddie and Dad admiring the view on the way to Polis high in the mountains. The kids are swimming in the sea with amazing ease. Dad is admiring the menu - everything comes with chips at ‘Stavros and Georgia’s’, their speciality... Hmmmm! Emmy and Fredz making a call to the Dr. (Who). Plenty of campsites if Gary and Anne wanted to come!<br />Joannas read on... 12 <br />Avid camper’s wanted. Free music.<br />
  15. 15. DAY 7 SATURDAY – ‘POOL MAINTENANCE’<br />Felt like a lazy time so we stayed around the pool. Mummy did some ‘housework’ to keep the apartment up to scratch and removed the Sahara Desert from the balcony.<br />The kids enjoyed swimming as usual. Forgot to mention yesterday that Freddie jumped into the pool laden with half of Polis beach in his pockets. This lead to a collection of stones scattered on the bottom of the pool. The pool has just been re-lined and the residence are rather protective of it. Luckily they were nice and smooth and posed no real threat but we thought we should remove them. This entailed Nic sweeping the bottom of the pool with a soft broom. It worked but was no easy feat. The broom floated and so did Nic so sweeping the bottom was a real challenge to say the least! <br />After our lazy day we showered and wandered down Tomb of the Kings Road for a bite to eat. We stopped in ‘Fathers Bar’ For a drink or for Andrew to catch up with the rugby if the truth be known. Emmy and Freddie were colouring and a woman with the owner came to join us. She wanted to copy Freddie’s colouring pictures and find out the English names for all the things she had drawn. She was autistic and Freddie and Emmy kindly shared their pictures. We was disappointed when we left to get dinner.<br />We decided to eat in ‘Tavern Avaka’ The food was ok. Emmy and I visited the restaurant loo. The men’s sounded more like a shower so we had a nosey peek around the door to find the urinal overflowing all over the already flooded floor. Back in the ladies loo I attempted to tell the Greek cleaner about the situation but she was baffled by the language barrier. I resorted to actions to demonstrate the problem which incidentally worked a treat. Emmy found my miming absolutely hilarious (bloomin’ cheek!)<br />
  16. 16. DAY 7 SATURDAY – ‘PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS’<br />‘ere, son leads us your tie! Dad was here twenty years ago & OK he did some modelling. No one's gonna call him ‘Billy big b****cks’ anytime soon! <br />
  17. 17. DAY 7 SATURDAY – ‘PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS’<br />Black tar my backside!<br />Mother (Jacques Custoue) in the pool <br />Non-Sinkable broom in pool <br />Sweeping with extreme difficulty underwater. This is taking the phrase “forever sweeping up after the kids” to the extreme!<br />After a hard day driving for ‘precious jewels’ the girls have a cuddle<br />
  18. 18. DAY 8 SUNDAY – ‘EARS NOSE & THROAT’<br />Dad went to the hospital and saw a specialist for ENT (ears nose throat) then after the treatment Dad took a disgusting picture of what was inside of his ear, yuck! <br />We was in the pool while dad was at hospital & Dave and his wife chatted to Mum and Dad just after Dad returned (doesn't surprise me) while Emmy and Freddie played in the pool.<br />Popped down to Coral Bay for some Lunch. (“Everything comes with chips!”) Ate at Seriani Restaurant. Charged us full price for Freddie’s spaghetti Bolognese (not kids price) so we wont be returning in a hurry or leave a tip!<br />Spent the afternoon at the pool reading, colouring and swimming before showering and sprucing up for a jaunt to the Harbour for “us dinner”. We ate at the ‘Captain’s View’ accompanied by the Cyprus’ answer to Chaz n Dave. Emmy was very tired so we returned to the car straight after. Spend a good 15 minutes making our way out of the mayhem in the car park and returned ‘home’ for beddy-byes. <br />
  19. 19. DAY 8 SUNDAY – ‘THE SUBSTANCES THAT WERE REMOVED!’<br />Unfortunately the pictures were not of pleasant viewing therefore these have been removed i.e. Dr. Antoniades Surgery and what came out of Andrew’s ear.<br />YUK!<br />
  20. 20. DAY 9 MONDAY – OPERATIONS CP & LUNA <br />The day began optimistically that the pool cleaner would have cleared the remaining Polis beach remnants from the pool. Alas this was not the case. The ‘bits had just been swept in to a tidy pile at the bottom of the deep end! Doh! So guess what? – yep muggins (Nic) had to go broom diving once more. Once the operation was completed we moved on to Luna Park as planned after calling Dad for directions. Ray’s were actually quite accurate so we found it with no problem at all.<br />Luna Park was great with a nice beach and shallow sea for the children to play. Emmy and Freddie excelled their own expectations once more by going out quite far to climb on the rock barrier. Daddy climbed with them for quite a while. Later Mummy agreed to take Emmy and Freddie back to the rocks but was freaked out by the barrier of sea weed next to the rocks! <br />We had the best meal of the holiday so far in the restaurant there. Freddie had about 10 fish fingers, Emmy had about the same number of chicken nuggets and Mummy and Daddy had sea bass (beautiful!)<br />After a great day we returned to the apartment and joined the children next door for a dip in the pool (after careful showering to remove every possible particle contracted from the beach!)<br />
  21. 21. DAY 9 MONDAY – PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS<br />Dad I’m not sure we can swim back! <br />You go first (as bait) son we’re right behind you<br />Bottom view is the view from the rocks to swim to...<br />
  22. 22. DAY 9 MONDAY – ‘PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS’<br />1.<br />3.<br />2.<br />1. Look two tree monkeys! 2. Mummy & off spring’s looking for sharks... ...3. I see no ships Fredz says Emmy. 4. Stop crying Emmy because I love you says Freddie!<br />4.<br />
  23. 23. DAY 10 – TUESDAY. CONQUERING ALL FEARS!<br />We decided to have breakfast out (at the harbour) on our way to Aphrodite Water Park. We travelled light knowing that our stuff needed to be shoved in a locker and any food or drink we buy is charged to our barcode on our wristbands. A good idea in theory but a cunning way of making us pay rip off prices for food! (Cunning us though had a whacking full English on the way so we needed to ‘buy’ as little food as possible)<br />Emmy and Freddie went on some pretty ‘challenging’ slides. Emmy wanted to go down a biggie so we all went on. Mummy strategically went down first so she could be there for the kids at the bottom and Daddy went last. Mummy arrived at the bottom with bikini and contact lenses just about in tact and Freddie came bombing down seconds after. The water was only 1m at the bottom but there was a strong current designed to swirl people to the exit as they finish. Freddie forgot to stand up and got whirled in the currant. The lifeguard was on the ball and pulled him to his feet immediately. Freddie was very brave but thought he was drowning (Bless him). Emmy loved her go and went back for more! Freddie decided to give it a miss. They waited patiently on their inflatable rings in the wave pool and when the waves started Freddie fell asleep with the motion. Mummy ‘rescued’ him again. <br />Whilst waiting for the ‘big’ rides, we clapped eyes on the Olympic pool and athletics track set behind the water park. (Must check that out). We particularly liked the family raft ride and the lazy river! Emmy and Freddie also enjoyed the children’s area and we sad to leave.<br />After an exhausting day frazzling in the sun, we stopped at ‘Outback’ for dinner instead of going out later. Daddy ordered a crocodile burger! Emmy and Freddie played pool and air hockey whilst Mummy and Daddy chatted. <br />A quick re-stock at the supermarket before shower, cuddles and bed!<br />
  24. 24. DAY 10 – TUESDAY ‘PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS’<br />Yee-haw!<br />Whoooooooooooosh! Then, some waves!<br />
  25. 25. DAY 11 – WEDNESDAY ‘ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATION’<br />This was a hot day to go exploring as we later found out! We headed off to the site of The Ancient Odeion and lighthouse at Pafos...<br />First up was the site of the amphitheatre and surrounding ruins. Next was the ‘House of Dionysos’ (Roman Period) where the mosaics are breathtaking and housed by a special building. We took lots of pictures for future school history projects! <br />In dire need of a drink, we headed back to the car to find somewhere to eat lunch. The handy old civic was parked in Kato Pafos (Posiedonos Ave.) and we drew ‘knifes and forks’ at Phivos. Not bad grub with the usual repertoire of chips to accompany absolutely any main dish.<br />We bought Emmy a sarong and Freddie a toy cheetah then after a good walk round the ghost town (bank holiday today) we returned ‘home’ so the kids could have a dip in the pool. We have never seen it so busy! There are two more arrivals, a family (Kev, Stephanie, Jessica and Liam) and a couple (uncle Fester and fat legs). The family are good company. Our neighbouring family left today and Emmy was sad to say goodbye to her friend Lucy. <br />Dinner led us to Chloe’s for another lovely Chinese, before a quick drink in Joannas then ‘home’ .<br />
  26. 26. DAY 10 – WEDNESDAY PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS<br />Flowers indigenous to these parts. Mum & the kids (Emmy solo above) sitting on The Ancient Odeion. Bottom left are the wonderful mosaic... ... House of Dionysos’ <br />What time is Shrek on?<br />
  27. 27. DAY 12 – THURSDAY. EXPLORING THE NORTH. <br />We left after breakfast making our way up to the north of the island, as far as we could go in Greek territory. <br />We had a challenging journey from Pafos, along the coast and through the Akamas Peninsular. We rejoined civilisation and favourable conditions at Neo Chorio and continued towards Polis before bearing left through Lakki to Baths of Aphrodite. We enjoyed lunch overlooking fabulous views of the beach, coves and donkeys below before heading off to the bath itself. It was very busy which limited our viewing but we got a good enough glimpse of where the Goddess of love and beauty used to entertain men or wash her smalls.<br />We then headed back through Lakki and Polis and progressed North East along the coast to Pomos (a small village). Just beyond Pomos marked the most western point of the green line (border between Greek and Turkish occupancy). To get to the next village (Kokkina) would have meant circumnavigating the green line via treacherous roads, so we thought we’d give it a miss and stop at a virtually deserted beach just past Pomos Point, in sight of the border. <br />We were obliged to buy a bag of fruit from a very old Cypriot man with a very bad knee. And we sunbathed and played on the beach. There was a family either side of us so far away that we couldn’t tell exactly how many people there were! We stayed for an hour or so before heading back ‘home’ for a quick dip. And I forgot, when the old man kissed me he squeezed my knockers!<br />Emmy and Freddie played with Liam and Jessica in the pool whilst we chatted to Kev and Stephanie about our respective days. <br />The evening took us to Joannas. Emmy liked it here and desperately wanted Mummy and Daddy to give the food another go after we weren’t impressed last time. So we did...and we still weren’t! (sorry Emmy! It was ok but not great). Prior to Joannas, Daddy “Went for a Burton” as Dave decided to wash the steps without warning us! Injuries! Cut hand, bruised left arm and a very stiff back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
  28. 28. DAY 12 – THURSDAY ‘PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS’ <br />B<br />A. Aphrodite baths at Polis. C. The view from Aphrodite’s restaurant . D. The shore line of Pomos Point. B. If you’re UN you can go through if not, you cannot i.e. check point at Pomos Point.<br />A<br />C<br />D<br />
  29. 29. DAY 13 FRIDAY – CHILLING AT LUNA PARK<br />Emmy and Freddie were desperate to swim in the sea so shot off with their rubber rings that the Manchester family had left for them when they left on Wednesday. Within minutes Emmy had lost her friendship ring given to her by Lucy as it slid off her finger into the seaweed on the seabed . It broke her heart! After looking for it, there was no consoling her as it remained ‘lost at sea’. Mum and Dad soaked up some rays whilst watching Emmy and Freddie drift off along the coast in their rubber rings (there was a subtle breeze carrying them away). <br />It was a nice chilled day. <br />
  30. 30. DAY 14 SATURDAY – LEMESSOS<br />Today we went off to Limassol. In only 45 minutes we were there! We drove through the town just to get a feel for what is there before parking the car in the Atlantica (Nice hotel)car park and a taking a walk to find some lunch. Freddie bought a bat and ball set to play on the beach. <br />We enjoyed a yummy lunch at Castillion and Freddie instantly spotted a photo opportunity with the armoured knights. <br />We then took a stroll along the seafront (small designated beached areas) and got our swimmers from the car before gate crashing the Atlantica hotel pool. After paying £2.50 for a tiny bottle of water from the pool bar, we decided to move on. <br />Back on the beachfront we found a nice area to stop for a swim. Dad and Mum settled on the rocks whilst Emmy and Freddie played in the sea and sand for an hour before heading back to the car and ‘home’. <br />
  31. 31. DAY 14 – ‘PICTURES HIGHLIGHTS’<br />The knights suit was in the restaurant were we had lunch. Freddie posing at the Atlantica hotel pool.<br />
  32. 32. DAY 15 SUNDAY ‘LUNA PARK DODGEMS’ & ‘CHICKEN KEBAB DAVE’<br />We decided to go to Luna Park again today. <br />As we approached, Dad decided that he’s quite like a go at karting. Reluctantly Mum agreed to give him a run for his money. Emmy and Freddie watched and videoed as Mum and Dad thrashed around the track. Mum took a lap or so to get used to the track and the ‘pedals’ that were much to big for her feet before kicking his ass! (Not really – Dad had the fastest car – CUNNING!)<br />Moving on to Luna Park, we decided to stop at the grass area by the amusement arcade and snack bar. We had a drink and took Freddie on the bumper cars. Emmy did not want a go claiming that she hated them and was more than happy to watch – until she heard Freddie laughing at how he was making Mum feel sick by driving round in circles. Next go she was up there too and the four of us were laughing as we bumped and dodged each others’ cars. <br />We then played bat and ball and Freddie and Emmy shot at each other with his water new water gun which incidentally broke the same day (Pafos tat!). We really couldn’t be Mythered (Sorry – blame the O’Connells)to get all sandy so we decided to head back to the apartment pool. Dave and Alison were there having come to visit for their sneaky dip in the pool despite having moved out! (Ooh the politics!)<br />We asked Dave if he could recommend a cafe for a chicken kebab (“hmmm...Chicken KebEb...”). He wasn’t much use but did say that Tramps might be good so off we went. As it happens, he was right, it was good and quite cheap but Emmy picked up on the way Dave had changed Kebab to KebEb and she did a brilliant impression which stuck - hence Alison’s Dave became “Chicken Kebab Dave”. Being truly grown up as we are, we decided to name every one we had met on the complex, for example “Slippy Dave and Gill the forth” (Coz Dave made the stairs slippy which dad fell down and his wife Gill who was on her forth marriage!) Then of course there was Trace the Face and Uncle Fester. <br />Tramps<br />
  33. 33. DAY 15 SUNDAY ‘LUNA PARK DODGEMS’ & ‘CHICKEN KEBAB DAVE’<br />Cars don’t rust in Cyprus and nor do the dodgems...<br />
  34. 34. DAY 16 MONDAY – IT’S MAMA TIME.... <br />We had a very lazy day! Around the pool and we done some shopping in the morning.<br />Then in the evening we tasted the delights of FAT MAMAS on the Tomb of the Kings Road...<br />Pictures below (next page also) at FM’s....<br />
  35. 35. DAY 16 – PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS <br />
  36. 36. Day 17 Tuesday <br />After a lay in we wondered down Tomb of the Kings Road to book a boat trip and advanced tickets for Aphrodite Water Park. The cruise that really interested us was overpriced at £84.00 so we went for The Jolly Roger pirate cruise at a more modest £54.00. <br />The lazy day lead us into Karlina for lunch (Chicken Kebab!) where we stayed for some time while Emmy and Freddie played pool with a lad and his Dad from Devises (Wiltshire). <br />We then joined Kev, Stephanie, Jessica and Liam for the mandatory dip in the pool before heading out for a “quick bite to eat”. We tried the local bar/snack joint only to find it was riddled with “Ladies wot entertain men!” so after a quick drink and a few falls of the swing (Freddie) we plodded on to Niki’s Tavern for dinner. We laughed at Emmy’s impression of ‘Chicken Kebab Dave’s’ “Chicken Kebeb”<br />
  37. 37. DAY 17 – TAKE IT EASY... <br />A quick drink at the house of ‘ill repute’ and then Emmy was posing at Nikki’s restaurant.<br />
  38. 38. DAY 18 WEDNESDAY – ‘AHOY ME HEARTIES!’<br />We got up early doors (8.30am!); packed up for our day; ‘slip, slapped and slopped’; and caught the 09.55 coach opposite Venus Beach hotel bound for Pafos harbour where ‘The Jolly Roger’ boat awaited our arrival.<br />We set sail at 11.00. cruising along the west coast of Cyprus towards Coral Bay. We passed the shipwreck, learning that it had been grounded in a storm in March 1997. The waters were too shallow and the recovery attempt failed so there the ship from Limassol remained as a wreck. <br />Freddie was engrossed by the fighting pirates. <br />Dropping anchor in Coral Bay we admired the views and could ‘jump ship’ for a dip in the deep sea. We all decided to climb down the steps for a swim. It was lovely – so cool and clear and Mum floated with no effort at all. We then all plucked up the courage to ‘walk the plank’. Mummy went first (as usual!) and Emmy, Freddie, then Daddy followed in succession with whopper splashes! Daddy’s dive was most impressive though (Mummy was trying to preserve her contact lenses!)<br />We ate a yummy hot lunch of pasta, rice, jacket potatoes, chicken and salad for the bargain price of £3.50. Before more swimming and entertainment from pirate acrobats and a magician. <br />We then cruised back to Pafos harbour with a mix of relaxing and limbo dancing. Emmy and Freddie had their faces painted and Freddie made a little friend who he played pirates with. <br />After the return coach journey to Venus Beach Hotel we called in to Joannas for a much needed drink before returning ‘home’ for our compulsory dip in the pool. <br />We went to Barcode for dinner and received the cheapest dinner of the holiday (£20!) They forgot to charge for our drinks! (oops)<br />
  39. 39. DAY 18 – ‘PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS’<br />Pirates fighting on the lower deck, two new recruits (top right) who have just jumped ship. Bottom right is the initiations with fellow crew mates.<br />
  40. 40. DAY 18 – ‘PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS’<br />What’s that, Jaws?<br />Swimming in the open sea, Mummy, Emmy & Fredz all walked the plank.<br />Splatt biff bam boff pow crash whap zap bang whamm!!!!!!!!!!<br />Tsunami !!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
  41. 41. DAY 19 THURSDAY ‘OFF TO NICOSIA – PHEW!’ <br />Up at 6am! for an early start setting off at 7. We followed the motorway past Limassol and Larnaca all the way to Nicosia. After parking the car and sensibly marking the car park on the map, we made our way on foot into the centre where we stopped at a cafe in Lidras for some breakfast. 50 metres further up the same street marked the green line guarded by two Greek soldiers. The cafe owner informed us of the political dispute over that particular section of green line. It had been due to be opened as a check point but the current president seemed to be inventing reasons why it would be difficult, for example, the Turkish soldiers would not want to be seen etc. The check point kiosk had been built but remained empty as the green line remained closed at this point. <br />After re-fuelling with water in a narrow street (Aristokyprou street) tavern, we wandered around in the overwhelming heat (43° in the shade) fulfilling promises of buying a ring each for Emmy and Freddie. Emmy bought a beautiful silver ring with a cluster of pretty stones and Freddie opted for a silver stress ring (good choice Fredz - “Twiddle your ring Freddie!”). They then bought some new swimming goggles; two sets of coral necklaces and bracelets and a ‘Capricorn’ tee shirt for Emmy; and a shirt for Freddie which he likes to wear as a Jacket. Freddie wanted to buy Nike shorts and tee shirt but all the sports shops were closed. <br />We plodded round the Cyprus Archaeological Museum looking at artefacts dating from a variety of time scales. Freddie liked the Bronze aged weapons whilst Mummy and Emmy laughed at the headless sculptures and naked bums! Photos were strictly forbidden but we took the odd sneaky one. The museum was air conditioned so it was a joy!<br />Heading back to Ledra Street, with the kids flagging in the heat, we stopped for lunch in Chop’t the first air conditioned restaurant we could find. It was a trendy place specialising in healthy food which was bliss after the Pafos chip-fest. There were a number of salads to choose from or you could make your own. Daddy went for “Superstar”, Freddie plumped for a ham and sweet corn quiche, and Emmy and Mummy went for making our own design. This restaurant was the only of its kind and we commented on how such a place was desperately needed at home. It was very chic and the place to be!<br />Stuffed with salad we returned to the scorching hot car and headed home. We made it in good time (1 hr 45 mins) and the kids predictably slept for most of the journey. <br />We got home – bombed up to the apartment, donned the swimmers and were in that pool quicker than you could say “we’ve just been baked in Nicosia”. We had a chat with the Flemish lesbians in 101B in the pool about our days etc.<br />Dinner came courtesy of Gondola next to Joannas . Dad was impressed but Mum had mixed feelings – the peppered steak was good but the frozen sprouts were a bit unexpected! Freddie liked the sprouts incidentally – happily trading Mums sprouts for Freddie’s chips. Emmy declined! We chatted with Emmy about getting married etc!<br />
  42. 42. DAY 19 – PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS<br />
  43. 43. DAY 19 – PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS<br />Left is a picture of the Turkish side in Nicosia e.g. Mosque. Emmy says “Fredz I told you not to bring your football in Cyprus Archaeological Museum” Ah, they wont notice said Freddie...<br />
  44. 44. DAY 20 FRIDAY ‘IT WENT TWANG!!!’ <br />Corr did it! Bloomin’ sofa bed collapsed in ways it should not! After our busy day in Nicosia yesterday we had already decided today should be laid back and spent by the pool giving us all chance to recharge our batteries. This plan quickly went to pot as we ended up on a mission to fix the sofa bed. With a trip to the home centre and a raid of Slippery Dave’s tool box, we were equipped to tackle the mission. Mummy took Emmy and Freddie to the pool whilst Dad successfully undertook operation twang!<br />We had a quick lunch in the apartment and a bit of a spring clean before spending the rest of the day by the pool. It was quiet today, we were there all alone until The family from Woking and Gill joined us late afternoon. <br />We decided at 5pm to have a quick spruce up and treat ourselves to nosh at Fat Mama’s again. It was just as good except we have all reached the point where we are sick of eating out!<br />Rang Nanny and Grampy. <br />
  45. 45. DAY 20 – PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS <br />Before<br />After!<br />Before<br />Well done dad<br />‘Pimp my Ride, I mean bed!’<br />
  46. 46. DAY 21 SATURDAY - WHYBROW’S AND O’CONNELLS!<br />We set off at 8.30 for a hearty breakfast in Pingouino our fave brekky cafe at the harbour. Full English and cold beans for Dad and pancakes for Mum, Emmy and Freddie to line our tummies for an action packed day at Aphrodite Water Pak. Still too early to arrive there (didn’t have to queue thanks to pre-paid tickets!) we called in at Luna Park for a drink.<br />We were settled by the wave pool by 10.30. Whilst Dad was getting the locker sorted, he spotted The O’Connells in the queue through the gate. Knowing that they would love to spend the day with us, Dad took their towels and parked them up on sunbeds next to ours. When Kev and Co finally made it through the gates we went all out for fun on the slides. Emmy made a beeline for everything with Jessica; and Freddie teamed up with Liam. Kev challenged Dad to the Kamakazi and Freefall which he reluctantly agreed to. Grace and dignity was left at the top of the slide along with Dad’s stomach and b****cks and he soaked the recently dried out female lifeguard! Everyone had a great time including Freddie who was eventually very brave and overcame his fears after his bad experience on Wild Water and went down it again and along with the blackhole! What a brave boy! After that there was no stopping him. The day was even more fun sharing it with the others.<br />We left at the same time and decided to wine and dine together that evening after our mandatory dip in the pool. <br />At 8pm we set off along The Tomb of the Kings Road choosing O’Neils as the venue for some nosh. The kids all played in the games room and play area whilst the adults chatted about raising kids and the like. Afterwards we moved across the road to King’s Gate where we ordered more drinks and listened to the crooning karaoker’s between nattering. Freddie fell asleep on Mum’s lap and we were all genuinely surprised that it was 1.10am! They say time flies...It was a great day but it had to end. <br />Taking a taxi home, we all pretty much flaked out into bed straight away. Emmy and Freddie didn’t even change in to their PJ’s!<br />
  47. 47. Day 21 Picture Highlights<br />Emmy reaches the top of the great dome and Fredz plus Liam aren’t far behind. <br />
  48. 48. Day 21 Picture Hightlights<br />Above. Emmy winning the tyre race. Right. "Here comes Bullet Dad (red arrow) with a great burst of speed, and he really is the wonder we all thought he was.“ Close your legs Dad... ...ouch!<br />
  49. 49. DAY 22 SUNDAY – TIMES UP! <br />"Time to go home, time to go home, Andrew and family are waving goodbye, goodbye." Scratch you later, Cyprus. <br />
  50. 50. Conclusion ! <br />Despite the 3 hour delay on the way home we wouldn’t fly with ‘Air Malta’ again. Actually, I think we would.<br />Paphos was a cool place but very commercialised with a lot of development.<br />The apartment was really good and an eye opener when buying properties abroad.<br />For what we paid, the car, the weather, the time there we really had a very nice holiday!<br />I wrote this slide three after returning as this is the time to reflect!<br />