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Brand Experience Management


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Presentation that aims to help Brand organisations get started on the road to designing and delivering winning Brand Experiences. Their goal should be a commitment to WOW consumers so they buy again.. and ideally advocate your brand. Key in the process is company- wide collaboration.

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Brand Experience Management

  1. 1. Developing a <br />Brand Experience<br />Strategy<br /><br />September 2009<br />
  2. 2. ABRANDEXPERIENCEis what occurs every time a consumersees, hearsorinteractswith that brand.<br />Experience is the <br /> appreciation or knowledge<br /> about something gained <br /> through seeing, hearing or<br /> interacting<br />with it<br />A BRAND is a<br />collection of perceptions in the<br />mind of the<br />consumer <br />
  3. 3. Visiting a store<br />Talking to salesperson<br />Seeing<br />Packaging<br />Seeing it On-line<br />All Brand Experiences - past and present - shape the consumers view of a brand and will effect their decisions to buy, buy again...and maybe even advocate it<br />Dealing with<br />customer service<br />Memories<br />from past<br />Word <br />of <br />mouth<br />Using it<br />Noticing an ad<br />
  4. 4. Delivering Brand Experiences to Drive Advocacy <br /><ul><li>To succeeda brand has to deliver what it promises.
  5. 5. To achieve greater success a brand should</li></ul> aim to a exceed consumer expectations.<br /><ul><li>To wina brandshould aim to deliver </li></ul> magical brand experiences that <br />transform their consumers into advocates*.<br /><ul><li>The Brand Promise Deliver Delight framework </li></ul> helps identify the consumer journey - along the<br />Path to Advocacy.<br /><ul><li>This enables brand stakeholders to collaborate in the design </li></ul> & delivery of effective & consistent Brand Experience Strategy <br /><ul><li>*Bain & Company analysis demonstrates that winning brands achieve the highest Net Promoter Scores in their category (a clear indicator of a brand’s level of consumer advocacy)</li></li></ul><li>Promise ▪ Deliver ▪ Delight<br />Promise - is what consumers are told by a brand, e.g. what will happen/how they will feel when they buy/use the brand<br />Delivery - this is what actually happens when the consumer buys/uses the brand.(It is when the promise that the brand has made has to be delivered.)<br />Delight - this is when the brand goes beyond what was expected.It can be the magical bit because when consumers are delighted they can become a powerful and positive brand advocate. <br />
  6. 6. Promise<br />Delight<br />Deliver<br />The Brand makes a Promise about what it will do for the consumer <br />The Brand keeps the promise by Delivering it to the<br />consumer<br />The Brand Delights its consumers by exceeding their expectations<br />Notice<br />Use<br />Loyal<br />Fan<br />Choose<br />Advocate<br />Buy<br />Path to Advocacy<br />Promise Deliver Delight™ Framework and the Path to Advocacy<br />Notice is when a brand gets on the radar of a consumer; when they see/hear about it and consider whether it is right for them.<br />Advocate is when a consumer proactively talk about the brand in a positive way to friends, families, etc.<br />Choose is the process the consumer goes through when trying to decide what brand(s) make it to their short list – usually based on it’s ability to meet their functional and/or emotional needs.<br />Loyal is what consumer is when they buy again.<br />.<br />Use is when the consumer uses the brand; not just when they unpack and use it for the first time (second ‘moment of truth’), but every time it is used.<br />A Fan is what a consumer becomes when they have been well treated and feel valued by a brand organisation<br />Buy is when the consumer enters the store (on or of-line) and goes through the process of purchasing the brand – sometimes referred to as the first ‘moment of truth.’<br />
  7. 7. Developing a Strategy<br />Gather all stakeholders<br />Review consumers current Path to Advocacy <br />Consider:<br />Levers (opportunities to exploit)<br />Blocks (issues to fix)<br />Agree levers and/or blocks to focus on<br />Design Brand Experiences that will WOW consumers<br />
  8. 8. Andrew Weir<br /><br /><br />