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With the decline in the economic scenario, bankruptcy cases have boomed up. Every day, there are more and more debts reported. When a business, company or an individual cannot pay off their debts, they then consolidate their debts.

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Debt Counsellors

  1. 1. WebsiteWebsite Email IdEmail Id Call Us :- +27 (021) 949 2211 Website:- Email:-
  2. 2. About Debt Management Team Website:- Email:- The Company is a registered close corporation with registration number 2008/148827/23. We are also registered with the National Credit Regulator under registration number NCRDC592. There are two members of the company, namely Julie Duminy and Kim Armfield. Julie Duminy is the head of Client Liaison. Julie was a Micro-Finance Agent with the Land Bank for a number of years and also held workshops to train and eductate people in budgeting and saving. Julie remained in the financial industry after leaving Land Bank and continued to market products to assist the financially overburdened.
  3. 3. Effective Debt Review Website:- Email:- Debt review is a solution for debt. It is aimed at helping individuals who struggle with financial management. A lot of consumers often find themselves in a state where they are over-indebted. Debt review is largely targeted at such people to help them overcome and clear their debts in the most effective way possible. There are a host of professionals who help their clients in coming off clean with their debts. When you tend to overspend, you end up increasing your payments and liabilities and you keep putting your assets at risk.
  4. 4. Debt Counselling Website:- Email:- Debt counsellors are well educated and experienced professionals who bring in their expertise and provide financial assistance to the individuals. They largely help people who are bad at managing their money. Debt counselling is important because it encompasses and helps the counsellor understand the true financial state of an individual. Debt counselling is done to see the situation of one’s loans, bills, debits, credits, mortgages etc. Based on the prevailing condition, the counsellor then plans out a monthly budget for the client. This budget is done to meet his expenses as compared to his income. Debt counselling teaches a person how to plan expenditures and incomes. They make them understand various aspects of a debt and guide through the process of clearing the same.
  5. 5. Advantages Of Debt Counselling Website:- Email:- Debt counselling helps in effective debt mediation. The skilled professionals customise plans for every individual. They always try and plan a method that does not just help their client meet their debts but also leave some extra money to meet their regular expenditures. Through proper debt counselling, a debt counsellor acts as an inter- mediator between his client and the creditors. Through debt counselling one can also negotiate with the creditors and get reductions on debt as well. It is emotionally relieving for a person to know that he would be able to clear all his dues and debts. Debt counselling helps an individual get back on his feet again. You can once again experience good life, free from the burden of debt.
  6. 6. Consolidate Debts Successfully Website:- Email:- First a professional observes and analyses one’s debts, incomes and spending pattern. Based on these, a special plan is drawn up to meet an individual’s expenditures every month. To consolidate debts may not always be the right option for every one. But this is why one hires a debt counsellor, to get advise on the debt repayment. So you basically identify the total load of the debt, create a customised monthly budget and then plan your course of action based on the consolidated debt. Now one may debate the role of debt counsellors here. People feel they too can do the same on their own. But counsellors always keep a track of one’s expenses and supervise all through. This process helps one in paying off the debts very quickly by sticking onto a particular budget plan.
  7. 7. Website:- Email:- Debt Lawyer Guide You 1. Must be willing to put in longer hours of work 2. Must have good interpersonal skills to achieve a comfort level with the client and help them better 3. Must have a good eye for details, they must study the company’s assets and liabilities well to be able to present a clear picture before the court 4. Must have effective and quick decision-making abilities 5. Must possess a sound logic and reasoning powers 6. Must have the capability of analyzing and processing huge amount of data at the same time 7. Must be ready to face challenging situations 8. Must have a good knowledge about the legal matter and upgrade his knowledge often 9. Must have a great capability of convincing and renegotiating with all the parties involved
  8. 8. Website:- Email:- Assess Your Debts With Debt Consultants Debt consultants are good at restructuring debt and they bring this expertise to the business or company of their clients. A debt consultant helps a business by providing a good debt settlement program. They help a company manage their debts better. Their basic job is to help the company become debt free in the shortest and fastest time possible. They first try to take their clients out of the debt and then help them stabilise their financials slowly. They try to reverse their money flow by channelizing them correctly in right direction. The greater the experience of a debt consultant the higher his salary.
  9. 9. Website:- Email:- Consolidation Of Debt For Booming Your Financials Again Consolidation of debts sounds complicated to most people. They often are found questioning whether consolidation of debts is advisable or not? Yes it sure is. It allows one to roll out higher debts by managing one single debt. It is much easier than paying all debts individually. The most commonly used method of consolidating debts is calculating one monthly payout that would be affordable enough for the client in question to pay. They help cut down the monthly costs of a client affectively. Consolidation of debt helps you a great deal in knowing when exactly you would pay off your debts completely.
  10. 10. Website:- Email:- Methods Of Consolidation Of Debts Consolidation of debts can be done in various ways. It is actually dependant on the amount of the debt, the interest rates prevalent at that time, the time period involved and host of other factors. These methods differ from one individual to the other. Here the basic methods of consolidation of debts. Transfer of balance: this method actually transfers all your money that you have in a higher interest paying credit card to a lower interest paying card. The lesser the amount of interest, the lesser your debt. Debt settlement – when an individual or a company cannot pay the debts off in full, they call in for this debt settlement. Here one ends up paying less than what he actually owes. The individual in question is also subjected to harsh credit penalties.
  11. 11. Website:- Email:- Contact Us Libertine Consultants 7 Voortrekker Road Bellville, Western Cape, South Africa 7530 Call us:- +27 (21) 949 2211 Fax: 0866 90 66 24 / +27 (21) 949 1156 E-mail:-