Formative Assessments Using Mobile Applications


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Formative Assessments Using Mobile Applications

  1. 1. and EasyQuick Formative Assessments Using Mobile Applications Presented by Andrew Steinman Educational Technology Consultant at Kent ISD
  2. 2.
  3. 3. About Andrew• Educational Technology Consultant at Kent ISD• MSU Graduate (x2)• New Husband• Amateur Cat Trainer @steinman
  4. 4. Why Formatively Assess?Using our Lino canvas, please share whyyou perform formative assessments withyour students.Have a mobile device? Download themobile app for iOS or Android.
  5. 5. Formative Assessment StrategiesNeed some more formative assessmentstrategies under your belt? Check outthis great resource!
  6. 6. Issues with Formative Assessment• Takes time • Takes class time • Takes your time • Takes time away from learning• Hard to do • Hard to assess every student • Hard to get individual feedback • Hard to keep track of each student
  7. 7. Solution to FA IssuesUsing technology resources can helpeliminate most, if not all, of the issueswith formative assessments. :
  8. 8. Which FA Tools ?• Tools that are: • Easily accessed • Multiplatform • Easy to use • Cheap (or free) • Commonly used • Highly supported • Can be accessed at school
  9. 9. Formative Assessment Tools
  10. 10. MoodleVisit Login: samplestudent Password: sample1
  11. 11. Edmodo Visit http://edmodo.comLogin/Signup and use Group Code: vfhkej
  12. 12. Class Dojo Visit http://classdojo.comLogin/Signup and use Secret Code: ME0VK56T
  13. 13. Google DocsVisit
  14. 14. Flubaroo
  15. 15. Pirate PadVisit
  16. 16. Twitter more For cy priva Answer the following question using the #summertech12 hashtag:How do you use Twitter in your classroom? Or, How would you like to use Twitter?
  17. 17. YouTube
  18. 18. QR Codes Watch this video and answer the question below: What will happen to the balloon? The balloon will The balloon will beexpand on the flask pushed into the flask
  19. 19. Socrative iOS AndroidStudent Student Visit http://m.socrative.comTeacher Enter Room Code: 1912 Teacher
  20. 20. Or click this link
  21. 21. Or click this link
  22. 22. Celly Text FAUMA12 to 23559 or Visit samplestudent/samplestudent1
  23. 23. Formative Assessment ToolsWhich formative assessment tool(s)would you like to use in your classroomand why? *Click the Lino icon to access our canvas
  24. 24. Teach vs TechRemember, it’s not about thetechnology, it’s about the tool. Whilethese formative assessment tools arevery effective, sometimes no-techoptions are a better solution. o
  25. 25. FA Technology Tools Questions ?
  26. 26. Andrew SteinmanEducational Technology Consultant at the Kent 447-5672 @steinman