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Home Improvement Tips- Don’t Let Seepage Destroy Your Walls


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Poor quality render and plaster or inappropriately applied plaster on the outer walls also lay the groundwork for seepage. Use ASTEC Paints render to protect your outer and inner walls from every atmospheric changes.

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Home Improvement Tips- Don’t Let Seepage Destroy Your Walls

  1. 1. Home Improvement Tips: Don’t Let Seepage Destroy Your Walls
  2. 2. Given that the exterior walls are always exposed to rainwater and harsh weather conditions, it is common to spot damp patches on exterior walls. While you can’t prevent water leaks that are the most common reason of seepage, you can sure care for your walls and take preventive measures to avoid high repair costs and property damage.
  3. 3. Let’s First Determine The Root Cause of Seepage The first thing you want to do is to examine the interior walls for the areas with water spots. Now that you have found the areas affected by seepage, the next step is to identify the cause of the seepage. Is it a leaking water tank or a burst plumbing line? Outflow in the water supply pipes or poor waterproofing of the floor slabs?
  4. 4. Besides faulty internal plumbing and water tank leakage, accumulation of rain water and underground water (after heavy rainfall) can also cause water to seep through the walls and ceilings. Poor quality render and plaster or inappropriately applied plaster on the outer walls also lay the groundwork for seepage.
  5. 5. Furthermore, if you find it difficult to determine the possible reason behind those seeping walls, seek professional assistance.
  6. 6. There are many leakage detection companies and service providers out there that specialize in water leak detection in and serve both residential and commercial properties. Hiring a reliable professional will save your time and prevent potential damage that could incur due to untreated leaks and seepage.
  7. 7. Tips To Steer Clear of Seepage Now that you have familiarised with common problems that create a breeding ground for seepage, it’s time to heed effective ways to prevent seepage in the first place.
  8. 8. Waterproof The Roof and External Walls If your walls use water permeable paints, apply exterior waterproofing coats on the exterior walls as well as the roof to block rain water and moisture from seeping through.
  9. 9. Seal The Cracks Walls of your home can develop cracks over time which initially appear around windows frames and doors, allowing moisture ad water to penetrate through and create dam patches. Check for gaps and cracks around the walls and seal them with putty or waterproof materials like mortar.
  10. 10. Use Quality Paints Make sure to choose only high-quality water-resistant paints and render coatings for your walls. Paints containing silicon are impermeable and offer extra strength to walls.
  11. 11. Ensure Proper Drainage Inspect your house drainage system, gutters and pipe lines once in a while for leaks and wear and tear. Undetected leaky tanks and seeping lines can cause internal wall dampness and cause significant damage and loss over time without you knowing about it.
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