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Slides from my presentation on using Edit Flow at WordCamp Philly.

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  • Find us online - Survey on blog, tell us how you what you want to see
    What is Edit Flow?
    WordPress plugin that adapts to your workflow so you can focus on creating great content
    First, I want to cover the problem that we ran into, it’s what inspired us to make Edit Flow >>
  • The editorial process was not a part of the web publishing process
    Important data existed outside of WordPress
    There wasn’t one place to find out what’s happening with your content
    You ended up with a workflow like >>
  • We were running into games of telephone being played with web content
    You write in Word, send to an editor, etc.
    Get sent around so much you end up with story-draft, story-draft2, story-edited, story-revised, story-web, story-final
    Which gets published? To help track that people were doing things like >>
  • Yikes!
    Color codes can only go so far
    None of it’s linked to what’s important, the actual content >>
  • There was another entire page just like that one
    The content still isn’t in the CMS
    This means that somebody gets to put it all in there >>
  • My junior year of college I was the “web guy” for the weekly school newspaper
    We’d never had a website before, which lead to >>
  • I filled my Thursday mornings with InDesign, Word documents, a whiteboard, and Copy/Paste
    It wasn’t fun, it took 6-8 hours
    It also wasn’t productive, nothing cool got built which was the whole point of being on the web >>
  • That system doesn’t work if you want to move quickly online
    There’s got to be an easier way to work >>
  • The holy grail :)
    Suddenly the web guy goes from Copy/Paste monkey to a builder, a maker >>
  • This is where Edit Flow comes in
    Earlier I mentioned it “adapts” to your workflow, now let me show you how >>
  • It’s your workflow, code should adapt to fit it
    You know what steps you need to take to publish so we let you set it up to match your style >>
  • WP comes with Draft, Pending Review, and Scheduled/Published
    What if you want more than that? What if you’ve got 25 people working on content and need 8 statuses?
    Allows you to define steps however you like >>
  • Create a status with a name, description
    Create as many as you like (you can have a 3 step workflow or a 15) it’s up to you
    These can be changed at any time
    Edit Flow also lets you improve your content along the way >>
  • These conversations used to take place via email or in a newsroom
    Putting them in your CMS keeps them associated with content, viewable to all Editors and Admins
    Gives you and others real-time feedback >>
  • Comment right in the Dashboard
    Reply to one another and perfect your content
    With all this activity happening we also make it really easy to keep track of things >>
  • It’s not good if a 50 person staff gets emails about every change to every content
    Some people just need to see what is relevant for them >>
  • Post by post control
    Add groups at any point in the process
    Whoever is selected gets an email anytime a post is changed >>
  • Includes full comment text
    Take action on the content straight from your inbox
  • Just to recap we’ve covered:
    custom statuses to set up your ideal workflow
    feedback for writers and editors
    notifications of what’s happening
    There’s more though, two new features to show coming in a few days >>
  • Sometimes it helps to track other information related to a story
    Location, contacts, notes, due date, whatever you want
  • Track any other forms of data that you want
    These are all customizable and stored right alongside your content
  • So far we’ve covered how content is created and refined
    What if you’re an editor or the founder of a site?
    Maybe you need to be able to track what’s going on from a step back, see all the content at a glance? >>
  • We have a few tools that help you do that
    First is the calendar you see above, filter content, drag posts forward or postpone them for later
    See your upcoming week at a glance
    What if you want to see all of the content currently on the site? >>
  • Story budget lets you see what is on time and what is behind schedule
    Filter controls - see just what you want
    Need a hard copy? Print stylesheet
  • So that’s Edit Flow
    It’s your editorial workflow where it belongs: with your content
    Free to download from editflow.org or in the WPorg directory
  • WordCamp Philly - Edit Flow

    1. 1. editflow.org @editflow
    2. 2. editflow.org @editflow
    3. 3. The problem
    4. 4. Spreadsheets + Email ≠ Efficient Workflow Efficient Workflow Efficient Workflow Efficient Workflow Efficient Workflow
    5. 5. That was just one sheet...and it’s still not in the CMS
    6. 6. What happens on production day?
    7. 7. Word Documents Email InDesign Last minute changes WordPress
    8. 8. It’s a mess...let’s make it easier
    9. 9. What if it all worked inside WordPress?
    10. 10. Custom Workflow
    11. 11. Custom statuses
    12. 12. Threaded editorial comments
    13. 13. User groups and notifications
    14. 14. Comment text Comment actions
    15. 15. Custom metadata
    16. 16. View content and progress
    17. 17. editflow.org @editflow