Five Myths of Open Source


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  • General open source with a spatial twistBoth Positive and Negative MythsNot trying to convince everyone that open source is better and that they should dump their ESRI licenses
  • Lots of ‘open’ terms thrown around, but what do they meanOpen Data – Data licensing modelOpen Standards – Interoperability – WFS/WMS etcOpen Source – Software licensing model
  • Lots of historical conflict between open source and proprietary communities
  • Bill Gates
  • Richard Stallman – Creator of GNU, which is a foundation of LINUX
  • If you do a 30 second google search you get images like these
  • Let’s try to find some middle ground and look at some myths along the way
  • Lot’s of companies base there business around supporting open source productsOpenGeo do work at Landgate
  • Does that mean that PostGIS is better than Oracle – NO!
  • Scalability – Estimates are that Google has over 1M serversESRI– Over 80 open source components in ArcGISESRI promote a mixed model between open source and proprietary
  • It’s about products not softwareWhen you buy an ESRI license you get the software plus………….
  • The total product cost needs to be taken into accountDepends on your needs
  • Where’s the business model in open source if you give the software away
  • Proprietary – Pay for the software, get the other things for free (mostly)Open Source – Get the software for free, pay for the other things
  • Community based development = faster development cycle
  • There is a full open source stackIntegrates with proprietary stack (mostly)Depends on requirements
  • Presentation is on slideshare
  • Five Myths of Open Source

    1. 1. GAIA RESOURCES Open Source 5 Myths Andrew Dennison Gaia ResourcesPresented at SSSI Going Places, 29th March, 2012
    2. 2. What’s it all about? Open Source vs Open Standards vs Open Data “Open-source software is software whose source code is published and made available to the public, enabling anyone to copy, modify and redistribute the source code without paying royalties or fees” - Wikipedia
    3. 3. Overview
    4. 4. Overview “Open source creates a license so that nobody can ever improve the software."
    5. 5. Overview “If programmers deserve to be rewarded for creating innovative programs, by the same token they deserve to be punished if they restrict the use of these programs.”
    6. 6. Overview
    7. 7. Myth #1 Open source software isunsupported and unreliable
    8. 8. Unsupported?
    9. 9. Unreliable? Oracle 11g vs PostgreSQL/PostGIS benchmarking • PostGIS was faster in 10 of 13 queries – in most cases much faster
    10. 10. Unreliable? In 2011 Coverity Inc. reviewed the source code for around 100 proprietary and open source products and found………. • Open Source = 0.45 bugs / 1000 lines • Proprietary = 0.64 bugs / 1000 lines
    11. 11. Myth #2Big companies don’t use open source software
    12. 12. Myth #3It’s free
    13. 13. Proprietary Software Certifications Online Integration Services Support Training
    14. 14. Open Source Software Certifications Online Integration Services Software Support Training
    15. 15. Myth #4Open Source isUnsustainable
    16. 16. Certifications Certifications Online Online Integration IntegrationServices Services Software Support Training Support Training
    17. 17. Myth #5Open Source improves faster
    18. 18. Open Source Improves Faster VS
    19. 19. What about spatial?JavascriptLibrariesWebmapServerDesktopDatabase
    20. 20. References and Resources • Paul Ramsey – Beyond Nerds Bearing Gifts economy • Open Source Technology and ESRI esri.html • OSGEO - • QGIS - • GeoServer - • OpenLayers - • PostGIS -
    21. 21. Questions?• If you want to know more, please contact me @andrew_dennison (08) 9227 7309 0459 990 256• Web site: