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New Domain Spaces and Your Business


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Published in: Business, Technology
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New Domain Spaces and Your Business

  1. 1. We protect online brand names and domains for small and midsized businesses. “Defender of the Domain” Tweet us: @DomainSkate
  2. 2. Discussion Roadmap 1. New Domains 2. Challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs 3. How to protect your brand online 4. Quick demo of – how we work (COO Howard Greenstein)
  3. 3. QUESTIONS FOR THE GROUP • How many of you work at a business you started? • Is your primary “storefront” or presence online? • Do you have a registered TM for your business? • Have you ever thought about online brand protection? (probably not)
  4. 4. New Domains/Registries • What the heck is a new “domain” or “registry and why should I care?
  5. 5. Your New Business Name In a New Registry? • Xi-fA
  6. 6. New Domains Will Come in Different Categories • Everything to the right of the Dot.
  7. 7. Right of the .DOT Now Open • Brands:
  8. 8. Right of the .DOT Now Open • Generics:
  9. 9. Right of The Dot Now Open • Cities:
  10. 10. • “The launch of the .nyc domain is one of the most anticipated arrivals for the city and the Internet at large. There is no shortage of New Yorkers ready to claim their exclusive .nyc identities online, and this is their chance to reserve their piece of this city’s valuable digital real estate.” Mayor Bill de Blasio(May 5, 2014)
  11. 11. Right of the Dot Now Open • IDN’s:
  12. 12. The right of the .DOT – it’s not for everyone • Application Fee is $185,000 + $2M (liquid) to support registry. Super Expensive! • Have technical ability to run registry • The dawn of “Donuts”: - 307 new domain apps - Raised over $200M
  13. 13. Who is Allowing/Doing This? • The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) • ICANN is charged with administering domain names/numbers onlinevia “multi-stakeholder model”
  14. 14. New gTLD Program Status: • 300 Added Online • 177 Applications Withdrawn • 4 Rejected (Amazon, Patagonia included) • 672 applications still waiting
  15. 15. Not all good news – more space = more problems… not just someone registering
  16. 16. Monitoring Your Name/Brand Is About Protecting Your Business, Because:
  17. 17. Cybersquatting
  18. 18. Phishing and Spear Phishing
  19. 19. Mirror Sites
  20. 20. Ways You Can Protect Yourself: • Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) • Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) • Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) – All are much cheaper than litigation
  21. 21. Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)
  22. 22. Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) • URS deals with CLEAR (i.e. identical) cases of infringement. – Immediate suspension of the domain – first URS case
  23. 23. UDRP – Domain Arbitration • Domain Name Arbitration mechanism – Not new, has been around since 1999 – Thousands of UDRPs have been filed/decided • Effective, focused way to get an infringing domain name, w/out litigation (no damages) – Example:;;
  24. 24. Takeaways For Entrepreneurs: • You can protect our business/revenue without busting your budget and spending thousands of $$$. You don’t need a lawyer for this.
  25. 25. Opportunities Abound! • For start-ups and small businesses looking for good domain names, new choices for domains are a tremendous opportunities: – new connections – new markets – new customers.
  26. 26. Play Some Offense!
  27. 27. Play a Little Defense!
  28. 28. Focus: “Search” is the key! • No way to know how search algorithms may be affected by the onslaught of new registries. • However, search WILL evolve, and may become more niche - search engines w/in registries could be an important way to search in future. .NYC or .CLUB, future of search?
  29. 29. Use code DOMSK8 for 2 months free! For members and friends of