Andrew’s World


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A testimonial presentation by NG5A1 caregroup in Oct'2008

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Andrew’s World

  1. 1. Andrew’s “World”
  2. 2. A time of affirmation and thanksgiving to this dear brother of ours
  3. 3. featuring...the marketplace ministers of NG5A1
  4. 4. “ Through your series on mktplc evangelism and constant personal sharing I have learnt that my work is as spiritual as a pastor's role in the church. Therefore to be a salt and light for God I should do my work with a better attitude and work smart. Kind-heart and a very faithful friend. Went the extra mile to encourage me to pursue my dreams. A good listening ear and able to identify with my problems in church. Honest to let me know the truth of situations never sugar-coatin”
  5. 5. Qiuyan Marketplace : Semicon
  6. 6. “ His testimony during one of the service, how God has changed him from an ex-drug offender till now a bright future, degree holder young man with passion in writing.”
  7. 7. Stephanie Marketplace : Education / IT
  8. 8. “… .. he has been a very good shepherd and meet me almost every week for fellowship and follow up. He taught me a lot of things, explained patiently to me the content of the bible (some of it) and never give up encouraging me. ….. … But through Andrew, I learned to know that any wretch life or any unworthy life can be turned into a beautiful life, that one can use his life to shine and be living example on how one's life is transformed through believing in Christ, that Lord Christ Jesus is the source of everything to us. Just want to let Andrew know that I appreciated his time, patience and guidance. I know he act on love, the same love that our Abba Father pour unto us. I want to take this opportunity to thank God for His love, His guidance; by giving me this great spiritual family and of course sending Andrew my shepherd, acting on behalf of God, who is the real shepherd in our life. “
  9. 9. Boon Yeong Marketplace : IT
  10. 10. “ Andrew, you are one of my closest friend & brother in church and I really appreciate your friendship, love and support serving God together all these years. I have seen how you have grown and embrace God, purpose for you, and also in yr love for God and for people. And also how you have persevered to lead e pple under yr care with excellence thru ups and downs. In e midst of it, you have brought much fun, joy and realness to our church family. You have always inspired me, continue to remain in Christ and shine for Him ! “
  11. 11. James Marketplace : Manufacturing
  12. 12. “ His life of seeking to influence and win people to God. Faithfully serving the CG and pouring his life for people Independent thinking or reasoning - to really know or understand why you believe in certain thing rather than just follow what people say without knowing why. yet humble to change if not right before God. Life of honoring and living for God, the zeal and zest of doing so. In relating and being relevent to people. Interpersonal skills some fashion sense/lense”
  13. 13. Doreen Marketplace : Life Science
  14. 14. “ Dear shepherd, thank you for helping me clarify my vision for Him to be a global fisher of men and guiding me in making the CG publication a reality  . You never mince words when you have to speak the Truth in order to build me up. You are a sincere friend and brother who has a heart for others. You will go all out to bless and give them a listening ear. Thank you for comforting and counselling me during my Valley times. You are also a street smart guy and I have gained a lot from your insights on various issues (BGR, dressing etc. :P). Thank you for adding value into my life ! ”
  15. 15. Yueh Siang Marketplace : Manufacturing
  16. 16. “ You have been a great listener and encourager not only to me but to all of us in the cg. God had used you to make an impact in all of our lives through your encouraging words, prayer and teachings. I am touched by how you sacrifice your resources to care for the people around you. Hope that you can continue to impact the people around you as you move on in your life. We will miss your presence in the cg as you are indeed very precious to us.”
  17. 17. Shireen Marketplace : Property Management
  18. 18. Thanks Bro for everything during this 4 year together as shepherd & sheep. Really appreciate for helping me to realized my dream in God kingdom too. May God blessing go with you!"
  19. 19. Addy Marketplace : IT
  20. 20. He is a very good listener So many times when I feel down or confused in my personal life, he is always there to give ear to my endless nagging & complaints. He is a kind of person that I feel more comfortable or safe to share my secrets which I may not feel like to speak to someone else. Especially few times in the early morning or midnight to bomb his mobile just to enforce him to listen to my story  (I guess he does remember ba, hee…) He is a very helpful friend He is always willing to offer help. When I need to move house, he asked me whether I need any help or transportation; when I was stressed by my work presentation, he came all the way near my working place to advice me. He is a very encouraging person in my Christian life I can always receive the message of God’s word from him at the beginning of my working day which really brightens up my day. Whenever I feel frustrated or almost lose hope in certain things, he always encourages me and prays for me, although sometimes I ever strongly objected to his good will due to my personal life. All thanks to his encouragement, I become more disciplined and attend Sunday service more frequently. The more I close to church and God, the more I feel confident to be as a Christian.
  21. 21. Eda Marketplace : Healthcare
  22. 22. “ Andrew has many qualities. He has a giving heart, but doesn’t shout abt it. Behind that cool bochap face, is a caring and encouraging friend. He is able to connect wif others. And God uses the above qualities for His Kingdom cause as Andrew continues to serve Him. Keep it up ah ! Die die must keep in touch wif us ok ? ;-) “
  23. 23. Celine Marketplace : Childcare
  24. 24. We will remember…. your service unto Him & motivating us to be strong marketplace ministers….
  25. 25. We will remember…. your desire to reach out with us to the lost….
  26. 26. We will remember…. the times of doing life together !
  27. 27. We will remember…. your “seh”….
  28. 28. We will remember…. your “language” of love
  29. 29. Most importantly, we will remember how the Lord has transformed you inside out to be the man He wants you to be. May He continue to use your life to testify the power of God which will lead them to come to know Him. Thank you brother for allowing us to be part of your “World”
  30. 30. Staying Connected to God always, NG5A1