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Putting Your Business on Autopilot


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What are the factors that you need to consider to put your Business on Autopilot? I cover just a few of the many tools that are available for business owners online to help them get their time back

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Putting Your Business on Autopilot

  1. 1. AutoPilot Your Business Andrew McCauley
  2. 2. Why Automate? •70% of small-medium businesses are still processing most of their data manually, resulting in hours of wasted time. •Leverage your time •Automation lowers cost •Lets you reach more people. •Allows you to work Smarter •Eliminate Human Error
  3. 3. You need to Automate if… •You keep a spreadsheet or a ‘box’ of clients business cards
  4. 4. You need to Automate if… •You manually send out emails to your list of customers… ( or worse.. Don’t send out at all!!)
  5. 5. You need to Automate if… •You only take payments over the phone or in person
  6. 6. You need to Automate if… •You rely on customers choosing to give you feedback
  7. 7. You need to Automate if… •You are sending invoices and chasing payments manually
  8. 8. You need to Automate if… •You maintain a written diary to keep track of appointments
  9. 9. You need to Automate if… •You spend way too much time on Social Media and hope its working?
  10. 10. You need to Automate if… •You have a ‘special’ shoe box for all of your receipts
  11. 11. You need to Automate if… •You spend a lot of time preparing Proposals and not getting any results
  12. 12. You need to Automate if… •You currently enter sales data into your accounting program
  13. 13. Extra Time? What would you do with Extra Time? •2 hours a week •5 hours a week •10 hours a week
  14. 14. Overview Marketing Schedulin g Sales Customer Service Financials
  15. 15. MARKETING What can be Automated? •Website content/ Blog Posts •Newsletters •Email Marketing •Lead Generation •Social Media •Phone texting
  16. 16. MARKETING What can be Automated? •Website content/ Blog Posts
  17. 17. MARKETING Tools and Resources •Newsletters •Email Marketing •Lead Generation
  18. 18. MARKETING Tools and Resources •Social Media
  19. 19. MARKETING Tools and Resources •Phone texting
  20. 20. MARKETING CASE STUDY CLIENT: Lawyer with 3 staff PROBLEM: Used outdated software to keep names and addresses. Could not send emails to clients unless manually cut and paste names in emails. Also had to manually enter names into database. CHANGE: Switched to Mailchimp and added automatic name capture pages to his website. Also segmented his lists to identify different types of customers. Added web address to Email signatures, Business cards and all advertising. RESULT: His prospect list has increased 4X, emails go out 10 times , automatically after someone signs up, and his business has increased…. He spends no extra time for these results.
  21. 21. MARKETING CASE STUDY CLIENT: Business and Life Coach PROBLEM:Purchased a Booth at an Industry Expo and couldn’t get any leads for her Business CHANGE: Implemented an automated follow up system at the EXPO so customers could enter their data for a chance to win a prize or receive a free gift. This meant that the client didn’t have to hand write entry forms RESULT: Was able to collect 75 high quality leads without spending time at or After the expo filling in data entry forms. The leads were all contacted automatically for the next 2 weeks, with various emails that gave the leads more insight into what the Coach had to offer.
  22. 22. SALES What can be Automated? •Selling a Product •Selling a Service •Fulfillment •Delivery &Distribution •Sales Calls •Customer Research before a call
  23. 23. SALES Tools and Resources •Selling a Product •Selling a Service
  24. 24. SALES Tools and Resources •Fulfillment •Delivery & Distribution
  25. 25. SALES Tools and Resources •Sales Calls •Customer Research before a call
  26. 26. SALES CASE STUDY CLIENT: Mortgage Broker- Solo PROBLEM: Was the main Person doing the sales calling and chasing up of clients to book in appointments… this took at least 40-50% of her time CHANGE: Used a Virtual Assistant to generate interest and send people to her sales page to book an appt. Added a sales page that collected name and address, booked the appointment time and took money for the call RESULT: Her time was freed up to make more strategy calls and could concentrate on giving current customers more of her time and to increase the number of weekly customers that she could service
  27. 27. SCHEDULING What can be Automated? Booking Calls- 1 on 1 Reservations Conference calls Sales Calls
  28. 28. SCHEDULING CASE STUDY CLIENT: Business Coach PROBLEM: Spent hours a week in back and forth email trying to make sure the clients was booked in for his weekly calls CHANGE: Started directing clients to his Timetrade page where they could see what time was available for them to book. This meant no more human errors too. RESULT: Never missed a clients booking and freed up 2 hours a week.
  29. 29. CUSTOMER SERVICE Tools and Resources Help Desk Follow up emails Calendar Popups/reminders Customer satisfaction surveys
  30. 30. CUSTOMER SERVICE CASE STUDY CLIENT: Online Marketing Company PROBLEM: Did not have the budget for a full time help desk person, but wanted to offer more than just email support CHANGE: Introduced Zendesk where all of our help desk tickets are handled and acted upon by 1 person. She spends 20 minutes per day RESULT: All enquiries are catalogued and kept in a way to easily find them. Previously, using emails, we had to search for a ticket in our emails...this took forever.
  31. 31. FINANCIAL What can be Automated? Sales Accounting Bookkeeping Receipts and Expenses Quotes/Proposals Time Tracking
  32. 32. FINANCIAL Tools and Resources Sales
  33. 33. FINANCIAL Tools and Resources Accounting Bookkeeping
  34. 34. FINANCIAL Tools and Resources Receipts and Expenses
  35. 35. FINANCIAL Tools and Resources Quotes/Proposals
  36. 36. FINANCIAL Tools and Resources TimeTracking
  37. 37. FINANCIALS CASE STUDY CLIENT: Small Kitchen Appliance Firm PROBLEM: Lots of transactions that were kept in a manual ledger, and a shoebox full of receipts. CHANGE: Introduced Shoeboxed to link to FreshBooks so that all transactions were synced and kept in one place. RESULT: Tax time was a breeze.. The accountant had all he needed and the owner did not have to spend too much time for tax prep… unlike previous years
  38. 38. Staffing Where to Get Staff
  39. 39. Staffing What can get Outsourced? •IT and Programming •Sales and Marketing •Admin and Clerical •Design and Multimedia •Writing and Translation •Personal Assistants
  40. 40. Staffing Where to Get Staff
  41. 41. Questions? Contact Me