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DMS: Emerging Best Practices for Content Driven Sites


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Presentation from Sitecore Users Virtual Summit 2013

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Description: For years, product based, e-commerce websites have effectively taken advantage of in-depth analytics, content personalization, and marketing automation, while content-driven websites have lagged behind. Though content-driven websites don’t always follow a traditional purchase funnel, they do, however, have conversions just like their sales-oriented counterparts – and they can use and benefit from many of the same techniques. In this session, we use the flagship website of the Brookings Institution,, as a case study to provide an in-depth view to the process Velir used to define conversions, track visitors and react to their behavior using Sitecore DMS.

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DMS: Emerging Best Practices for Content Driven Sites

  1. 1. DMS: Emerging Best Practices for Content Driven Websites Andrew Blackmore @AMBlackmore Lead Solutions Architect @Velir
  2. 2. Who am I? • • • • Andrew Blackmore | Lead Solutions Architect | Velir I work on large, content-rich websites everyday I’ve been a designer, developer, and an architect My education includes BFA, MBA, and MSIT
  3. 3. Who is Velir? • • • Full-service interactive agency Veteran Sitecore partner with all 6 Specializations 40+ Sitecore Certified developers on staff
  4. 4. DMS T oolset
  5. 5. Measurement
  6. 6. Multivariate T esting
  7. 7. Automation
  8. 8. Personalization
  9. 9. Who is the Brookings Institution? • • • • America’s Top Think Tank Quality research, insight and opinion A large content-publishing organization A complex Sitecore implementation
  10. 10. T echnology Isn’t a Barrier • • • Technology shouldn’t limit customer interaction TBs of data available Expansion of choice and integration
  11. 11. So, what’s the problem? • • • Business questions haven’t changed What do we need to know? How will we react when we find out?
  12. 12. T echnology and Data • • • Are we collecting the right data? Are we keeping it long enough? Which technologies do we use?
  13. 13. Online Engagement
  14. 14. Online Engagement
  15. 15. Online Purchase Engagement
  16. 16. Online Purchase Engagement
  17. 17. Online Purchase Engagement
  18. 18. Online Purchase Engagement
  19. 19. Online Purchase Engagement
  20. 20. Online Purchase Engagement
  21. 21. Online Purchase Engagement
  22. 22. But I don’t sell products... • • • Engagement Value is your new friend Based on interactions with your site EV per Visit instead of Page Views, ToS or Visits
  23. 23. Determining Engagement Value • • • We used a workshop Get the right people in the room Top-down approach • Identify organizational/departmental objectives first - get to web next
  24. 24. Determining Engagement Value
  25. 25. Determining Engagement Value
  26. 26. Other Ideas • • What does our data mean? Needs analysis - with DMS, you own your data • • BI/Visualization Tools Regression Analysis
  27. 27. Other Ideas • • Business Intelligence/Vizualization What (Engagement Intelligence Analyzer) does our data mean? Targit Tableau Needs analysis - with DMS, you own your data Tibco Spotfire BI/Visualization Tools • • Regression Analysis
  28. 28. Other Ideas • • Statistical Analysis Targit (Engagement Intelligence Analyzer) What does our data mean? SAS Tableau SPSS Needs analysis Tibco Spotfire - with DMS, you own your data Stata BI/Visualization Tools • • Regression Analysis
  29. 29. Doing More... • • • Engagement Value in your CRM Decaying EV Page Potential
  30. 30. Questions? Ask me later on Quora: